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Listening to John Mayer

Just waiting for my parents to get here – they’re over for a few days. I’m so excited! It’s so nice when they’re over – Andrew and I end up getting out and doing more, or at least different things than our ‘usual.’ And my parents looove all their Andrew cuddles – which will give my arms a bit of a break (hey, he’s got to be close to, if not, 20lbs by now! Heavy to pack around all day!)

He’s in his exersaucer right now, facing the window so he’s been peering out at all the cars driving by. Cuteness!

It looks like our next door neighbour (the smoker) has moved out! Yipee!! They’re currently putting new carpet in. Not surprised they would have to gut the place given that she has apparently smoked inside since she moved in about 6 years ago. Gross. Well, good riddance to her! She smoked and was totally unfriendly. Hopefully whoever moves in is pleasant AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, NON-SMOKING!!! We’ll also find out if she was the only source of the smoke coming through – it could als…

You can look but please don’t touch!!

On our way home from English Bay yesterday, Andrew FINALLY fell asleep in his stroller. He’d been fussing for some time and we decided we’d better stop somewhere so I could feed him in hopes he’d then sleep and we could walk home in peace. As soon as I sat on the bench and was about to take him out of the stroller for a feed, he drifted off to la-la land. So off we walked toward home.

We got a few blocks away and were waiting for the light to change to cross the street when this woman catches sight of Andrew and starts making this high pitched screeching noise while saying how cute he is. She rushed over and literally started grabbing his hand and holding it. He of course woke up with a start (both from the screeching in his face and the hand grabbing) and let out a cry. First off, he was sound asleep and she woke him and also he’s staring into the face of a complete stranger right as he wakes up. Not a good combo – I’d cry too in his position!

I was totally annoyed. Thank you f…

This and that...

On Friday I gave Andrew his first styled faux hawk! His hair is really starting to come in – I wanted to take advantage of it. He looked absolutely adorable and got a lot of smiles from people when we were out for a walk in the sunshine. Of course, it wasn’t JUST the hair that caused this reaction – he is cute all round, and is constantly smiling when he thinks people are paying attention to him!

On Saturday we went to the market and got some delicious apple chips. I don’t care for the apple chips you can buy at the grocery store but these ones are organic and from Summerland and are very yummy! I love finding yummy snacks that also happen to be super healthy.
Today we took Andrew on his first aquabus ride across the water from English Bay to Granville Island. We wanted to go to the kid’s place there to check out the shops for toys and things. Saw lots of great stuff toy-wise but they’re mostly for kids a bit older than Andrew. We did get him a few new things though – a set of b…

A true legend

What a crazy day. Not one I will soon forget.

I just can’t believe that Michael Jackson is dead. Whoa. I didn’t see that coming. I know we all have to die sometime but Michael Jackson? Today? Really?

I know he’s had many unfortunate circumstances in his life and perhaps his bizarreness has at times been…troubling. But if you think about his earlier career, he had undeniable talent. And in general he is/was an enigma! I have been strangely fascinated with him for some time. I just can’t believe he’s gone.

I called James as soon as I found out. Later I ended up having some tears even. I played some MJ hits and danced to some of them with Andrew – Billy Jean, Bad, Beat It, etc. I saved Thriller so James and I could listen and watch the video together.

Michael Jackson was big in the 1980s and growing up we had a few of his records. My brother even had an MJ doll! He’s an icon, one who will live on through the ages. He was very afraid of death from what I gather having watched …


I just heard the news that Michael Jackson died today.

I am in total shock.

I have to try to absorb this. Wow.

He was such a pop icon. I can't believe it.

I called James at work right away when I heard the news. I was actually fighting back tears! I don't even own a single Michael Jackson album, though I do enjoy a number of his hit songs. And he was Michael Jackson, how could I not react to this?

Michael Jackson.

I still have to get my head around this...

What a boy!

