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It's a summer heat wave

I feel like I’ve been so busy lately. I think its because Andrew has not only mastered the art of crawling EVERYWHERE, but he is now onto propping himself up against furniture to explore more. It all happened so suddenly. I thought I was tired before but now I’m realizing how easy I had it before he was on the move! Life as I knew it is changing in a big way. And I’m not just saying that. I can’t leave the room for even just a few seconds to grab something or quickly use the bathroom or ANYTHING because he moves so fast, and really uses his radar for things he’s not supposed bug at. He has now discovered the electrical sockets, so we will have to get some of those plastic thingies that fit in to prevent him from getting shocked.
I can’t get over how fast he moves. I remember seeing an episode of Friends where Phoebe was looking after the triplets she had for her brother and his wife. The three babies were all lined up in a row laying on the floor. Phoebe turned her back for …

A storm's a brewin'

We’re having a lightning storm at the moment and I don’t like it one bit. Luckily Andrew didn’t notice it (it seems like it’s right overhead but it can’t be as I haven’t heard a whole lot of thunder). He’s gone to bed already! About 9:00 tonight I think. His usual bed time used to be closer to 11 but it’s getting earlier. Anytime from about 8:30-11pm he goes to bed. Of course, the earlier he goes the earlier he’s up for a ‘midnight’ snack – but at least there’s a bit of a pattern – some amount of predictability (although he does like to keep me on my toes!) Getting him to sleep was so sweet. He nursed and I thought he was out so I transferred him to his crib but the second he was out of my arms he woke up and started to whimper. This always means I’m not ready for bed yet Mommy, why are you putting me in here?! So I picked him back up. I knew he was tired though so I sat down on the couch and cradled him on my lap and I sang to him softly. I made up my own song to the tune…

Into everything

Written Friday morning:

Andrew and I got home from the island last night. On the ferry he met an 8 month old. Even though Andrew is over a month younger, the other boy wasn’t crawling yet so when the two babes were placed on the carpet in the Kid Zone, Andrew immediately made his way over to him – like he was on some sort of mission. It was cute watching them interact. Andrew was grabbing at his toys so I brought over some of his for the other boy to play with. They kept grabbing for the same toys and would try to pull them away from each other. A few lessons in ‘sharing’ need to be learned in the future, though I thought they did very well together! Andrew loved watching the bigger kids play on the slide and other big kid toys in the Kid Zone. He is going to love it once he can get into everything more.

After a while the play area got insanely busy so I got Andrew and I packed up and we moved to a different area of the ship. He was a bit fussy but finally, after some on-the-la…

Stressed backwards is desserts

Right now Andrew is in the bed with me (we’re at my parents’ place). He would normally be sound asleep in his crib by now but he has been off his ‘schedule’ tonight. I think the heat is getting to him. I finally got him to fall asleep by stroking his cheeks and chin and around his head. He seems to enjoy that – I have been finding lately that it works to calm him down fairly quickly (sometimes, at least!)

His top front teeth are on their way in – one is almost popping through and one has officially started its descent. Gone forever are the gummy grins! He bit me twice today with his new teeth and let me tell you it is not fun being nipple-bit with bottom AND top teeth biting together! At least he doesn’t seem to be making a HABIT of it…and I’m trying to be more firm saying, ‘No!’ when he bites like that and then I don’t let him nurse for a little while. I still don’t think he’s quite old enough to understand the word No but at the same time I don’t want him to think biting my n…

My clever little bobble boy

Things Andrew is doing:

-He can’t be in his exersaucer unsupervised in the living room because where it is is right by the blinds. He grabs the blinds toward him now that he’s discovered them – and then he peers out the window!

-Andrew is crawling everywhere now! I may have already mentioned it but wow, can he ever move!

-He’s also sitting up on his own – not just when I place him down sitting (he still falls over from time to time but not as much as before) – but he actually will go from lying down to sitting up all by himself!

-His top front teeth are on their way in. He grinds his bottom teeth onto the top ones quite a bit and it makes a gawd-awful noise!

