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I need to go veg for a while...better do it quick before Andrew wakes up!

I want to make a quiche. Sadly I’ve never made one before. Is that weird? I just have to find the time to actually DO IT. With Andrew around I find it hard to be in the kitchen for any real length of time, and I want to make this quiche RIGHT the first time around!! I have to wait till James is around, unless I am feeling really brave and think I can pull it off tomorrow…but most likely not. I’m tempted to get started on it right now but there’s this part of me that’s saying it’s not a good idea…I’m tired and once I get started I can’t really stop so…I think I’ll wait.

It’s the pastry part that’s an issue. I wanted to cheat and get a frozen pie crust BUT they were either filled with lard (Ew! Obviously not an option!) or they were all cracked and broken (lifting the boxes out of the freezer at Safeway was akin to shaking puzzle boxes! None of them sounded intact…) So instead of cheating I have to make it from scratch. It probably won’t take long at all, it just seems like a p…

A post

I am writing this from James' MAC, which screws with my head given everything I am used to seems to be the opposite! I'm a PC girl at heart. But it's better than nothing!

I miss my computer. It could be gone for 3 whole weeks but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will be less.

I want to recap the past days that I haven't written but I'm too tired and can't remember anything right now. Other than the fact that Andrew is growing in leaps and bounds (what else is new?!) and he is grabbing at things a lot more, holding things a lot longer, and has discovered his feet! He is doing this new thing when I try to change him where he lifts his legs way up and then grabs his feet...OR he throws his feet against the wall and pushes with all his might, making the change pad on the change table move and threaten to fall to the floor - with him on it. He's quite the little bruiser. Can't take my eyes off him for a second already. And he grins away, as if he …


I may be on a bit of a blog hiatus - not because I want to be but because my computer has to go in for servicing. The little clip things that keep it closed broke so every time I go to close the screen it pops back open. It could be a few weeks before I get it back and it may not even be this computer if they can't just fix it. It's very frustrating, but it has to be done. I still have access to a computer but how often I'll actually be able to use it is another story.

I'll still do my best to keep a bit of a journal. I guess I haven't had much time for writing lately anyway. Andrew has a cold right now so he's needing extra care - although he keeps in good spirits despite it. He's such a positive little guy - I can learn so much from him :)

I'm glad it's the weekend, we're going out as a family today. Mostly to run errands but we'll be sure to enjoy the sunny spring weather while we're at it.

Back as soon as possible!

In the meantim…

I'm finding the wind tonight distracting

I managed to keep Andrew sleeping (well, off and on – in between feeds!) till just after 10 this morning so it wasn’t as hard getting up as it sometimes is. He had some time in his play mat while I got myself partially sorted for the day and made a coffee and had a quick bite of breakfast. He also enjoyed his Exersaucer – that thing is my saving grace! Well, that and the play mat AND the Jolly Jumper – which I must say is his current favourite thing!!

There was a moms and babies meet up this afternoon that I wanted to attend – I’d never been before and I thought it was about time I went and met some other moms and their babes. I thought I had everything timed perfectly – I would get Andrew Jolly Jumping for a while, get myself dressed and his stroller etc ready, then feed him (since he ALWAYS needs a feed after his jumpy jumps!) He usually feeds and then has a bit of a sleep after his jumping so I figured that would be ideal for going to this meet up – have him napping a bit, hung…

Took a while to write/post but here it is!

Things to look for at IKEA:

New lamp
Salt & pepper shakers
Tray thing

Today (Sunday the 19th) was James’ 30th birthday. We met (and fell in love, as it happens!) when he was 19. Where does the time go?! I can’t believe it’s been that long, though really, how is it that I haven’t known him forever?

It was the Sun Run this morning and since we live near W Georgia, we could hear the event taking place. For some reason, despite being Sunday morning, a lot of people in the run took it upon themselves to yell/scream/holler as they were running. I wasn’t annoyed by it for the most part – I know it’s a big event and it’s all for a great cause. But it would have been nice to not have been woken up by it so many times in the early morning when James had taken Andrew so I could get a bit of shut eye. But oh well, even though it wasn’t a great night’s sleep I wasn’t feeling too exhausted when I got up.

