Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's a summer heat wave

I feel like I’ve been so busy lately. I think its because Andrew has not only mastered the art of crawling EVERYWHERE, but he is now onto propping himself up against furniture to explore more. It all happened so suddenly. I thought I was tired before but now I’m realizing how easy I had it before he was on the move! Life as I knew it is changing in a big way. And I’m not just saying that. I can’t leave the room for even just a few seconds to grab something or quickly use the bathroom or ANYTHING because he moves so fast, and really uses his radar for things he’s not supposed bug at. He has now discovered the electrical sockets, so we will have to get some of those plastic thingies that fit in to prevent him from getting shocked.
I can’t get over how fast he moves. I remember seeing an episode of Friends where Phoebe was looking after the triplets she had for her brother and his wife. The three babies were all lined up in a row laying on the floor. Phoebe turned her back for a split second, turned around, and one of the babies was gone. I think she found the baby in a drawer or something. It seemed absolutely ridiculous to me and I thought HOW STUPID, AS IF a baby could get away from you that quickly! Now it makes me laugh to think of it because it’s SO TRUE, I have learned! Literally about 5 seconds looking away and I look back to find Andrew reaching to put a computer cord in his mouth, or he’s grabbing for the knobs on the dvd player. Which he won’t be able to do as of tonight because I got James to move the player up to a top shelf on our entertainment unit. So there is nothing within his reach – at this point – for him to mess with on there now!

Today was such a difficult day just because Andrew was so active and getting into absolutely everything. I’m SO not looking forward to when he can walk! Which I’m thinking will be relatively soon if he’s already getting the hang of propping himself up against things. At one point today he let go of the couch as a support and he just stood there smiling at me, as if he knew just how clever he was being!
The heat isn’t helping the insanity of it all. It is SCORCHING. I know it gets waaaaaay hotter where a lot of people live but we’re not used to it being so hot and humid here! It’s too much. I’m not built for this kind of weather. I love that it hasn’t been raining and miserable but honestly I think rain would be better than this heat because we can’t go out in this either – at least with the rain it wouldn’t be so hot. We just go for short outings because Andrew gets uncomfortable too. And I worry about him getting a sunburn, even with his sunscreen on. There just isn’t anywhere to go to keep cool.

So anyway…
On Sunday we went for a nice outing as a family to Stanley Park. We found a nice shady spot under a tree and set up a little picnic. Andrew explored the grass, crawled around and lounged with us. It was a nice little Sunday afternoon together. And especially nice knowing that James was still off for another 2 days since he booked Monday and Tuesday off. No Sunday night blues!

On Monday we ran a few errands in the morning/early afternoon, then just hung around till evening. It was our 2 year wedding anniversary, and it took no convincing to get my aunt and uncle to babysit so James and I could go on a date. Our 2nd date in over 7 months. It sure was nice to go out just the two of us! Of course we talked about Andrew a lot, but we talked about other things too, and it was just nice to be able to hold a conversation without any interruptions! Not that we didn’t miss the boy but…it’s good to be a twosome sometimes still, too!

We went to a place called Il Nido. It was a nice atmosphere – we were on the patio, which is set away from the street in a little courtyard type setting so it doesn’t feel like it’s on a busy street (Robson). We had a great time and enjoyed the food (although fairly pricey for the portion sizes) but the service wasn’t very good. I probably wouldn’t go back, which is a shame because it would have been nice to find a new place we really like. But it was still good. I’m glad we tried something different rather than going to the same place all the time.
After dinner we took a stroll along the waterfront on our way home. We got to hold hands and stop and kiss when we wanted to and just saunter along – like old times! It was great. We were going to stop for a gelato but I figured we should probably get home since we’d left about 6:45 and it was about 9:45 already. The 3 hours flew right by, let me tell you!! Well it’s a good thing we got back when we did because Andrew had been fussy for about 45 minutes. He’d done really well for the most part and my aunt and uncle loved looking after him. But after he went to bed he woke up with a start and burst into tears and just wouldn’t stop crying. He was lying on his change table when we got in, still bawling. As soon as I poked my head through the doorway and he saw me, he stopped and smiled! I think he just missed his Momma (and Dada, of course!) While I’m sure he enjoyed spending time with my aunt and uncle, it wasn’t his usual routine and usually if I’m not with him, James is, so it wasn’t something he was used to. He went to sleep without too much trouble after some nursing and cuddles from his Mom =)

Oh yeah and for our anni I got James a cap that matches Andrew’s ‘driving cap’ that he wears all the time. James got me a cotton night shirt (since apparently you’re supposed to give cotton for the 2nd year anniversary!), a White Musk set from The Body Shop that includes perfume, body spray, lotion and bath gel (I looove that scent!), and it isn’t ready yet but I’m also getting a puzzle of Andrew! I felt so spoiled.

All in all it was a great anniversary. AND there was still Tuesday to enjoy together!

Even though it didn’t feel like a ‘vacation’ to me for obvious reasons, it felt like the weekend still on Tuesday with having James at home. I wanted to make a quick trip to Sears and James stayed home with Andrew while I was out so it actually COULD be a quick trip! I kept forgetting it was a week day. I LOVE having him home to help out with the baby and everything. It makes my life soooo much easier!
It was too hot to do much of anything through the day yesterday. In fact, even in the evening when we went for a stroll along the waterfront to the park, it was stifling. It’s too bad because I really wanted to be getting out more but it’s just impossible to feel comfortable being out in the heat for any length of time. Today was even worse. Andrew and I went to run some errands and came home because it was too hot and he was sweating almost as much as I was. He had several baths in the sink to cool off! And I’m going to go have one before I go to bed. The baby monitor says it’s 29 degrees Celsius in Andrew’s room. That’s way too hot. I have a fan blowing onto him but it only seems to be blowing warm air.
It’s supposed to be hot for the next couple of days…Should be interesting!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A storm's a brewin'