-He wants to stand up on his own in his crib. Now that it’s lowered he’ll be able to figure it out and do it, although I’m hoping it’ll still be a while before he does. I helped him do it the other day and he was biting the side of the crib, then he fell and was splayed out in the crib and of course started crying. But literally…

Peaches and Cereal and Yogurt - Yum!

There's is nothing in this post about peaches and cereal and yogurt other than this: Andrew loves peaches (pureed with water) and will eat his cereal when mixed with the peach. It works PERFECTLY freezing the pureed fruit in the ice cube tray and just using one or two cubes for a feeding, btw. And he loves lemon yogurt. It's a natural kind but yes there is a bit of sugar in it and they say don't give babies sugar like that but I'm not listening. He doesn't eat much of it and I think there are far worse things I could be giving him than this particular brand of yogurt that is really quite natural - and extremely delicious! Plus he's only actually had it twice and probably about 2 teaspoons each time (if that). No harm there, if you ask me.

We’ve taken Andrew to the pool a few times the past few days and he still seems to love the water.The other night after a swim I was sitting cuddling him while James sat in the hot tub for a while.I was stroking Andrew’s …

The (blank) from hell

It was 11am and we’d already been up for almost 3 hours and run the gamut of things to do around here. Including Andrew having a long soak in the sink, where he repeatedly sucked on his bath time rubber ducky (which I don’t think is the best idea given it sits on the side of the tub all the time, undoubtedly collecting bacteria). He was having a field day, but eventually he had to get out and dried off because he was turning all prune-like. He cried when he realized bath time was over, that’s how much he loves the water!

But by 11 I was running out of ideas and didn’t feel like doing the same thing we always do. I decided to take Andrew into town on the bus. It’s only about a 20 minute walk or so, but it was soooo hot out and I get sweaty enough as it is. I love the summer and the sunshine, don’t get me wrong, but I get boiling hot even in the winter if I’m out walking for any length of time, so imagine what it’s like for me in the summer (or, maybe don’t!) I hate feeling all sw…

Every little thing he does is magic

Today I noticed Andrew smiling at his Baby Einstein video. I’ve been playing it a bit more often than I normally would play a video for him, since it’s on Sign Language and if I want him to learn the signs, there has to be repetition. It’s so cute because up till now he’d watch a show intently but more with a straight face. This was the first time I noticed him sort of interacting with it and enjoying the puppets doing silly things!

He ended up not having a fever at all from his shots. He was full of exuberance last night – had lots of tummy time before bed and was crawling all over the living room – forwards, backwards, rolling side to side! He was pretty well his normal self. He had one feed around 4am but slept through otherwise, so it was a typical night. He could still show signs of fussiness in the next few days but so far so good – after his bout of crying yesterday afternoon he’s been great! They say some babies sleep more as a result of the shots and perhaps a part of …

I have the bestest boy ever

Today Andrew went for his 3rd round of immunizations. I was a nervous wreck since last night, knowing I had to take him. I hate the idea of my baby being in pain/out of sorts/shot with a needle…and me taking him to have it done! I know the benefits outweigh the harms but still, it’s not easy to do.

He was such a brave boy though!

He weighed in at 19.6lbs. He’s not gaining rapidly now – in fact he has gained very little in the past month. But that’s normal given that he’s more active all the time!

He just had to get one shot this time, so it wasn’t nearly as bad as the past 2 times (first time was 3 shots, 2nd was 2). He had one little tear and was going to cry harder but then a student nurse held up a toy and distracted him and he was grinning! He didn’t really cry at all. He’s such a strong and healthy boy.

I talked to the nurse a bit about his ‘food issues’ – the fact that he’s not really taking to solids. She wasn’t concerned. She said he is ‘the picture of health’ and that…

Time for sleepy byes!