Andrew attempted to crawl forward (it came across as more of a lunge, but he was trying!) today in an attempt to get to where Fiona was laying! He is so intrigued by her. A little too much so, perhaps – tonight he grabbed a hold of her tail and tried to pull it toward himself…She of course whipped out her claws and scratched him. Poor little guy, his first cat scratch! At least she only got his foot a tiny bit. He wailed but was a good sport all considered. Nothing some cuddles couldn’t cure!

We did the mold/plaster of his hand tonight. It turned out ok but I want to try again. We have enough of the materials left to try again so maybe tomorrow night. A few of the fingertips didn’t quite make it but omg the shape of the fingers and all the little lines in his hand showing – sooooo cute!!

Andrew ate rice cereal today…twice! And he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit, so I’m happy about that. He really hates fruits though – won’t eat apple sauce or peaches. Not even with cinnamon!…

Teething issues...

To Trista/Trista’s Mom or anyone else who might have advice!

What sort of things would you recommend I use in the Baby Safe Feeder (that Trista and Kyle sent for Andrew)? It’s that little mesh bag thingy that he can hold and bite on for teething…I tried frozen banana (thinking the cold might be good for his gums) but he turned up his nose. The issue here being he’s not quite enjoying his fruits (and hasn’t tried veggies) yet! Maybe he’s just not quite old enough yet to understand the concept of it? I thought since he’s trying to bite everything in sight that he might enjoy it, but aside from banana I wasn’t sure what I should put in there. Let me know if you have any ideas! Thanks!!


It's just after 4am...Andrew happens to be wide awake :S Due to tossing and turning to FINALLY get to sleep, I've only had about 2 hrs so far...Ugh! So hoping he falls back asleep soon... =P

I don't know if anyone read my last post, titled Team Square, but I have deleted it for now because I feel like I could better get my thoughts out with a little more time to reflect. I still stand behind what I wrote but at the same time it's just too jumbled. I need to make it more concise or something.

Hopefully I will have time to do that soon. In the meantime, I have to get this kid back to la-la land so I can head there myself!

Entertaining the boy

I’m exhausted, and on the cusp of getting sick. My throat feels scratchy, my chest isn’t right, and I feel generally more tired than usual – which is NOT good! I so don’t have the energy to deal with being sick. And inevitably me getting something is going to mean Andrew getting something, so we’re going to go through a fussy period all round. Oh, the fun.

I have been sick more times in the past 6 months than I usually am in at least a couple of years. It sucks having a weakened immune system. You’d THINK the hormones that fluctuate due to breastfeeding and my body therefore KNOWING I have a baby would also kick into high gear for PREVENTING any kind of illness – including colds and flus. Wouldn’t that be a perk?!

Andrew is in his exersaucer. He seems more interested in playing with a spit-up cloth he found on it than the toys it came with! lol He is so funny. He has taken to hording his toys – not totally but he’s working on it. He’ll be playing with one toy and I’ll put an…

A mixture of things...

I reeeeally need to organize pictures, print pictures, get pics up on Flickr for family to view, continue scrapbooking…Among other things.

I got so many stickers and supplies for my Andrew scrapbook and I’ve done a few pages of it so far but it’s so hard to find the time. I just get started on it and Andrew wakes up from a nap or dinner needs to be made or I don’t have the energy to get creative.

Right now the babe is in his play pen, playing with his play mat toys. Most likely it will be a short lived play time but he’s in there for the moment!

I HATE the new caramilk commercial. The one where they're doing an 'interpretive dance.' It actually borderline scares me.

Not sure what the plan is for today. It’s almost noon. I feel like it should be 4 or 5 o’clock by now. Not that it’s ‘one of those days’ really because it hasn’t been exhausting so far or anything, I’m just generally tired. I’ve been worried I might be coming down with something, and Andrew has been quite s…

A little sleep goes a long way...