We’re having a lightning storm at the moment and I don’t like it one bit. Luckily Andrew didn’t notice it (it seems like it’s right overhead but it can’t be as I haven’t heard a whole lot of thunder). He’s gone to bed already! About 9:00 tonight I think. His usual bed time used to be closer to 11 but it’s getting earlier. Anytime from about 8:30-11pm he goes to bed. Of course, the earlier he goes the earlier he’s up for a ‘midnight’ snack – but at least there’s a bit of a pattern – some amount of predictability (although he does like to keep me on my toes!) Getting him to sleep was so sweet. He nursed and I thought he was out so I transferred him to his crib but the second he was out of my arms he woke up and started to whimper. This always means I’m not ready for bed yet Mommy, why are you putting me in here?! So I picked him back up. I knew he was tired though so I sat down on the couch and cradled him on my lap and I sang to him softly. I made up my own song to the tune of B-I-N-G-O. Things like, I have a baby boy I love and Andrew is his name-o, he’s the sweetest boy, that there ever was, I will always be there for him yes I will…He is the bestest boy to me and I am so glad he’s mine, he’s the sweetest babe, in the whole world, if one thing is true it’s that I sure do love him! I just sang whatever came to my mind, but with the theme of how much I love and adore him. He had his eyes focused on the ceiling fan in the hallway for a little while, but within a very short time his eyelids got heavier and heavier and he was fast asleep. I love tender moments like that. I love how Andrew loves me. I don’t have the greatest singing voice in the world but when I sing to my babe, he doesn’t judge. He seems comforted by my voice.

I was out for about 4 hours today on my own and when I got home you should have seen the way he grinned at me! He was facing away from me when I walked in the door so I called out, Andrew! And he turned to look and saw me and just grinned from ear to ear. I asked him if he missed his Momma as much as she missed him and he did his shy smile where he grins and then burrows his face in his hands. He is the most precious baby in the entire world! I just love him to bits.

I had a wonderful time out this afternoon. It was much needed. Every now and then it’s good to get out without the responsibilities of baby. I realized that today. I very rarely have time to myself – as in ACTUAL time to myself, not ‘time to myself’ that really means ‘hopefully Andrew will be content for the next 15 minutes while I get a few things done.’

I left a bit before my hair appointment so I could stop by a store to see about getting James a particular anniversary gift I wanted to get him. I ended up finding something, not exactly what I wanted but close so I got it. I still want to get him something else but I’ll have to do that tomorrow. My hair appointment went well – I got the same cut, just cleaned up and majorly thinned out. I have the thickest head of hair on the planet, or at least that’s how it feels! My hairdresser can never believe how thick it is either. Yet the weird thing is, my eyebrows are probably the sparsest eyebrows on the planet! LOL But oh well, I’d rather have it that way than the reverse ;) I got my highlights touched up as well and got more blond this time so it’s a bit lighter. I like it. Not a huge change but just what I needed. I like the style right now because it’s sooo easy to maintain and that’s what I need since I have very little time to spend grooming myself! I have never had an easier hairstyle to maintain.

I enjoy going for my hair appointments because I get along really well with my hairdresser. I’ve been going to her for about 3-4 years now. We have certain things we chat about each time. I like the relationship that we have, and I totally trust her with my hair – which is the main thing!

After my appointment I went to Sears to look for new undergarments. I hate bra and underwear shopping. I hate it more than just about anything. But I was really good about it – patient, and tried to keep an open mind. The bra part was pretty easy since I can only wear nursing bras and there’s a very limited selection. I got one different one than the ones I have and it was on sale which is always a major perk! I also got 2 new pairs of underwear. They were both on sale too. I’ll see if I find them comfy and if I do, I’ll go back and get some more. There’s nothing worse than getting new underwear and then realizing they don’t fit right or are uncomfortable!

I also got a new dress – also on sale by a lot, so I couldn’t resist it – and I’m going to wear it for James and my anniversary date on Monday night. I’m really looking forward to our date night, it just feels like forever since we were able to have any time out alone together. I’m really excited about it, even though I know I will miss the babe! It was wonderful to go out today on my own and have a bit of space and time to do things for myself, but as soon as I walked in the door I couldn’t wait to kiss Andrew’s cheeks and give him a big hug! (And James too, of course!) lol

Into everything

Written Friday morning:

Andrew and I got home from the island last night. On the ferry he met an 8 month old. Even though Andrew is over a month younger, the other boy wasn’t crawling yet so when the two babes were placed on the carpet in the Kid Zone, Andrew immediately made his way over to him – like he was on some sort of mission. It was cute watching them interact. Andrew was grabbing at his toys so I brought over some of his for the other boy to play with. They kept grabbing for the same toys and would try to pull them away from each other. A few lessons in ‘sharing’ need to be learned in the future, though I thought they did very well together! Andrew loved watching the bigger kids play on the slide and other big kid toys in the Kid Zone. He is going to love it once he can get into everything more.

After a while the play area got insanely busy so I got Andrew and I packed up and we moved to a different area of the ship. He was a bit fussy but finally, after some on-the-lap-jumpy-jumps and being rocked while I stood so he could look around, he fed and fell asleep. 5 minutes later the announcement came on that we were arriving at the dock and I was able to get him strapped into his stroller with just a few whimpers before he fell back asleep. He slept the entire bus ride home AND didn’t wake up for nearly half an hour once we got here! It was the easiest trip home, waaay better than the last time we travelled alone together.

Why is it that babies always want to get into the things they’re not supposed to??! It’s like Andrew has a radar for things that are not baby-friendly and those are the only things that hold his interest. If I put out his toys, even the really fun ones that make noise and light up, he will instead madly crawl toward the fan and try to stick his fingers in to touch the moving blades. There’s a knob on the entertainment unit that he obsesses over, despite having hit his head on it a number of times already and not enjoying that. He sees a fluffball kitty and dashes toward her so he can rip out a tuft of fur – and have me stressed that he’ll get scratched in the eye or something that might cause permanent damage. He loves the corners of the coffee table. The strap for my camera, or my camera itself. Cell phones. TV remotes. He has even grabbed the remote and changed the channel to Ellen, which was a strange ‘coincidence’ given that he seems to LOVE it when Ellen is on – and he just so happened to get to that channel!