Saturday we went to the market and I got a new blender at LD’s. The Magic Bullet doesn’t quite cut it anymore (literally – haha, just kidding). I enjoyed it for a while and I might still keep it but it depends on how much I like the new blender. The MB doesn’t seem to work as well as the infomercial shows it to, at least in my experience. But the main issue is it’s so small and I want to start making my own food for Andrew so I’d rather use a full-size blender. I’m going to start on that tomorrow most likely…I got an ice cube tray from the dollar store that has a lid thing for locking in freshness (no ‘freezer taste’ will develop) and I’m going to make baby food, then fill it in the cube tray and take out a few cubes for each feeding. That was my mom’s advice – what she did for my brother/me when we were babies and it worked well.

Of course, that all hinges on Andrew actually taking to his big boy food – aka solids! So far, it’s still not going great. Although I will say that t…

Back when I was a girl...

On the weekend we got to talking with someone who has an 11 year old son. He was telling us about his son’s obsession with the new Nintendo DSi.
I haven’t seen one myself, only heard of it. I knew it was a game console – a much more advanced version of the Gameboy (the original) that was around when I was growing up. (I think I got a Gameboy when I was around 15). I just didn’t realize quite how advanced the DSi has got…
Apparently the system now has wireless capability, so kids can play games with each other online. It also has a camera feature so you can see the people you’re playing with. You can also chat with other players during game play.

I asked the father what he thought of this – how many actual friends does his son have, and does he think the DSi and ability to have friends online impacts how many friends he has in ‘real life’? What I took from his reply was that he wasn’t entirely concerned with the fact that pretty much all his son’s friends are online ones. He rarel…

Retail therapy

I am soooo lazy about dealing with the pics from my camera…At this point I think I probably have about 1000 pictures to sort through, delete the blurry ones and fix/resize the good ones. Just thinking about it makes me want to close my eyes. Maybe I’ll start working on that project tomorrow. Usually I’m much better about keeping on top of such things but my routine is so out of whack with going to the island. I am finding Andrew needs a certain amount of routine to his day and it would really help if I tried to make sure certain things happened around certain times each day…but it’s so hard when we go from one house to the next visiting people. I’m still not back home and our routine is really not a routine at all at the moment.

I think Andrew may be getting a top tooth soon…He’s definitely teething beyond just his two bottom ones that are already through. He was quite fussy tonight because of it. He’s out now – hopefully for at least a few more hours. I feel like we are gettin…

A final tribute

Today was Michael Jackson’s memorial. I still can’t believe that he’s gone. Even after watching pretty much the entire service, and of course being bombarded with MJ everything on the news since his death, I am still somewhat in denial that it actually happened.

To me, Michael Jackson was a mystery. He was so bizarre yet so talented musically. His dance moves were mesmerizing, as was his ever-changing appearance. He was an enigma. I grew up listening to his classic songs and watched the making of the Thriller video (and the video itself) more times than I can count.

He made some very bad decisions and, yes, he was a tad on the creepy side. Maybe he did have a thing for young boys, but maybe he really was just a 10 year old boy trapped in a man’s body. He never had the chance to live any semblance of a normal life and what we have to realize is how that would affect a person. He couldn’t walk across the street without being attacked by paparazzi and the general public gawking a…

What we've been up to

A whole week since my last post. Tsk tsk. Where does the time go?

We spent Canada Day with my parents. Andrew saw his first fireworks that night! I wasn’t entirely impressed with them but it was fun watching his reaction – he was in complete awe. It was getting past his bedtime and you could see he was exhausted but he couldn’t take his eyes off them. He crashed as soon as the show ended, literally as soon as the last firework went out, he was asleep. It was a fun first Canada Day – he even had a festive hat and a ‘Made in Canada’ tattoo on his cheek. (A woman saw it and said, “Ouch, that must have hurt the baby to give him a tattoo.” My dad had to tell her it was a stick-on one (as if we’d get a real tattoo put on Andrew’s face, or anywhere for that matter! What an idiot…I mean, no offence, but seriously – she thought it was a real tattoo – come on!)

July 2nd we spent by the pool at the hotel my parents were staying at. It was a bit on the cold side so Andrew didn’t last l…

My Guy

My little peanut is 6 months old! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Happy Canada and 6 month birthday all in one Baby Boy!