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Sometimes it's good to plan ahead

I really need to work on a picture project. If Andrew has a nap tomorrow I really want to get some pics printed and also start going through my million folders of pictures since he was born and scale back. It’s soooo hard to press that delete button, even when it’s a blurry image – because it’s a picture of my precious baby! But I know it has to be done and really, there are tons of good pics so it’s not like I won’t still have way more than I need once I’ve scaled back!!

The plan this morning was for James to take Andrew when he got up so I could sleep a few solid hours. I fed the babe in bed so he might not need the bottle as soon so I could maximize how long I could sleep. James said he’d come back in a few to collect Andrew after I finished feeding him. Well he fell asleep as soon as he finished and so did I, so he ended up just staying with me till after 11am! It worked for all of us because this way James got a bit of time to himself, we slept, AND the milk was saved for l…

2 more days and Andrew is officially 3 months old!

On Friday night Andrew and I were supposed to meet James at Sears after he got off work to get a Jolly Jumper. Only they didn’t have any in stock. They had the original type that you have to attach to a doorway, but we were looking for the stand-alone one that can be placed anywhere. They wouldn’t be getting any more in stock till May =( Sears wasn’t a complete loss: they had a lot of baby clothes on sale and I was able to get 2 cute onesies for only $6.99 each. One says ‘Handsome’ on it, the other ‘Hug Me.’ I got him ones that said they’re for 20lbs. I would say he’s between 15-16 now. Well after washing them and trying him in them, they are a perfect fit but definitely won’t fit him once he actually IS 20lbs! I don’t know where they come up with these sizes.

Anyway, since Sears didn’t have what we were actually looking for, we instead met up with James at The Bay, hoping they would have what we wanted in stock. Well they didn’t even have the original JJ! NOTHING! It was t…

An update...

I can’t believe how much Andrew slept! After posting what I last wrote, I picked Andrew up off his play mat and he instantly fell asleep in my arms. I put him in his bassinet and got back into bed. He slept till after 9am! I got him into bed with me for a feed and after he ate he was just grinning away and I talked to him for a little while and just watched him smile. I was still so tired so I drifted back to sleep and so did he – he didn’t wake up again till just after 11! I didn’t get nearly as much sleep as he did but I woke up feeling pretty good – not all exhausted and in need of more rest like usual. So that was GREAT!!

He fed again, had some play mat time, then I got him ready for the day. After I had some coffee and a bite to eat, I fed him again and he was right out! Practically comatose after his feeding – LOL. I got him into his stroller and he didn’t even wake up for that – usually he cries when he has to get strapped in. Anyway, off we went to get cat food and a…

The power of sleep

I can’t believe how long Andrew just slept for!

He went to sleep on my chest just after 11pm. I put him in his bassinet around 12-12:30am…And at 5:50am we got up for his next feed. For him, that was close to a 7 hour sleep!

Around 3am he was awake in his bassinet for a little while. I woke up to him lifting his legs in the air and slamming them down on the floor of the bassinet. I looked in at him and he was flailing about in all sorts of ways! But he wasn’t crying or making any sort of noise otherwise (such as madly sucking his fists, which he ALWAYS does when he needs his next meal in the night!) So instead of lifting him out, I rocked the bassinet back and forth. He stopped flailing and closed his eyes and after one short little encore of his flailing performance, he was asleep again.

Oh glorious day!

Now the only issue is that he had his morning feed but now he’s awake after all that sleep. I could quite nicely go back to bed for a few more hours myself! I have such a hard …

Class reunion

It was such a rough night for me last night. I was so sick and depressed. I finally got Andrew back to his bassinet and I got into bed and just cried. I was so beyond tired and with not feeling well, I just couldn’t take it anymore. As a result, James decided to work from home today so he could help me out. Not something he should do often but today I think he was my saving grace!

I was able to pump four ounces early this morning so I could go to bed and he could look after Andrew while also working (which definitely proved challenging!) I slept for about an hour and a half and Andrew had the whole bottle during that time (it was gone in 5 mins!) It wasn’t enough sleep but I woke up starving and Andrew needed fed again so I got up and James made me a bagel and I had some juice. I was still feeling so tired so James said pump more milk and go back to bed. I did but only managed three ounces since Andrew had just fed so much. It was enough to get me 3 hours sleep though!! Unfo…

Say it again and I'll scream

It really hurts my feelings (A LOT, as it happens) when people say that Andrew is a spitting image of his father. It’s not that I don’t want him to resemble James, but does our baby look nothing like me??