We had a GD Tass together (aka a cup of coffee) and James had a few Happy Bir…

Up late and thinking

I am very seriously contemplating privatizing my blog after reading this on Rawbean’s blog. Wow, is all I can say. And not a good wow. It just boggles my mind that someone who seemed so open and honest and passionate about life could wind up being a total fraud. I graduated with a degree in Criminology, you’d think this sort of thing would make me shrug and say, ‘Yeah, so, happens every day!’ but it doesn’t. It makes a million questions race through my mind and it makes me feel so sad – sad that people end up getting hurt by assholes such as this, and sad that there are people out there like this at all.

It’s almost 5 in the morning – Andrew has gone back to sleep after his last feed (he’s sprawled out over my lap and the boomerang pillow!) but I’m past being tired at the moment. I’m so going to regret staying up but it’s so hard to go from sleep to wake to sleep again for me. I fell into quite a deep sleep when I went to bed tonight – I am now daydreaming of what it would f…

Back to the big city...

This week went by so fast. I can’t even remember all that we did. A little of this, a little of that, probably a whole lot of nothing. But it was good! Andrew enjoyed lots of island Jolly Jumping (he really seems to look forward to it!), play matting, being carried around, exersaucing, being sung to, talked to, taken out. He went for his first trips to Costco and Superstore and my parents couldn’t believe how happy he seemed to be to be there! He loves going out and seeing new things. He’s content just to take it all in.

He’s grasping toys a lot more, moving around to pick them up if they’re not within reach. He’s ‘talking’ more, grinning a ton. He seems to be looking at his toys – especially on his Exersaucer – more and is more interactive with them. I was going to leave the Exersaucer at my parents’ house because it’s rather cumbersome and takes up a lot of space in our little living room here but I had to bring it back because he just loves it so much and I think he’ll l…

Just hanging around...

Yesterday (Easter Sunday!) James was feeling better – thank goodness. I’d slept horribly through the night and for some reason lately Andrew has wanted to get up earlier and earlier. So when James got up he looked after the boy and I went back to bed for about an hour.

Then we got ready and went off to my cousin’s house. She holds an annual Easter party and I’d never been so I figured taking Andrew this year was probably a good idea! We got him all dressed up in his navy polo shirt, blue jeans, his new shoes GG got him, and his driving cap from Gramma and Granpa (that’s the way we’re spelling it, that wasn’t a typo!) He looked SO CUTE! Well, we arrived at my cousin’s and I picked Andrew up and saw that he had pooped through his entire outfit! Before we even got to their door! I had brought him an extra outfit but I hadn’t brought anything dressy, just his ipood onesie (how fitting given what he’d just done!) and a pair of sweatpants. I hadn’t figured he’d poop BEFORE the party …

Long weekends could be longer

James arrived in the morning on Good Friday. Andrew must have sensed that his Daddy was on his way – he decided he wanted to get up much earlier than usual. So no sleep for Mommy! I still wasn’t feeling well and started feeling worse throughout the day. Weird chest and throat issues, exhausted (although I always have a hint of that these days!). After coffee and breakfast and feeding Andrew, my mom and I got ready and went out to get a few things for James’ upcoming birthday – the big 3-0! During our outing, which wasn’t long because I couldn’t leave Andrew for long (not enough milk pumped) I started feeling really dizzy and kind of sick.

Once home my parents and James went out to do a grocery shop. James had decided he wanted to make Moussaka (which we had tonight and it was DELISH) so he went along for the shop. It made more sense for me to stay home and feed Andrew. They brought me back a strawberry Julius, which was so soothing. My parents used to always get them for me a…

As of late...

Tuesday – my mom and grandma came over to collect me, Andrew and all his STUFF!

Wednesday – lazed around most of the day. In the early evening my dad looked after the boy while my mom and I went out. I got Andrew a really cool new play mat thing from Babies R Us (this way we can keep that at home and leave his other play mat here so we don’t always have to cart it over when we visit). I also got him a toy for his Bumbo tray. We went to Superstore and got him a bunch of Joe Fresh clothes – I still can’t get over what a great deal there is to be found at Joe Fresh!! Oh and at Babies R Us we also got him a few more Baby Einstein videos. He seems to enjoy them – although honestly I think he likes ER better! LOL What can I say, the boy’s got good taste in TV =D

Thursday – I haven’t been feeling well and the lack of sleep has been killing me so when my mom got home from the dentist I went to bed for a few hours. Probably got about 2 hours sleep, maybe even a bit less because I kept …

Quick post about nothing!