It’s amazing the difference a few hours sleep makes for a person’s mood. Last night I really started to notice that hopelessness feeling creeping up on me. It’s such a bizarre feeling, one I never had until I found out what true sleep deprivation really was! When it happens there’s still a part of me that can rationalize and knows why I’m feeling the way I am, but the part that’s feeling it just seems to sink further and further into despair. Andrew, despite sleeping from about 7:15pm-11:00pm (when we actually woke him up for a bit – the first time really that I’ve woken him up purposely when he’s sound asleep!!) slept through the night from about 1am till just before 7, so I got almost 6 hours. I’m going to try to get a bit more before I really have to be up for the day. I think he MAY go back to sleep in his crib without too much effort (though one never knows for sure!)

Yesterday we had a bit of an outing but nothing really exciting, just to pick up a few things from the store…

Broken record...

A few things are bugging me.

One being the same old same old saga of the m-i-l.

For numerous reasons of course…She STILL hasn’t made any effort to be in contact with me and it’s been nearly 6 months. I STILL can’t believe that she refuses to take accountability for her actions. Always has to pass the buck on to anyone and everyone else. Even though I know she’s not worth a second thought, I still feel hurt when I think about the way she abandoned us all at new years, right when Andrew was born.

Why this is all being conjured up is because she sent a package for Andrew. Which sounds like a nice thing to do for him but the problem for me is that it just seems insane to send him something yet still be pretending I don’t exist. Obviously I’d be seeing what’s in the mail. I just don’t understand how this relationship is supposed to work if I am not included in it.

What irks me the most is that she has even erased my name from Andrew’s name. He has a hyphenated last name, mine followed b…

Today's special

Today Andrew charmed everyone he saw at the hotel my mom’s staying at. He was all smiles!
We spent the day hanging out with my mom, then around 5 I brought Andrew home so he could do his jumpy jumps and have Exersaucer time and just work at getting rid of his energies!! After James was home and fed, the three of us borrowed my mom’s car to go get groceries. I like to get things like toilet paper, juices, pop (which I know I shouldn’t drink but I just have Coke Zero from time to time!) and other heavier/bulky items we can stock up on so I don’t have to always carry it all home in the stroller or on my back! It’s so much easier with a car. Though I must say, just driving the few blocks to the store was enough to remind me why I don’t drive over here and why I honestly never want to (and I was backseat driving, James got us there and back!) It’s chaotic on the road, everyone goes so fast and weaves in and out of lanes and traffic is so heavy, it stresses me out.

We were going to leav…

The whole Letterman/Palin joke taken out of context debate is RIDICULOUS. Get over it, it was a JOKE!

I haven’t had time to sit down and write for AGES. I did manage to jot a few things down on paper here and there so I’d at least remember SOME things that have happened!
Andrew and I just got back from Nanaimo yesterday. It was my grandma’s 75th birthday last week so we had a family party at my parents’ place this past weekend. It was nice seeing everyone – especially one of my cousins’ little baby who was just under 2 months old. We finally met him for the first time!
But let me start from the beginning. There will be gaps for sure but here are some of the details of the past week:

On Wednesday (the 10th), Andrew got his first mosquito bite. Awww! He didn’t seem bothered by it. Of course, it’s hard to really know – aside from scratching his face occasionally I don’t think he actually knows how to scratch an itch yet!

Also on Wednesday, Andrew ate apple sauce and LOVED it. He didn’t just tolerate it like the times we’ve given it to him before. He kept trying to get his mouth to…

Island time

Yesterday Andrew went to the dog park for the first time – we went with my s-i-l since she was taking their bulldog for some play time. A bunch of the dogs came running up to the stroller to give Andrew a sniff. How cute is that?! He scrunched his face a few times but wasn’t upset – was probably just wondering what the heck those weird looking things were ;) I think it’s good to expose him to dogs early on so he’s used to them, since I don’t want him to be one of those people who’s freaked out by dogs. So far he seems to like them – he’s spent time with the Spannies in Nanaimo of course, and Maude over here.