And the list goes on for things he shouldn’t be playing with but wants to desperately. Now that he is moving, life as I knew it has changed forever!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stressed backwards is desserts

Right now Andrew is in the bed with me (we’re at my parents’ place). He would normally be sound asleep in his crib by now but he has been off his ‘schedule’ tonight. I think the heat is getting to him. I finally got him to fall asleep by stroking his cheeks and chin and around his head. He seems to enjoy that – I have been finding lately that it works to calm him down fairly quickly (sometimes, at least!)

His top front teeth are on their way in – one is almost popping through and one has officially started its descent. Gone forever are the gummy grins! He bit me twice today with his new teeth and let me tell you it is not fun being nipple-bit with bottom AND top teeth biting together! At least he doesn’t seem to be making a HABIT of it…and I’m trying to be more firm saying, ‘No!’ when he bites like that and then I don’t let him nurse for a little while. I still don’t think he’s quite old enough to understand the word No but at the same time I don’t want him to think biting my nipples is something he can continue doing…It hurts like the dickens!!

So I ended up (thank gawd) not coming down with something. I had a sore throat for a few days – at one point it got so bad I was sure it was strep and I wanted to die from the pain of it but it eased up by morning and then just hurt a little bit for another day. Luckily it didn’t get worse and end up being something that would transfer to Andrew, or to James (who I need healthy to help me with Andrew!)

Last Sunday I had some time out of the house sans baby. My mom, s-i-l and I went to check out the new Sephora store at Pacific Centre. It was mind boggling. Make-up and fragrances and that sort of thing isn’t usually my bag – I don’t wear much make-up to speak of. But my mom really wanted to go and my s-i-l was game for anything (she wears even less make-up than I do!) so off we went. It was actually kind of fun, despite being out of my element. It was insanely busy and while I shouldn’t be surprised that so many people were checking out the new store, I was, just because I honestly wouldn’t have thought to go there myself. I even heard people on the street TALKING about the new store opening, so it’s obviously a popular place to shop (there is a great location in San Francisco, for example). I ended up getting a new eyeshadow, a lip gloss and a mini bottle of a subtle but fresh and nice fragrance. Just a little mini purse-sized bottle. I found the price of things pretty insane there for the most part. The packaging is all very nice and the stuff would make for great gifts but whoa, it wouldn’t take long to ring up a hefty total in a place like that. Still, it was fun to look around and see what’s out there.

After that we headed to a lounge at the Loden Hotel. We had a really interesting drink recommended by the bartender. I can’t remember what it was called but it had bizarre ingredients, including rose water, aloe vera, coriander, basil – to name a few. Yet it tasted so refreshing. It was fun to spend some time out with my mom and s-i-l for an afternoon and have a bit of a break from mother-duties!
On Monday we (Andrew and I) came back to Nanaimo with my mom for the week. Haven’t been up to too much, other than helping my mom with some odd jobs around the house. Andrew has had a lot of time in his little kiddie pool in the backyard. He loves naked pool time! I may as well have not brought his bathing suit over. He just goes in in his birthday suit! He is really crawling now, so he is more mobile in the pool and loves tummy time in there. He has his pool toys and is content to splash around for a while. Its been good for him to have that time to cool off and it’s great for me because I can bathe him in there instead of the kitchen sink.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend. James is taking Monday (our anniversary) off as well as Tuesday so it’ll be great having him home with me for those extra days next week. We also have a romantic date planned for our anniversary and my aunt and uncle babysitting for us. Since the weather is supposed to stay so nice, I’m hoping we’ll be able to get out and do something fun and different as a family, maybe take Andrew somewhere he’s never been before. I like having things like that to look forward to.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My clever little bobble boy

Things Andrew is doing:

-He can’t be in his exersaucer unsupervised in the living room because where it is is right by the blinds. He grabs the blinds toward him now that he’s discovered them – and then he peers out the window!

-Andrew is crawling everywhere now! I may have already mentioned it but wow, can he ever move!

-He’s also sitting up on his own – not just when I place him down sitting (he still falls over from time to time but not as much as before) – but he actually will go from lying down to sitting up all by himself!

-His top front teeth are on their way in. He grinds his bottom teeth onto the top ones quite a bit and it makes a gawd-awful noise!

-He wants to stand up on his own in his crib. Now that it’s lowered he’ll be able to figure it out and do it, although I’m hoping it’ll still be a while before he does. I helped him do it the other day and he was biting the side of the crib, then he fell and was splayed out in the crib and of course started crying. But literally as soon as my arms reached in to pick him up, he stopped. He is quite the little faker when it comes to turning on the waterworks!

-I call Andrew my little bobble head. When he’s having tummy time he will start bobbing his head back and forth like crazy. It’s so funny to watch. The other day Funkytown (by Lipps) was playing and he was bobbing and it looked like he was bobbing to the music. I got a great video of it!

-When he’s feeding especially, and sometimes just when he’s laying on my lap, he will circle his foot around repeatedly. His foot just moves and moves, it’s kind of random but it seems to be a new habit of his!

-He is learning how to wave bye-bye. He waved to my uncle last night as soon as he waved!

-He figures things out so quickly, it’s really quite amazing. And whatever it is he’s learning he will do over and over so it’s not like it’s just a fluke. He is one smart boy!

Peaches and Cereal and Yogurt - Yum!

There's is nothing in this post about peaches and cereal and yogurt other than this: Andrew loves peaches (pureed with water) and will eat his cereal when mixed with the peach. It works PERFECTLY freezing the pureed fruit in the ice cube tray and just using one or two cubes for a feeding, btw. And he loves lemon yogurt. It's a natural kind but yes there is a bit of sugar in it and they say don't give babies sugar like that but I'm not listening. He doesn't eat much of it and I think there are far worse things I could be giving him than this particular brand of yogurt that is really quite natural - and extremely delicious! Plus he's only actually had it twice and probably about 2 teaspoons each time (if that). No harm there, if you ask me.

