Looking forward

I’m always on the lookout for a new place for us to live. I love our current place, but if I could find us something in the same price range with more space, we’d be willing to move sooner than later. I found a place that I actually really liked and it’s a 2 bedroom at a lower price than our current place. Would take James probably half an hour to commute – not a big deal. Wow, I thought! I’m onto something here! So I emailed the person for more info and more pictures. The info was everything I wanted to hear – quiet building, not a whole lot of traffic noise. A concrete building with in suite laundry – perfect! Until I get the extra pictures…I was all excited because there’s one picture of a BLUE baby’s nursery – I wouldn’t even necessarily have to paint Andrew’s bedroom right away! But then I see the view from his bedroom…and most likely from the majority of the condo. It’s a cemetery!!!!!

I just get this eerie vibe from that. I don’t like the idea of sitting looking out the window to death. I don’t think I’d be able to get past that feeling. Sure it’d be quiet since the dead don’t have a whole lot to say, but it’s not THAT worth it to me to have silence!

I guess that’s why it’s so ‘cheap’ compared to other places I’ve been looking at…

Oh well! It’s not like we want to move right away anyway. James and I went on a date yesterday, thanks to my aunt and uncle babysitting the boy. We were talking about where we live and while yes we do want more space, we just LOVE this area so much. I don’t think we want to give it up for a while yet.

It was sooo nice that we got to go out on our own for a bit. We went for a bike ride through some trails and around Stanley Park and ended up at Stanley’s Pub in the park. It was SO good. They had quite a few vegetarian options – although I ended up going with the veggie burger after all was said and done. James had a delicious pesto pasta. The drinks were good too, I had a slushy raspberry lemonade. It was supposed to include Vodka but I am positive it had none in it, since I definitely feel the liquor even if I only have one sip since I drink so rarely these days and I didn’t notice a thing. But that’s ok, I wasn’t there for the buzz! We sat outside and had a perfect table in the shade and it was just wonderful. My only complaint was that it went by waaaaay too fast!

Andrew was good though, slept most of the time we were out actually. He slept a lot yesterday, which is so rare for him since he doesn’t tend to do much napping. He still slept decently through the night, tho now that I think about it he WAS up twice through the night…

His food issues are back. He won’t eat anything that’s pureed and he won’t eat his rice cereal anymore. I’m going to try to ‘force’ him to start eating it again. Not in a mean way but as in we will sit there till he eats it. Otherwise he’ll only eat Cheerios mostly. But last night he ate a whole plum, some broccoli, veggie ‘meat’, potato, some Cheddar goldfish (I had to chew them to make them soft and then he’d eat them lol), and I think that’s it…He ate just a tiny amount of each thing, mind you, but still. I really want to get him eating more of things though, it’s a bit of a concern to me that all he wants to do is go back to breast feeding. Luckily I WAS able to pump 5 ounces for while we were out, since that’s all he would take from my aunt and uncle.

We put the chaise for our couch on the opposite side so it would be easier to block the room off to keep Andrew in. So now the window is more exposed. His new favourite thing to do is to go and stand by the window and stare out. He looks like a Big Shot while he’s doing it and I think he knows it!

I’m all over the place with this post…

On Sunday Andrew had his first ride on the skytrain. We took him to New West to our friends’ new house for one of their daughters’ 1st birthday party. Their house is amazing, with a huge backyard. So nice. Andrew did really well with the travelling – considering it took an hour each way. He loved being around other little kids too, it was so cute watching him with them.

After the birthday party we took Andrew to a nearby park in New West, where he went on the swings, dipped his toes in the water park, and petted a goat at the petting zoo. It was an amazing park, and such a diversity of people were there enjoying it.

We got together with my bro and s-i-l Sunday night, hung out at their place, ate pizza, watched some shows. It was fun getting together with them again since we don’t get together as much now that Andrew is here. We used to hang out, drink, and not get home till after midnight. It was funny because mostly we were drinking water and just after 10pm (Andrew was sound asleep on their living room rug) I said I had to get home because I was absolutely exhausted! LOL Oh, how things change!

I’m stressed about certain issues – more so than a ‘healthy’ level of stress, just because the situation feels somewhat dire. BUT I am doing my very best to stay positive and I love that I am creating things to look forward to in the near future. It helps so much to have things to look forward to I find.

In between writing this, Andrew had tub time (he was just grinning away, he loves being in the tub!) and his breakfast (as soon as I was strapping him into his high chair I knew I should have reversed the order of those two activities!) He didn’t eat much of anything – about 2 bites of a plum, about 2 bites of his cereal mixed with peach and yogurt (it was a MAJOR struggle getting him to take it) and 2 Cheerios. He was so upset about the cereal that it ruined everything. I wanted to try the ‘we’re sitting here till you eat it’ thing but I have a feeling we’d have been sitting there all day if that was the case. As soon as I took him out of his high chair he was doing everything he could to get to my breast so he could nurse, and now he’s asleep. I am torn because I want to nurse him and continue that bond and when he wants to have that closeness I want to give it to him. BUT I also want him eating solids! Time to do some research on how to get a baby to EAT!


Chandra said…
I don't know how I would feel about living by a cemetery. There are a few around the city (I am guessing) and the weird thing is there is one by the stampede! lol if ppl ONLY knew!

But I totally know the struggle between cost and space and the right area, it always seems to be a tricky one!

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