He’s also showing a lot more interest in the kitty cats! Fiona especially, given that she’s interested in him too and likes to lay near him. When he cries she comes up and sniffs at him as if to try to see what’s wrong. I of course keep an eye out that he doesn’t grab at them too quickly, since I don’t want him getting scratched. Eventually he’ll have to get hurt by them…

We had fun this weekend

On Saturday – after Andrew and I had a morning sea wall stroll at 8am - we took Andrew on his first ride on the sea bus to the Lonsdale Quay Market in North Van. It was such a fun afternoon! James was the one who suggested we go, and I’m so glad he did!
A highlight from the outing:
Andrew getting his very first helium balloon! He was very intrigued by it and pulled the string a lot to bring it closer to his face. He kept looking up at the big yellow balloon. When we got home we let it go and watched it sail away into the sky.
In general we just had a great outing. It was something different and even though the Quay isn’t my favourite place, it’s fun to go there once in a while. I hadn’t been since early in my pregnancy. We went and had Beavertails and got some yummy foods to bring home for our supper.

Saturday night we rented from Shaw Video on Demand – Seven Pounds, the latest Will Smith movie. I gave it 2 thumbs down. I was so disappointed because I had really high expectation…

Cuddles & Quiche

I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot already today and it’s only 3:00!

First off, it was a horrible night sleep-wise. One night to the next is never the same, you just never know how it’s going to go!

I think part of the problem last night was the heat. In fact, I know it was.
Andrew fed at 2am. Then about an hour later I heard him whimpering a bit on the monitor but he went back to sleep on his own. Then at about 4 the alarm started going on the monitor…which is supposed to mean that it’s not detecting a heart beat (panic city for mom!) BUT I figured out very quickly what the actual problem was. The temp had gone up to 28 degrees in the nursery, and I had the monitor set to let me know if it goes above 27. Which itself is too hot for anyone but what can you do, our apartment cooks.

I got up of course and fixed the monitor setting, which of course beeped loudly, woke Andrew up, and he needed another feed/comfort cuddle. We were up just a little while, then I put him back in his …

The moon is shining brightly through the window

I feel surprisingly energetic for this time of night (12:30am).AND…I was about to say ‘AND I didn’t even have a coffee tonight’ but then I remembered the cappuccino I made around 7:30!One shot of espresso doesn’t really count, though, right?!Here’s a list of things I need to do:
Back-up pics etc onto black boxClean stove/ovenDust
Make quichePrint pics for Andrew's album
Ummm, yeah…As energetic as I feel, I am not up for list-making at the moment.There are of course a ton of other things I need to do but what’s the point in writing it down?It will get done and then there will be another list of to do’s.Andrew slept well again last night – probably about 7 hours.I still like to stay up a few hours after he goes to bed but it still works out because he generally is up for a diaper change and feed and then drifts back to sleep with me for another hour or two. I’ve been feeling the past few days like I’m getting enough sleep.I don’t think it actually IS enough but it’s so much better than…

Living life

I haven’t found the time to write in such a long time. Or at least that’s how it feels. I keep thinking, I really should write in my journal today, but something always happens and I don’t.

Andrew is becoming more energetic than ever. At our moms/babies group today he was bouncing on my lap practically the whole time – and it was an infant massage class! LOL He could not sit or lie still. He was rolling all over the place and I had to keep trying to get him back onto his little blanket on the mats so he wouldn’t roll right over onto another baby’s blanket! He was the most rambunctious one there. And since he is really intent on grabbing anything in sight now, he grabbed at his blanket and had it all bunched up – he may as well not have had it there at all! He’s quite a character.
The grabbing is a major thing I have to watch (I know, look out for the crawling and walking – omg, what a nightmare that will be!!) It’s bad enough he grabs at my hair and has almost ripped my nose s…