We’ve taken Andrew to the pool a few times the past few days and he still seems to love the water. The other night after a swim I was sitting cuddling him while James sat in the hot tub for a while. I was stroking Andrew’s face and whispering about sleepy byes and his eyes started getting heavy and you could see he was ready to go night night. He just laid there in my arms, fully content. I just stared at him and felt so much love. Those types of moments mean so much to me. I love looking at him and just admiring how absolutely beautiful he is. Not just the way he looks but who he is – he is such a special baby boy!

Tonight we went to my aunt and uncle’s new place in the city – along with my mom, brother and s-i-l. It was a fun family get-together. And of course Andrew was as cute as a button and a huge hit with everyone. He did a lot of babbling and enjoyed all the attention everyone gave him!

My aunt and uncle kindly said yes (and without hesitation!) to babysitting for us on our anniversary coming up on the 27th. James and I have been on very few dates since Andrew was born. Actually, in the past 6 ½ months (probably longer since we weren’t really going out on dates for a few weeks before Andrew was born) we have been out once just the two of us and that was for maybe 2 1/2 hours (if that). Otherwise we went on one double date with my bro and s-i-l and once were out for an hour to have a bite to eat with my mom. Otherwise we are always with the boy. Not that there is anything wrong with that – I love our time as a family and I miss Andrew every time I’m apart from him. BUT I do think it’s important to go out just the two of us from time to time, and once in nearly 7 months is not enough. Actually, it’s a little crazy when I get to thinking about it.

I think I’m coming down with something =( Actually, I know I am. I have such a severe sore throat and the glands in my throat area feel swollen and sore. I have a general I-don’t-feel-so-good feeling coming on. I worry when this happens because I don’t have the greatest amount of energy on a good day when I’m totally healthy so how am I going to feel when I get sick and still have the same amount of stuff to do? Not to mention that I hate the idea of Andrew getting it too. Grrr. Hopefully it’s just one of those 24 hour things (or less would be even better!) and I’ll be fine by morning…

Speaking of which I should get to bed since it’s already almost 1am.

I was going to write about how I’m feeling re: negativity and the negativity that said negativity produces. But I’m too tired. And all the negative talk would probably just create more of the same anyway. Sigh.

I’m happy, but there always has to be something, right? It’s like we’re just not meant to be fully 100% content all the time because that would just be boring and we wouldn’t appreciate things as much. Or something. I just sigh sometimes because I wonder why things don’t change.

I’m so thankful I have Andrew. He makes me feel grounded and in a good place. I just have to look at him and I know in my heartest of hearts that life is good.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The (blank) from hell

It was 11am and we’d already been up for almost 3 hours and run the gamut of things to do around here. Including Andrew having a long soak in the sink, where he repeatedly sucked on his bath time rubber ducky (which I don’t think is the best idea given it sits on the side of the tub all the time, undoubtedly collecting bacteria). He was having a field day, but eventually he had to get out and dried off because he was turning all prune-like. He cried when he realized bath time was over, that’s how much he loves the water!

But by 11 I was running out of ideas and didn’t feel like doing the same thing we always do. I decided to take Andrew into town on the bus. It’s only about a 20 minute walk or so, but it was soooo hot out and I get sweaty enough as it is. I love the summer and the sunshine, don’t get me wrong, but I get boiling hot even in the winter if I’m out walking for any length of time, so imagine what it’s like for me in the summer (or, maybe don’t!) I hate feeling all sweaty and gross once I get to where I’m going so we took the bus – despite the fact that I always hesitate to take a bus these days given the stroller issue and taking up half the bus with it, kicking people out of their seats so we can take over the area etc etc. I hate that all eyes on me crap where I just know half the people on the bus are cursing me in their heads for having such a giant stroller (even though it’s so functional and meets all our needs and is as far as I’m concerned an essential item when you have a baby, no car, and need to grocery shop etc!)

I should mention though that in general, despite that I KNOW there are those people out there who are cursing me (I have done it to others in the past so I know it happens – though you better believe I will always be tolerant of people with ‘special needs’ from now on!) a lot of people have been really helpful and kind when it comes to us navigating our way on and off the bus.

Today I got a free ride AND someone helped me get the stroller up the stairs (since with those buses they otherwise have to get this ramp up and it’s a whole big production – which I had to use getting off the bus but oh well!)

One thing that is kind of cute is how people react to Andrew and all the smiles he gets and gives when we’re on the bus!

We got downtown and went to the baby section at The Bay. I wanted to look for a new toy for Andrew and something for his bath time. I was going to get a few things for him there (clothes!) but the woman in front of me at the till was SO annoying that I got fed up and put the stuff down on a shelf and left. One of those people where it was going to take an hour to ring her through. She wanted 4 different gift receipts but she wanted to do the purchase in one go. And she was going to try one credit card but she wasn’t sure if that one would work and she had to go on about it. I had my debit card in hand and just wanted to make my purchase and leave. They should have an express lane there!

But I saved some money by not bothering with the stuff there (that Andrew didn’t really NEED, just would have been cute) and we went to Sears where I got him some new nipples for his bottles, some baby-safe toys for his bath time, and a cool new toy where you toss these little balls into an elephant’s head (sounds weird but really it’s not – LOL) and it plays music and lights up. There’s more to it than that but that’s the general idea.

After that we walked into Gastown to visit James at work. His cronies have never seen Andrew with his eyes open since every time we visited in the past he was asleep by the time we got there so this time they finally got to see him alert and smiling! We hung out at the office for a little while (James is the manager there so it’s kind of cool being able to just waltz in and not feel like I shouldn’t be there! Though we don’t go often because there are about 10,000 stairs to get up to his office. Seriously – there are close to 100 stairs if not more, it’s ridiculous and unsafe with a baby).

