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Just a blank canvas

I feel this urgency to get creative, I just have to figure out in what way!

Andrew’s 2 teeth are coming in quickly and he’s been a lot more needy as a result. For the most part he forgets they’re bothering him but he’ll have an hour here and an hour there where they seem to be torturing him. A lot of cold cloths, teething rings, bites on my fingers, cold milk from the bottle, and of course lots of cuddles and he’s ok again for a little while.

Something I absolutely LOVE is when I get him up in the night and when I pick him up he flops his head down on my shoulder and burrows into me. If he’s really hungry he won’t do that but if he’s content just to have cuddles before his snack, he’ll do this. I love the way he relaxes as soon as he’s in mommy’s arms. He is just so precious! For some reason he always seems littler in the night time. I wonder why that is?!

Oh, last night he had some rice cereal and while he wasn’t happy and clasped his gums closed a lot so we couldn’t get the sp…

Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

Jokes can be fun motivators, if that makes sense. There’s nothing like a good joke or pun (I especially love puns!) to get the ball rolling!

Here's some randomness...(Partially written last night, the rest today).

I hate cooking rice. I don’t know what it is about it, since it’s easy to do. We even have a rice cooker but I despise the thing and it pretty much only comes out of the cupboard when James uses it (which is next to never). I’ve burnt rice a few times but I don’t think that’s why I hate cooking it, I just do. As a result, we rarely eat rice. Could I say rice a few more times in one paragraph?! Rice, rice, rice! Oh, we’re working on feeding Andrew his RICE cereal but so far he’s having none of it!

Speaking of Andrew’s eating beyond Momma’s milk, we gave him a teensy bit of mashed banana with milk tonight and he didn’t cry OR spit up! He ate probably a few teaspoons of it, which seems like nothing to an adult but is actually quite a lot for a first-time-ever eater. …

Corduroy pillows: They're making headlines!

I feel like my blog has been lacking creativity for a while. I should start posting pictures more often again. I guess because I put them up on flickr for family and facebook for friends, I get lazy about adding them to the blog. Not that I don’t have ‘friends’ reading my blog, but you know what I mean!

And in general I’d like to be more creative with this outlet but lets face it, baby is my life and that’s just the way it is right now.

I am having such a wonderful time. Truly, nothing in this world could top being a mom for me! I love it. Andrew is so amazing and wonderful and huggable and kissable and LOVEABLE. He has 2 teeth sprouting already, can you believe it?! His 2 bottom front teeth are coming in. We just noticed the buds Sunday morning and already on Monday morning they were through further so I’m wondering if it won’t be very long before they come in. It can take months so who knows, but the way he’s working them (biting everything – he even bit my finger today an…

Say cheese!

Yesterday we took Andrew for his first professional photo shoot! We did family portraits and got lots of cute pics of him on his own. I thought he would have been grinning and happy the whole time, given how much he loves MY camera. If he’s crying, I can sometimes get him into a good mood just with the point and click! BUT with the brightness of the flash for the professional photos (which even I was surprised by), he got grumpy fast. We got great pics for sure, but he didn’t give a single full smile! Still, it was fun, and I can’t wait to get the reflections picture we ordered. It has a bigger picture of Andrew in a wooden wagon in one corner, and then in the opposite top corner there’s a ‘reflection’ shot of him with his apple toy – which basically will look like a shadowy drawing. It’s hard to explain but will look soooo cute! It wasn’t cheap – the whole experience was actually insanely expensive. Just to get the cd with all the pictures on it was $200! How crazy is that…

My boy is going to be swimming in no time!

We went grocery shopping tonight. My mom looked after Andrew so James and I could easily take her car to the store and load up on stuff. We got lots of juices and heavier items and we’re well stocked with food. Now I just have to get to the cooking part of it all!! At least I know we are not without options.

I went in the outdoor pool with Andrew today at the hotel. He loved it, except for the sun that was in his eyes. He hates the sun in his eyes. I tried putting his summer hat on him but he hated that even more than the sun in his eyes. Oh, and pool time makes a boy hungry and he had to feed immediately upon getting out! He’s a funny boy. I can always laugh about it after the fact…when trying to latch him to my breast while he’s flailing and crying and causing a scene and I’m trying to cover my breast but still feel exposed, it’s not quite so hilarious…I think I handle it well but it’s trying at times!! But once he’s fed he sleeeeeps so all is well =) He’s such a good boy…

It's important to keep a positive outlook

I love my baby boy more than anything else in the world. There is no love like the love a mother feels for her child. Or at least that’s the way it is for me, and the way it SHOULD be for everyone!

I need to start carrying a little pad of paper around with me so when Andrew does new things I can jot them down. He does so much in a day that I want to record! He is just so cute and wonderful. He’s been learning to sit on his own more (he still falls over but it takes longer before that happens the more he practices!) He reaches out for things a lot more, grasps toys, loves to play with his toys…He bites pretty much everything, thinks everything should go in his mouth. He loves his Hey Diddle Diddle toy that sings – he smiles when I play it for him! He is working on getting his laugh going. He doesn’t do it all the time but more and more he’ll look at you when you call him by name. He loves certain noises I make and is almost guaranteed to smile when I make them. He loves to …

Good Night!

Haven’t had much time for journaling lately. The days go by so fast! And I’m usually too tired to sit down and write most evenings when I technically have the time. Right now I want to be sleeping but I have to wait for the dryer to stop. Our place is so small and Andrew’s nursery doesn’t have a door so the clothes spinning in the dryer is enough to make the monitor make noise…So of course I can’t sleep when it keeps clicking on. A mother’s work truly is never done!! There is always something to be taken care of…But just a few more minutes and I can hit the hay – folding of laundry can wait till morning!