We’re going to stay with my parents for a little over a week. I’ll still update during that time, but I didn’t want to leave my last post as the top one for any length of time. SHE IS NOT WORTH IT!! I just keep telling myself that. Can’t say it makes me feel better but I’m working on it.

I think I’m getting sick AGAIN. I just got over being sick. My immune system has never been so low my whole life. But then, I’ve also never got this little sleep! I’ve slept HORRIBLY the past few nights and I think it’s really taking its toll. Hopefully it’s just the lack of sleep making me FEEL as if I’m coming down with something but I’m really not…I honestly don’t know how I’d cope getting sick again right now.

The weather is turning beautiful, maybe spring time is finally here after all? It’s so nice being able to get out with Andrew and not have to be quite so bundled up. Now I just have to find a pair of baby sunglasses for him, and we’re set! He really doesn’t do well with the sun in …

Hate is a strong word but I guess when the shoe fits...

I’ve been sitting here for the past few minutes, staring at the cursor blink on the blank page. I stared at it so long that my vision blurred. Thoughts racing through my mind of what I need to say but without the ability to formulate them into words.

Where do I start?

She just makes me feel so miserable. If there’s one thing she’s good at, it’s that. It’s like she wants to. She must enjoy it, or she wouldn’t do it time and time again.

I feel so hurt. And not just by her. I don’t know how it can go on like this. I feel like I’m going crazy even though I know she’s not worth a second of worry. She obviously doesn’t care one iota about me.

I just need closure so badly, but how does one get closure when the other party refuses to speak? It’s like restorative justice gone wrong.

It makes me feel terrible that a person can basically pretend they don’t know me at all because if they were basing their thoughts on who I actually am there would be no basis for their arguments.

Why does sh…

New toys and babysitting

Yesterday (Friday) Andrew’s Jolly Jumper, musical mat (for under the JJ) and crib aquarium arrived from Babies R Us. All of which are a big hit with the babe! I set the aquarium up right away and he watched it and fell asleep within 5 minutes! He has since enjoyed it a few more times and it seems to keep him occupied. Definitely worth the $50 – which I thought was pricey from the picture online but as soon as I saw it in person I thought it was worth every penny. It’s so cool, I kind of wish we could have one strapped to our bed! It might help me sleep better too! LOL
We went for dinner with James’ biological dad, half sister and cousin Friday night, which was nice since we rarely ever see them (his bio dad lives in Kingston…and I’d never even met the cousin before, despite James and I being together over 10 yrs!) It was great – G met Andrew for the first time, his first grandbaby =)

It was also Andrew’s very first sit-down restaurant experience! We were nervous but we took him…

A pipe dream

I hate it when people try to scam you.

I’ve been looking into apartment listings – not too seriously, we haven’t started actually looking at any – and came across an absolutely spectacular listing.

I’d be lying if I said the red flags didn’t go up a little bit. I mean, it really did seem too good to be true, price wise for all we’d be getting.

But you never know right? I am always hoping there are good people out there who are renting their places out not because they want to price gouge but because they just need their space filled! They can afford not to charge exorbitant amounts so they don’t bother. I’m sure there is NO ONE out there with that mindset, but one can always hope, right?!

So I email about the listing asking for a bit more information. I don’t want us travelling on the bus all the way to some location only to discover it’s nothing like the listing says.

Well, I get an email back that is barely readable and basically I know right away it’s a scam (I’ve seen it before). …

All in one day!

Andrew is asleep in his bassinet. I just can’t get over what a good little boy he is! I suppose I should be sleeping as well but I can never fall asleep this early, I toss and turn for a good hour, often longer, before I drift off. So it just feels like a waste to do that when I could be having a bit of time to myself – the only time I ever get to myself these days. I could use longer sleeps for sure but the past week I’m doing pretty well with getting ‘enough.’
There were some milestones today for Andrew! For one thing he found his thumb again and has started sucking it – only now he remembers it! He sucked his thumb before but always forgot to go back to it and would madly try to suck at his fists. Now he seems much more soothed by his thumb and knows to use JUST the thumb and not the whole fist! There are different opinions on this but I am happy to have him be a thumb-sucker for the time being…I’m hoping he’ll take to it and we can be done with the soother. It’s a lot easi…