When we left, we walked past a woman who was doing portraits – you know, the people who sit there and will do charcoal drawings. Well she said she’d do Andrew’s portrait for $10. James had me get one a number of years back and it took maybe 5-10 minutes so I thought why not? It’d be cute to have a little caricature of the boy!

Well it ended up being a huge mistake and I wish we had just said No and kept walking.

I won’t get into all the details but the gist is that the woman complained a lot and especially got angry when people stopped to watch. They were just smiling at Andrew because he was being so cute (and most of them were tourists and just trying to be friendly). Which in my opinion should be all part of the experience, especially when a baby is involved! But the artist got annoyed by the distraction and would tell them to leave and get mad and they’d leave looking all dejected. It was uncomfortable to have to be a part of it.

Then there’s the fact that birds pooed on us. About 6 times. Me, Andrew, the stroller – we all got hit. I think the portrait even got a bit on it but the woman wiped it off. Yeah, could it have got any worse than that?! Seriously, I don’t think so.

Oh and she took about an hour to do the portrait. And 15 minutes to wrap it up for me to take! Did I mention she needed a 5 minute bathroom break before she even got started?! (I should have known then and left!)

It was insane.

And Andy HATES being in his stroller for any real length of time, especially if we’re just sitting in one spot. So he got antsy and wanted out and cried and it was just not a good situation at all.

At least when we left and I stopped in at Subway to get some water, the manager gave me a free cookie – for Andrew but of course I got to eat it since he’s too little for cookies! LOL He thought Andrew was way older and kept going on about how big he was for his age once I told him. I do enjoy it when people are admiring him. So that made me feel a bit better. But still…I hate it when something bad has happened and you just want to be home already but you know it’s still going to take a while before you get there. And you have a crying baby on top of it all…He did finally settle down after I gave him some cuddles on a bench and he fell asleep a few streets from home! But by then I was so frazzled and wanted to just race home and then never leave the apartment ever again!!

Anyway, it was all quite depressing and I felt so gross when I got home given the birds pooping on us and all. While Andrew was still asleep I had a quick bath and freshened up and when he woke up I gave him another bath and he got to play with his new toys, which he loved!

He is awake now for a feed so more later…I wanted to list some of the new things he’s been doing lately but it will have to wait. I also wanted to write about my hatred of Gastown and the stupid steam clock there but that will have to wait also.

Oh and maybe it would have all been worth it if Andrew's portrait had turned out super cute. But I showed it to James when he got home and he said it reminded him of one of the kids from Children of the Corn. That can't be a good thing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Every little thing he does is magic

Today I noticed Andrew smiling at his Baby Einstein video. I’ve been playing it a bit more often than I normally would play a video for him, since it’s on Sign Language and if I want him to learn the signs, there has to be repetition. It’s so cute because up till now he’d watch a show intently but more with a straight face. This was the first time I noticed him sort of interacting with it and enjoying the puppets doing silly things!

He ended up not having a fever at all from his shots. He was full of exuberance last night – had lots of tummy time before bed and was crawling all over the living room – forwards, backwards, rolling side to side! He was pretty well his normal self. He had one feed around 4am but slept through otherwise, so it was a typical night. He could still show signs of fussiness in the next few days but so far so good – after his bout of crying yesterday afternoon he’s been great! They say some babies sleep more as a result of the shots and perhaps a part of me wouldn’t have minded if he was one of those babies but he’s proving not to be! LOL But at least he doesn’t seem out of sorts.

If anything, he’s higher energy than ever! Have to go…he’s babbling away for my attention =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have the bestest boy ever

Today Andrew went for his 3rd round of immunizations. I was a nervous wreck since last night, knowing I had to take him. I hate the idea of my baby being in pain/out of sorts/shot with a needle…and me taking him to have it done! I know the benefits outweigh the harms but still, it’s not easy to do.

He was such a brave boy though!

He weighed in at 19.6lbs. He’s not gaining rapidly now – in fact he has gained very little in the past month. But that’s normal given that he’s more active all the time!

He just had to get one shot this time, so it wasn’t nearly as bad as the past 2 times (first time was 3 shots, 2nd was 2). He had one little tear and was going to cry harder but then a student nurse held up a toy and distracted him and he was grinning! He didn’t really cry at all. He’s such a strong and healthy boy.

I talked to the nurse a bit about his ‘food issues’ – the fact that he’s not really taking to solids. She wasn’t concerned. She said he is ‘the picture of health’ and that he’s obviously not suffering. She said babies get onto solids at different paces and it’s OK at this point if he’s not quite into it yet. As long as we keep trying. One thing she recommended that I think might help is having him eat when we eat. I’ve generally been feeding him just him on his own and that might be one reason he doesn’t like it. When we were on a picnic this past weekend he ate apple sauce without any fuss – I realize now it might have been because it felt like a social activity since we were all eating!

I got a new blender last weekend but had yet to find the time (or the energy) to use it. Well tonight after supper (which James made, thank gawd for that!) I finally tried it out. I pureed a fresh peach (sans the skin) and it turned out amazingly smooth. We fed some to Andrew right away and he LOVED it! I think he actually wanted more than what we gave him but I didn’t want to give him too much at once. So that was a plus. He will have more tomorrow – hopefully with some of his cereal! One peach (pureed with water) was enough to fill half an ice cube tray, and the other half I filled with pureed carrots. Num nums!! I know it sounds like such a simple thing but I’m kind of excited about getting started making foods for Andrew, even if right now they’re not that interesting. And the blender is AMAZING. I am tossing the Magic Bullet. Seriously. I didn’t even buy a super expensive blender – the one I got was on sale for $59.99 ($10 off the regular price). But it works SO well. I LOVE it!