Andrew goes for his second round of immunizations tomorrow and I am NOT looking forward to it…I feel so bad putting him through it even though I know the pros outweigh the cons! I keep trying to remind myself that I had those immunizations too and I don’t remember it at all so he won’t be permanently traumatized…but it doesn’t make me feel better in the moment! I hope he doesn&…

So many firsts...and this is just the beginning!

Andrew slept through the night last night in his crib. Midnight to just after 7am, then James changed him (twice – he did a big poop shortly after the first change!) and I fed him and we went back to sleep till just after 10am! I got 5 hrs in a row, was awake about an hour, then got another 2 hours sleep. That is seriously the MOST sleep I have had in over 4 months in one night like that. I don’t know why I felt so tired today, it should have rejuvenated me but I didn’t actually notice much difference. BUT if he starts sleeping like this regularly, I will be able to start getting better sleep too…That is the hope!!

Last night when I was going to bed (around 1) I went and looked in on him and I was sooo tempted to pick him up just to cuddle him. I cuddle him so much through the day and yet I just had this urge to feel that closeness. BUT I resisted because I KNOW how important it is to try to encourage a routine of sleeping for hours on end through the night! And it’s a good thi…

Just baby and me

Last night Andrew slept in his crib all night. I got up with him the usual amount of times but I didn’t put him in his bassinet in our room in the middle of the night as I usually would. I brought him into our bed later in the morning when James would be getting up soon anyway, though.

Over all I think he’s really enjoying sleeping in his crib – there hasn’t been any transition time required. He sleeps soundly in there. ‘Professionals’ will say it’s a bad habit to let your baby sleep in bed with you because they’ll prefer it and won’t do well to suddenly having to sleep on their own in their crib all the time. But I honestly would be very surprised if Andrew couldn’t adjust. I don’t think he ‘expects’ to sleep in our bed with us. I guess we’ll find out for sure when the time comes that he’s just too big for our bed and thus HAS to be in his crib all the time! But whatever – even if it DOES take some work to get him used to it, I think it’s worth it to be able to have him in b…

What a little guy

Andrew is definitely teething. He’s biting at anything he can get his gums on! He was even trying to eat the seat of his Exersaucer! LOL He’s like a little fiend, grabbing and chomping on everything.

He’s really starting to grab and pull at things a lot more. He can turn his toys to get them in the position he wants (such as his teethers for getting into his mouth) and he has SO much energy! He’s bursting with it. He had Jolly Jumper time 4 times today and he did not want to stop – he was practically leaping into the air!

It’s amazing watching him change and grow so rapidly. I love how happy he is. He is constantly smiling. And while sure he has his moments where there’s just nothing I can do to help him, I’m getting better at coming up with my own little ways of getting him to forget the tears and bring on the smiles! He’s just too cute for words and I couldn’t love him more if I tried.

I’m still finding it extremely interesting, the difference between moms and dads. Which i…

A weekend in review

Tonight Andrew had his first taste of organic brown rice cereal (mixed with breast milk). He hated it. And that’s an understatement! He just wailed and would not swallow the stuff! I had to use his bib to clean some of it out of his mouth! The rest went down once he latched onto my breast to feed the way he’s accustomed. I calmed him down and got him smiling and even doing a little bit of a laugh so James tried the tiniest amount more of the cereal and he just started bawling all over again. Maybe he’s not quite ready for it yet. I can understand it taking some getting used to – suddenly you have this grainy sort of texture to deal with when all you’ve ever experienced has been a smooth liquid. But from what my parents said, I took to it immediately and didn’t even want it diluted much, it had to be thick or I wouldn’t eat it! LOL My brother took longer to get used to it though, so I guess everyone is different. I have a feeling Andrew will love it once he gets the hang of…

A better night's sleep

Last night at around 1am I decided to go to bed. I was planning on taking Andrew to his bassinet but he just seemed so content sleeping in his crib so I decided to leave him there and test how long it took him to wake up on his own. This is how he looked:
So off to bed I went, with the monitor on so I'd hear him if he woke up.

I woke up just after 3am since usually he'd have been up for his next feed by then. I thought for a second, maybe I should go in and check on him...But I resisted, since I DO eventually have to get used to relying on the monitor!

I woke up again just after 5:30am and realized he STILL hadn't woke up so I thought I'd better go have a check since he NEVER goes that long without waking for a feed!

This is the state I found him in:
Maybe the monitor isn't on loud enough because shouldn't I have heard him moving this far away?! And so much for those pillow things keeping him in place!!! I don't know if you can tell but he has his face pres…

An apple a day...

Going to the doctor yesterday went just as I figured it would. Which unfortunately isn’t a good thing. The doctor was very abrupt in her approach – she barely said anything, didn’t really look up from her charts, and was quite curt in her response. It’s just the way of things at most clinics these days, it’s not just her. But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t annoying…not to mention disheartening. Luckily I went in there knowing full well it was likely to go this way so I wasn’t hurt by it – just disappointed. She’s our new family doctor so naturally I was hoping we’d be building a relationship (mainly between her and Andrew) but it’s just not going to happen. The weird thing is, when we went for our consultation visit when Andrew was 8 weeks old, SHE’S the one who told me to come back every few months just for a check up so she could get to know the baby. So I found it a bit strange when she didn’t even ask to hold him. She barely even looked at him, really. Enough to say, ‘…