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Another week

Gah, where does the time go?
I am going to start monthly resolutions rather than yearly. Maybe that way I will actually get somewhere with my goals. My main one for September is going to be to write something every single day. Hopefully I will post something on my blog every day, but if not at least I’ll have written something in my journal. I used to record almost everything, whether it be our day to day activities, Andrew’s latest developments, or things that might be weighing on my mind. When I look back at my journals monthly, I see tons of entries and then August? Almost nil.

On the other hand, maybe that’s a good sign that we’ve been too busy spending time out in the beautiful sunshine?
We sure have been getting out a lot more lately. Which was my goal for August. Yay, achieved it! We get out every day and often we’re out for the entire afternoon. I can’t believe there’s only a few hours left before James gets home for the night when we’ve been out for so long, because th…

Looking forward

I’m always on the lookout for a new place for us to live. I love our current place, but if I could find us something in the same price range with more space, we’d be willing to move sooner than later. I found a place that I actually really liked and it’s a 2 bedroom at a lower price than our current place. Would take James probably half an hour to commute – not a big deal. Wow, I thought! I’m onto something here! So I emailed the person for more info and more pictures. The info was everything I wanted to hear – quiet building, not a whole lot of traffic noise. A concrete building with in suite laundry – perfect! Until I get the extra pictures…I was all excited because there’s one picture of a BLUE baby’s nursery – I wouldn’t even necessarily have to paint Andrew’s bedroom right away! But then I see the view from his bedroom…and most likely from the majority of the condo. It’s a cemetery!!!!!

I just get this eerie vibe from that. I don’t like the idea of sitting looking out …

Don’t worry, be happy. Can we please try to live by this?

I don’t mean to sound like a cliché but if you’re handed lemons, you can choose to make delicious lemonade!

I’m not saying that people don’t have issues that warrant negativity from time to time. It’s perfectly alright to have a bad day. And when people hurt you, it makes sense that it will affect your life.

But eventually, one day, try to think of the bigger picture. I see it as a form of meditation – of putting yourself in your place and everything else in its place and seeing how small you are and how magnificent the universe is. Put things into better perspective and suddenly the world isn’t quite as daunting.

Life really is short, even if you live to be 100 years old – it flies by. Take advantage of what you’ve been given. Life is precious and CAN be wonderful if you let it be. If you truly want it to be.

For a few years before James and I decided to have a baby, I thought long and hard about whether it was ‘worth it’ or a good idea to bring a child into this world. We had …

Too tired for a title

I’m going to be so screwed up today – I’m running on NO sleep. And it’s not even because of the baby - Andrew is sleeping soundly…’like a baby’ if you will! No, it’s just me this time. I woke up at about 3:30 needing to go to the bathroom but resisting getting up since the bathroom is right across from the nursery and the nursery doesn’t have a door…so I was concerned Andrew would wake up if he heard me up. But finally after drifting off for a few minutes here and there for an hour, I HAD to go so I got up and he didn’t wake up…but I couldn’t fall back asleep. Sleep deprivation like this is the worst, at least if I knew I was up because my baby was needing me, it would seem more worth it but I am just up because my mind is racing and that bothers me so much!

I have some stuff going on with family that is eating away at me at the moment. I need to formulate my thoughts on it but I don’t have the energy to delve into it at the moment.

I’m thinking of enrolling Andrew in swim lesson…

Mama bear and her cub

Tonight Andrew and I got together with a friend of mine from work. I hadn’t seen her for a few months so it was nice to get together and catch up. She’s about 17 weeks pregnant so it was fun hearing what she’s been going through so far – and being able to sympathize with the aches and pains (and morning sickness) she’s been dealing with. While there is definitely something magical about pregnancy, and many good things about being ‘with child’ – I have to say that it is so wonderful to be on the other side of it, having given birth already and seeing my baby grow into a little boy! Not that there aren’t aches and pains as a result of carrying such a big baby around all the time, but it’s oh so rewarding when you see them smile and make them laugh and watch them take the world in through their fresh little pair of eyes.
Later this evening just kind of out of the blue I started feeling really blah. I don’t know why – I’m thinking I should chalk it up to lack of sleep catching up to m…

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!

Andrew is asleep. He was quite fussy leading up to nite nites. I think it’s the teething. He also took a bit of a tumble today and it’s possible his mouth is a little sore as a result. He banged his head on a table…You should have seen the way he cried! My s-i-l picked him up but when he did a silent sob where his mouth opened up so wide and I could tell he was struck by the pain, I just had to take him and cuddle him. My poor little guy! He actually had a bit of blood come out of his mouth – most likely one of his teeth cut the inside of his lip. Oooh did I feel sad knowing my little babe took such a rough tumble. I know there are many bruises and scrapes to come, but the first one is tough for a mom! My mom got a cold cloth and he sucked on it a bit and then was fine. He has a bit of a mark on the outside of his upper and lower lip area but he’s ok!