Andrew cried for nearly 2 hours straight this afternoon. I was getting beside myself, wondering what I could do to make him feel better. I felt so bad for him. He would only stop crying if I stood up and walked with him but he gets so heavy after a while. The scale says 19.6lbs but in your arms he feels like a whole lot more!! For a while I was able to distract him by propping him up (and holding him of course) on the side of the bathroom sink and I put the water on lukewarm and splashed it on his feet. He seemed to enjoy that – and of course looking at the cute baby in the mirror! But that could only last for so long too. Then he’d cry again. It was awful. FINALLY I got him into bed with me and he latched on to feed and fell asleep. Of course James got home 10 minutes later to total peace and quiet! It always seems to happen that way. But at least he made dinner and I was able to rest a bit while Andrew slept (which was for about 20 minutes, but that’s better than nothing!)

So far the rest of the night has gone really well. Right now Andrew is jumpy jumping and is so happy! He keeps smiling and doesn’t feel feverish, so hopefully he won’t end up as fussy as the last time he had his shots. One never knows, but just in case I’ll be keeping a close watch on him tonight, even more than my usual =)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Time for sleepy byes!

Saturday we went to the market and I got a new blender at LD’s. The Magic Bullet doesn’t quite cut it anymore (literally – haha, just kidding). I enjoyed it for a while and I might still keep it but it depends on how much I like the new blender. The MB doesn’t seem to work as well as the infomercial shows it to, at least in my experience. But the main issue is it’s so small and I want to start making my own food for Andrew so I’d rather use a full-size blender. I’m going to start on that tomorrow most likely…I got an ice cube tray from the dollar store that has a lid thing for locking in freshness (no ‘freezer taste’ will develop) and I’m going to make baby food, then fill it in the cube tray and take out a few cubes for each feeding. That was my mom’s advice – what she did for my brother/me when we were babies and it worked well.

Of course, that all hinges on Andrew actually taking to his big boy food – aka solids! So far, it’s still not going great. Although I will say that today he had apple sauce AND his cereal and did fairly well with it.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The rest of Saturday we mostly hung around at home after our outing. We were out for most of the afternoon (even ate our sandwiches at English Bay and walked home Lost Lagoon way so Andrew could see all the animals again).
Today we went to Stanley Park with my bro and s-i-l and James’ bro and played Bocce Ball. James’ dad got him a really nice set probably 3-4 years ago but any time we asked anyone to go play with us there was some reason why it couldn’t happen. The set kind of got shoved to the back of the closet and forgotten. So finally we dug it out and made a plan. James and I packed up a nice picnic lunch, M & N brought drinks, and N brought music! It was a lot of fun. Bocce was addictive. I didn’t get to play a whole lot since I was entertaining (and feeding) Andrew but we did all get a chance to play. Good times. And Andrew seemed to enjoy himself. He had some apple sauce with no fuss – probably ate a tablespoon of it, maybe a bit more. Which is NOT very much but for him it’s progress! He also had some naked tummy time and yes he did pee on the blanket BUT that’s why I brought 4 blankets!! Plus he was just having so much fun being naked. He is so cute, he’s always so happy sans restricting clothes.

Tonight we got some chores done – including *sob* lowering Andrew’s crib. He’s been reaching out and grabbing the sides and trying to pull himself up lately, so we knew it was time to lower it. I felt emotional about it because it feels like just yesterday that we were first putting the crib together and Andrew wasn’t even born yet. Now he’s already graduating to a big boy bed – or at least the step right before that! He is growing up so fast, I can’t take it! I was feeling a bit sad about it but once we got the crib all set up again I felt ok with it because it’s more functional for him now and I will feel better knowing he’s safe in there when he’s on his own. Also, his aquarium will work better now because it’s up a little higher from the mattress so he won’t accidentally bump it when he rolls over in the night and turn it on when he doesn’t want it playing! He will actually have to reach up now to press the button to put it on.

After we had it all nicely set up we put him in so he could see the change and he looked at his aquarium and smiled. Then he looked at us and probably realized just then, hey – it’s not bed time yet! And he burst into tears. LOL He’s sound asleep in there now though, and seems quite content.
He is discovering his voice more now – he will make little noises repeatedly and it sounds as if he’s exploring his voice box. I love that boy SO much!!!!!

He is a cling-on – he can’t have me leave his sight these days without crying. If I walk away for a second he is upset and then if I poke my head back around the corner so he can see that I’m there, he calms down. He needs his momma close by! Though he is starting to get that way with his daddy now too sometimes.

Oh and he wouldn’t take his cereal when I tried to feed him but as soon as his dad took over, he was loving his food! Go figure. He wasn’t doing anything different than I was so I don’t know why the sudden switch. But whatever works! He ate about 2 tablespoons of his cereal, still not a lot but it’s definitely a major improvement! We’ll see how it goes tomorrow…One never knows.

The weekend went by way too fast. I have a million other things to say but I can’t think of what any of them are. I wish I could remember the lists I make in my head of all the little memories I want to capture. I forget things way too easily these days.
I better try to sleep now – it seems Andrew enjoys being up by just after 8 these days and refuses to go to sleep again till it’s time for night night so I really have to sleep when I can.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Back when I was a girl...

On the weekend we got to talking with someone who has an 11 year old son. He was telling us about his son’s obsession with the new Nintendo DSi.
I haven’t seen one myself, only heard of it. I knew it was a game console – a much more advanced version of the Gameboy (the original) that was around when I was growing up. (I think I got a Gameboy when I was around 15). I just didn’t realize quite how advanced the DSi has got…
Apparently the system now has wireless capability, so kids can play games with each other online. It also has a camera feature so you can see the people you’re playing with. You can also chat with other players during game play.

I asked the father what he thought of this – how many actual friends does his son have, and does he think the DSi and ability to have friends online impacts how many friends he has in ‘real life’? What I took from his reply was that he wasn’t entirely concerned with the fact that pretty much all his son’s friends are online ones. He rarely hangs out with kids in person.

