Another week

Gah, where does the time go?
I am going to start monthly resolutions rather than yearly. Maybe that way I will actually get somewhere with my goals. My main one for September is going to be to write something every single day. Hopefully I will post something on my blog every day, but if not at least I’ll have written something in my journal. I used to record almost everything, whether it be our day to day activities, Andrew’s latest developments, or things that might be weighing on my mind. When I look back at my journals monthly, I see tons of entries and then August? Almost nil.

On the other hand, maybe that’s a good sign that we’ve been too busy spending time out in the beautiful sunshine?
We sure have been getting out a lot more lately. Which was my goal for August. Yay, achieved it! We get out every day and often we’re out for the entire afternoon. I can’t believe there’s only a few hours left before James gets home for the night when we’ve been out for so long, because the time just whizzes by. So much better than sitting indoors and trying to while away the time with the same activities over and over again.

So not looking forward to the rain of fall and winter months…BUT we do have some indoor activities already planned: swimming lessons, weekly meet-ups at the community centres in our area, storytime/sing-along classes, and possibly I’ll start taking Andrew to the weekly gymboree!

This past week we went to 2 mom/baby meet-ups with a new group we joined recently. It’s great – there’s an online site and people post as to what activities are being held and where and you sign up so you can know who else is going and how many are expected to be there. It’s such a great way to meet other moms and their babes. Last week we went to a Starbucks get-together and then to a storytime/sing-along at the library. I was talking to the woman running the storytime before the class and said I wasn’t sure if Andrew was old enough to really enjoy it (I was worried he’d get fussy). Well as it turns out, he absolutely loved it and kept grinning! Especially during books that involved animal noises. I guess because he’s used to hearing them – I often will say, ‘What does the cow say, Andrew?’ and it’s as if he’s sitting there anticipating the ‘MooooOOOoooooo!’ that follows! At Lost Lagoon today we stopped to look out at the ducks and I said, ‘The duck says, Quack! Quack QUACK quack QUACK quack!’ He thought that was hilarious and gave me a big toothy grin. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE THAT BOY??!!!!

On Thursday we met up with a group of moms/babies at Stanley Park for a picnic and then we checked out the Farmyard. Andrew enjoyed seeing more goats, although I kept him in his stroller to prevent him from bugging at them too much, since he likes to pull their fur. He did pinch the nose of a curious goat that came over to say hello. LOL And 2 goats decided to scratch their horns on the wheels of the stroller. When a third came along to do the same, we decided we’d better get a move on. What’s weird is that there were at least 5 other strollers nearby – why they only wanted the Quinny wheels is beyond me, but they were going nutty for them!

It was great getting out and chatting with other moms and meeting their little ones. Do not underestimate the importance of adult conversations!! I have become accustomed to the baby babble and it’s good to use a proper vocabulary from time to time! LOL Nah, it’s not that bad, and I do talk to Andrew with actual words, not just babble! But it’s also good to hear what other babies are up to, get tips from other moms who have already been where we are now.

Which reminds me – today is Andrew’s 8 month birthday! Wow, 8 months ago my little baby boy was born. And now, what would I ever do without him? I can’t even remember my life pre-Andrew. We have one of those digital picture frames and I had it on the other day. A picture popped up of James and I on our 10 year anniversary (December 5th). I was just 2 ½ weeks from my due date (so, in actuality just over 3 ½ weeks from giving birth!) and we were sharing a hug (albeit from a distance, giving my giant belly preventing us from getting close!) and a kiss and I remember that moment. Yet it seems so strange to think Andrew was still a stranger to us. We didn’t even know he was a ‘he’ yet! It’s as if that was a whole other lifetime, and in a lot of ways it was. It was fun and I enjoyed that time of my life but everything is better with Baby!

(She says as he naps so silently on a blanket on the floor!) lol
This weekend we went to the Saturday market, hung out with my bro and s-i-l. Yesterday we got together with Andrew’s other uncle (James’ bro). So Andrew had a lot of good outdoors time, including more times on the park swings, which he loves! He will actually cry when I say it’s time to go and take him out of the swing! It’s so cute the way he holds on and smiles as he swoops through the air. Cutest. Boy. Ever.!
Now if the stress of other family members wasn’t so daunting, all would be well in our world. But I guess it wouldn’t be right if everything was perfect, would it? I am quite frustrated with the situation. I think my outlook on things has changed quite a bit since bringing Andrew into the world and I am less interested in continuing to take all the negativity onto my shoulders. It’s hard because of how involved I am but I am trying to distance myself somewhat. And no, I’m not talking about my evil m-i-l here – that’s a lost cause at this point. Unless she takes action to work at fixing things, that whole shenanigan is beyond my control and I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that things will never be better with her (unless she changes in a big way). It’s sad but it’s her own doing and she should realize that. No, these are other issues that are being dealt with now. It’s nothing new, really, just worse than it was before.

Sigh. I understand why people have issues and it’s not like I am sitting around with a perma-grin, it just reeeeeeeeeally would be nice if for a change things could just be seen for what they actually are and not made into a trial and tribulation all the time. If you just lighten up your mind, you might find what you’re looking for.

Anyway…plugging along. Activities this week include a doctors appointment (fun! Not! Lol BUT we may have found a new-new doctor, since I wasn’t happy with the one we were referred to after our postnatal care with our midwife was over…It’s just a consultation but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we like the guy). We’re also going to see our midwife this week just for a short visit and I am sooo excited to show Andrew to her. We haven’t seen her since he was 8 weeks old and now he is 8 months, so she will be amazed by the difference! Plus it will just be so heart warming to see her, since she meant so much to me during my pregnancy and birthing experience. It felt like she became such a regular part of my life and then when the postnatal care was finished, that relationship was gone. Which is the way it’s supposed to be, but all the same it will be nice to say hello!
Come to think of it, we need to make more plans for the week. At least the weather is supposed to hold for the next few days, so we can go to the beach or park and have picnic time, even if it’s just the two of us. Today I took Andrew to English Bay and dipped his toes in the ocean. He seemed to enjoy it!

More pictures to come, I think my next post will be all about the pictures.


chatwithu35 said…
He just keeps getting cuter....that age is such fun!

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