He finally fell asleep tonight watching his crib aquarium. He just would not fall asleep from nursing, which he usually does…

It's time for nite nites!

Last night my mom came over and James went to Victoria. He’s off on a camping trip with his dad till Sunday. My mom stayed at our place last night and is in Vancouver till Sunday.

I slept on the couch last night and my mom took the bedroom since it just makes more sense that way – Andrew would just wake her up otherwise and I’d need the couch to feed him. Andrew was up twice through the night…but it was Moorka who made me get under 4 hours sleep total last night =( It made me SO mad that she kept meowing and bugging all through the night. I could have killed her. It’s SO hard as it is dealing with the insane amount of energy Andrew has through the day – doing so on almost no sleep is just depressing.

After hanging around for the morning and early afternoon, we headed out to Pacific Centre. I got Andrew a super cute outfit for the fall from H&M! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!

On a different note…

Andrew ate a lot today! Well, for him. He had some blueberry muffin at breakfast time…then he…

A partial post...

A friend of mine has a 10 month old and just told me she’s 2 months pregnant with her second. OMG. Is there something wrong with me for thinking that’s CRAZY?! Not that I’m not happy for her – she wants her kids to be close in age, getting preggers again wasn’t a mistake…but I just personally can’t imagine going through another pregnancy so soon and having a second baby when the first one drives me insane enough as it is! LOL Andrew is a wonderfully, sweet, perfect little guy but he is going to remain a singleton…for 3 years…and if we don’t have a baby in 3 years (ish), you’ll know he’s remaining a singleton FOREVER!!!!!

Andrew is napping on my lap so I finally have a minute to write. He’s just tearing around the apartment and getting into everything he possibly can. What a little menace he is! He rarely stops for a second. And gets so bored of everything after such a short time. We got groceries this morning and when we got home, just so I’d have time to quickly put the gro…

Baby beluga in the deep blue sea

It’s so hard getting into a proper routine with baby but we’re working on it. Especially with eating solids…If I want to get him eating properly, I have to get him eating at more regular times. We’re starting to get him eating with us at dinner time (and he eats with me mid-morning). He seems to do better with food if we’re eating too because he thinks he should be doing whatever we’re doing!

Last night he had some pureed green bean with apple medley (Heinz baby food). I don’t really buy much jar food for him now that I have a blender and can puree everything myself, but I wanted to see if he’d like this blend. It turns out he pretty much lapped it up! He then proceeded to have some tiny pieces of cauliflower in cheese sauce, and even tried the soy product we were having. He seemed to like it all. I was so impressed with his eating! And he loves drinking water from a cup (although he also tries to bite and eat the cup). He did so well last night! Lets hope for the same scena…

All I want is some sleep and some cooler weather - is that too much to ask?!

The heat is really getting to me. I am so tired of feeling so boiling and uncomfortable all the time. And it is affecting Andrew’s sleep so I can’t help but complain a little! Bring on the clouds, I say!

So Andrew is officially 7 months old (as of 2 days ago). Boy does time ever fly by. I can’t believe how big he’s getting! He’s still my little baby…but really, he’s getting to be more and more of a big boy all the time.

When he gets up in the middle of the night, I go into his room to find him standing up and holding onto the side of the crib. Often biting at his crib and making noises. He knows I am going to go in and pick him up so often he will grin when he sees me coming. He’s not entirely steady on his feet but he’s getting to be more and more each day. I have sort of taught him recently that if he wants to be picked up he has to lift his arms and then I reach down to pick him up!

When we’re in the living room, I’ve taught him to come to me (I know it sounds like I’m t…

I feel like I'm melting...

I have come to realize that Andrew really loves muppets! Whenever there is a show on that has muppets, he is glued to the screen.

I don’t have him watching tv all that often but I don’t mind if he’s playing and happens to also have his attention on the tv part of the time (depending on the show, of course). Right now he’s in his high chair playing with toys, and occasionally he looks up at the tv screen. If it keeps him occupied for 5 minutes so I’m not having to chase him around the living room saying ‘No’ constantly, I’m happy!!

Of course, as soon as I wrote that he started fussing to get out of the high chair =D He’s now doing jumpy jumps…

Seeing as how Andrew is getting up earlier in the morning with lots of energy, this morning I decided we’d go for an outing earlier than our usual. Just after 9am we headed to Stanley Park for a walk. My plan was to set us up on the grass so Andrew could crawl around for a while and we could sit in the shade, but it just so happened they were …