Personally, I was a bit alarmed by this. When I was 11, I was constantly out riding bikes with my friends. Or we’d be listening to music together, watching movies, talking to each other, playing. I didn’t have a Gameboy yet, but even when I did get one when I was a bit older, it didn’t take away from me spending time with friends in real life.

I always had friends that I hung out with when I was a kid, but because I am fairly introverted and tend to find it ‘easier’ to keep to myself, I’m afraid that if I’d had a DSi type game console at that age, there’s a good chance I’d have been extremely anti-social.

I just wonder how good this technology is…And how much is it causing a lack of real social ability in children??

On the other hand, when I was 11 we also didn’t have the internet. Not that it wasn’t around yet but in my world it wasn’t. We got our first family computer when I was 11, and all it had on it was Microsoft Works. With a black screen and yellow writing. When I spent time on the computer I was writing stories. Now, theoretically young kids can go online and chat and live ‘internet lives’ if their parents let them.

I realize that times change and what was normal when I was a kid isn’t normal anymore. I feel so old saying that but it’s true – I am already getting to a stage in life where I think, Wow, back when I was a girl life was so much simpler! I don’t understand the ways of the world for young kids nowadays. It’s crazy how quickly things change, but it happens!

I got to wondering what it’s going to be like when Andrew is a bit older and starts to want all the gadgets that kids have these days. Whatever happened to playing Lego or bike riding or just hanging out in friends bedrooms playing with toys or board games or talking? Is it a good thing that kids are constantly plugged into electronics? And what about how expensive the consoles are?? Should kids be expecting all this stuff given how much it costs? Or is it all relative since the original Nintendo was expensive too, for it’s time??

I don’t know what to think of all this. I don’t have a problem with wanting to play video games (not obsessively as the only thing you’re good at and like to do, but on occasion)…but how far before a kid is crossing the line and the video games become a problem?

Does it seem weird (and a tad upsetting, really) to anyone else that even handheld game systems are now going this way of allowing chatting and playing in real time with other people?? Was playing a game on your own or with the system itself not good enough?

I’m curious what other people think of this issue…

Retail therapy

I am soooo lazy about dealing with the pics from my camera…At this point I think I probably have about 1000 pictures to sort through, delete the blurry ones and fix/resize the good ones. Just thinking about it makes me want to close my eyes. Maybe I’ll start working on that project tomorrow. Usually I’m much better about keeping on top of such things but my routine is so out of whack with going to the island. I am finding Andrew needs a certain amount of routine to his day and it would really help if I tried to make sure certain things happened around certain times each day…but it’s so hard when we go from one house to the next visiting people. I’m still not back home and our routine is really not a routine at all at the moment.

I think Andrew may be getting a top tooth soon…He’s definitely teething beyond just his two bottom ones that are already through. He was quite fussy tonight because of it. He’s out now – hopefully for at least a few more hours. I feel like we are getting into a bit more of a night time sleeping pattern, which is good. I still don’t sleep very well but I think in part it’s because I feel like I always have to have one ear listening for his cries. So even when I’m sleeping I’m not all the way out. But I’m definitely getting more sleep than before so I shouldn’t complain.

A tip if you’re looking to buy toys…I’m sure this applies to other products too but we discovered tonight that the exact same toy we bought at Toys R Us for $49.99 was only $29.44 at Superstore. That’s a big difference! We will be returning the Toys R Us one for sure. How can they justify that kind of price difference?! Especially when they’re both big box stores, there’s no excuse for it.

I had a bit of retail therapy tonight – clothes for myself, which is rare! I got a skirt (finally found one that was pretty much just what I wanted AND at a great price!), 2 tops, 2 capris, and a ¾ length sleeve hoodie. It sounds like a lot but everything was so well priced. Some things were even on sale. For example, the skirt was $30, on sale from $36. That’s pretty cheap for a skirt, don’t you think – even at regular price? I did all my shopping at Reitman’s. I find they have sizes that fit ‘real’ women’s bodies, and since having a baby and changing shape a bit, I’m more on the lookout for clothes that make sense like that. I feel different now about my style than I did pre-pregnancy and I am thinking I want to just purge everything and get rid of all my clothes from before and just have the stuff I’ve bought since. It’s no longer about losing weight to fit into pre-pregnancy stuff. I only have maybe 5 pounds if that of extra baggage since giving birth (although my shape is still different regardless of the weight). That’s not it though – the point here is that even if all my old clothes fit perfectly again, I am just sick of them and need change. I don’t want to be wearing skirts from 3 or 4 summers ago! I’m bored with them! And I’m different now – in most aspects of my life, really – so I want to look different too.

I’m curious where other people shop and how much money they’re willing to spend for new clothes? I would be willing to spend more on certain pieces if I knew for sure I’d get a lot of use out of them, but most of my clothes these days are fairly inexpensive. I prefer spending less because I so far haven’t found a lack of quality in what I’m getting. And if I end up not wearing something a million times I don’t feel so bad about it if it didn’t cost too much! I just can’t justify spending a ton on clothing for myself at this point in time. Especially when I have a baby that I absolutely LOVE dressing up in cute outfits every day!!! Even if I COULD afford to buy super expensive stuff I honestly wouldn’t, because there are far better things I could spend the extra dosh on!

I would say on average I would spend between $15-$35 on a shirt, a bit more if it’s a little fancier. And most of my pants cost $50 or less. Is that considered reasonable?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A final tribute

Today was Michael Jackson’s memorial. I still can’t believe that he’s gone. Even after watching pretty much the entire service, and of course being bombarded with MJ everything on the news since his death, I am still somewhat in denial that it actually happened.

To me, Michael Jackson was a mystery. He was so bizarre yet so talented musically. His dance moves were mesmerizing, as was his ever-changing appearance. He was an enigma. I grew up listening to his classic songs and watched the making of the Thriller video (and the video itself) more times than I can count.

He made some very bad decisions and, yes, he was a tad on the creepy side. Maybe he did have a thing for young boys, but maybe he really was just a 10 year old boy trapped in a man’s body. He never had the chance to live any semblance of a normal life and what we have to realize is how that would affect a person. He couldn’t walk across the street without being attacked by paparazzi and the general public gawking at him. Imagine going to a store and having literally thousands of people gathered trying to catch a glimpse of you at every turn. There’s no way we could have expected him to be the least bit normal given his childhood, his fame, and his fortune.

But even if there was questionable behaviour in Jackson’s life, what is without question was the impact he has had on people around the globe. His influence on pop culture forever changed the music scene. And it does warm my heart that despite how crazy things got, the majority of people are remembering him for his positive contributions to the world. I don’t believe in heaven or hell, but I do hope he rests in peace and somehow knows how much people do care about the impact he had on their lives.

I guess there’s a part of me that feels saddest just in knowing how deeply lonely he was and how much he struggled with himself, with the world, with the lack of childhood he was given. I wonder what he would have turned out like if he hadn’t been put in the limelight so young. We will never know. In fact, there is so much we will never know about Michael Jackson. He was Wacko Jacko to some, and I won’t deny that he was bizarre on many levels. But he was also a person, a human being. And an incredible one at that.
RIP Michael Jackson – you will live on forever!

What we've been up to

A whole week since my last post. Tsk tsk. Where does the time go?

We spent Canada Day with my parents. Andrew saw his first fireworks that night! I wasn’t entirely impressed with them but it was fun watching his reaction – he was in complete awe. It was getting past his bedtime and you could see he was exhausted but he couldn’t take his eyes off them. He crashed as soon as the show ended, literally as soon as the last firework went out, he was asleep. It was a fun first Canada Day – he even had a festive hat and a ‘Made in Canada’ tattoo on his cheek. (A woman saw it and said, “Ouch, that must have hurt the baby to give him a tattoo.” My dad had to tell her it was a stick-on one (as if we’d get a real tattoo put on Andrew’s face, or anywhere for that matter! What an idiot…I mean, no offence, but seriously – she thought it was a real tattoo – come on!)

July 2nd we spent by the pool at the hotel my parents were staying at. It was a bit on the cold side so Andrew didn’t last long in there, but he enjoyed naked tummy time poolside! It was so cute. He was totally grumpy, then I took his clothes and diaper off and let him air off for a while on a blanket in the shade and he was grinning and squealing!

At one point a raccoon came running out from the bushes and took a drink from the pool before being scared off by a Chihuahua – that was quite the sight to see!

On the 3rd we drove out to IKEA. I didn’t get much, just a few odds and ends. A new decorative pillow for the couch (James HATES decorative pillows but I rarely buy them and just loved how the colours would tie in with our scheme). I also got a tray for our little coffee table, some placemats that were on sale, just little things. It was fun – although Andrew didn’t want to be in his stroller and had to be packed around pretty much the entire time =P

That evening we had a couple over that we hadn’t seen in about 8 years. We became friends in residence at SFU when we all lived on the same floor (from 98-99). We stayed friends for a few years after that but lost touch since our lives were quite different – then they moved to Toronto. Through the magic of Facebook we got in touch again and while they were out this way we were able to have a visit. It was as if we’d never lost touch – we just sort of picked up where we left off. It was great to see them again! And it’s kind of cool because James and I got together shortly before they did and got married shortly before they did – I like how we’re two couples that met that year in rez and we’re both still together and going strong =)

Friday night we came back to Nanaimo with my parents and Saturday morning we borrowed their car and went to Victoria for the weekend to visit James’ dad and partner. James’ bro and girlfriend were there too so it was a nice family get-together. Andrew was a hit of course – he had grown quite a bit since they had seen him last. He was a bit fussy through dinner and was feeding from me non-stop that night but it wasn’t his usual routine so that was to be expected.

On Sunday Andrew tried mashed plum for the first time and seemed to enjoy it. In the afternoon we took him to the petting zoo at Beacon Hill Park – his first petting zoo experience! It was so much fun. He was packed around by his Papa and really took it all in. A peacock jumped up on a fence right beside him and he couldn’t take his eyes off it! He also enjoyed petting the goats…until he grabbed a hold of one baby goats’ fur and actually pulled it right off the rock it was perched on! Oops!! The poor little goat was scrambling to stay standing and then fell. LOL It wouldn’t have hurt, just was startling – but all the same Andrew’s going to have to learn not to be so rough with the animals! He just loves the feel of their fur and finds them so intriguing but he doesn’t realize his own strength.

It’s so fun watching Andrew experience new things. And he’s changing so much! He’s sort of eating solids now – one day he loves his food the next he hates it but we’re making progress. He seems to like carrot, is now tolerating apple sauce, and eats his rice cereal although he doesn’t like it very thick. He will eat it mixed with water instead of my milk though. And I’m trying to get into a routine of giving him water in his sippy cup so he will get used to the cup and get hydrated with water instead of always feeding from me. He hasn’t bit me too badly lately – he seems to go through phases with that. I’m still planning on breast feeding for as long as I can up to the one year mark but if he starts more biting phases than not, I will have to wean him off earlier. We’ll have to see how it goes. But it’s great that he’s starting to enjoy his solids – it’s taking longer than I thought it would but at least it’s starting to happen!

He is crawling now – mostly backwards but he goes forward a little bit too. He is also working on learning how to wave bye-bye – and he’s picking it up quickly! I am also clapping a lot to get him to imitate that, although he hasn’t done it yet. I’m also working on getting him to fall asleep without always having to feed first (although if he’s hungry of course I will nurse him). I sing him lullabies and if I cover his head with a blanket he will go to sleep after some rocking. I think it helps to sort of ‘turn off’ any distractions with the blanket – that way he can’t see what’s around him and try to stay awake. LOL Whatever works!! He’s just so amazing, I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing and changing.

More later – he’s waking up from a (short) nap…

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Guy

My little peanut is 6 months old! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Happy Canada and 6 month birthday all in one Baby Boy!

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