There’s no mistaking who Andrew’s father is and I’m glad of that – I love seeing James in him because I love James and I think it’s so amazingly wonderful that we created this perfect little guy together. But there’s the word right there – ‘together.’ And considering I did all the work of growing him inside me for over 9 months and birthed him, it’d be nice to be told once in a while that he looks a little bit like his Momma!

If you see baby pictures of me, there’s no mistaking WE ARE RELATED! In fact, I have shown some of my baby pics to people and they thought they were pictures of Andrew, not me, so that says something I would think! Plus, Andrew has blue eyes…I have blue eyes, but James doesn’t. Maybe his eye colour comes from me?

It’s interesting that people in my family who …

25 I's

I hate having a cold. I’m glad that neither James nor Andrew have got it – here’s hoping they manage to avoid it completely.

I wish I had one of those mini computers – it would be so much easier to type with Andrew draped across me if I didn’t have this huge honkin’ laptop in front of me! Too bad they’re way too expensive.

I think my eyesight got a bit worse during pregnancy. I read that if that happens it should correct itself after pregnancy, but mine has not corrected.

I love that Andrew can now be put in his sling in a sitting position, so when we go out for walks he can look around and take in all the sights.

I am in love with my little boy’s grin! And I think he’s going to find his laugh pretty soon – I can’t wait!

I hate that I have yet another load of laundry left to fold. I am tempted to just leave it in the dryer and deal with it tomorrow.

I have yet to start Andrew on the reusable diapers (speaking of laundry!) They say for 10-22 pounds but I tried him in them and he’s st…

I need a GD Tass!

This morning, after dropping our kitties off at the groomers to get the lion’s cut (yay for groomed cats – I am so much happier with them now that their ridiculous fur is gone and not laying all over the carpet in tufts waiting to be vacuumed!) my dad drove James to London Drugs where our very own Tassimo machine was purchased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We call it “The GD Tass.*”

I am soooo happy we have it! But they had hardly any beverage selection for it at that particular LD’s so we’re going to have to go searching for more elsewhere. I am thinking of getting a few in-store and then I will just order a whole bunch online and be done with it.

*GD stands for God Damn! My brother was the one who introduced us to the Tassimo machine. Apparently he hummed and hawed before purchasing it (he always takes forever to make up his mind about things) so finally his girlfriend said to him, “Oh just buy the god damn Tass!” LOL He ended up buying one for my parents for Xmas, I fell in love with it while…


Written late Thursday night:

Tonight was a big night. James and I went on our first date since Andrew was born! Almost 3 months after his birth, we ventured out just the two of us!! We were together for just over 10 years before having Andrew and I never thought we’d go nearly 3 months without having any time alone together, but such is life. It was so nice to be able to sit there together and hold hands and chat about this and that. Did the topic of baby come up? Of course!! But that’s a good thing – it would be weird to me if we DIDN’T talk about the boy! He is such a big part of our lives!

I also had the first alcoholic beverage I have had in over a year! I had a Metropolitan, which is basically like a Cosmopolitan only with mandarin vodka. It was really good. And hit me so hard – I sipped it slowly throughout the evening because it went straight to my head the first sip! Not drinking for so long has that effect!! I felt weird about drinking any alcohol but if it’s an oc…

A breather

Yesterday I felt so blah due to complete lack of sleep the night before. Sleep deprivation doesn’t just creep up slowly when you’re already always part way there – it just smacks you in the face all of a sudden. 3 hours of sleep in a night no longer cuts it, even if it’s only occasional. I thought I was going to pass out and at other moments possibly have a a total mental breakdown. Not. Good.!!!

I’m fine, just could have used some rest throughout the day. We (me, Andrew and my mom) caught the 12:30 ferry to Vancouver and Andrew was quite fussy. Got him home and unpacked (the car that is – I was feeling way too tired to actually unpack our bags), then my mom went to the hotel to nap. The plan was I’d feed Andrew and the two of us would nap as well and I would feel refreshed after.

Unfortunately, Andrew had a different plan. About 2 minutes after my mom left he started crying and didn’t stop for about 2 hours. He would stop for a minute here and there to smile if I lifted him wa…

A week on the island

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to write. I’ve been living the island life for the past little while, since last Wednesday. Heading home later this week.

Things are good but I’m pretty tired at the moment. Dealing with that-time-of-the-month for only the 2nd time in a year so I’m still adjusting to having it again. It’s a nuisance but other than that, whatever. I just find it makes me feel a bit blah, probably because I’m so tired and have enough to deal with without having that. But oh well. It’s 4 days early from when I should be getting it based on last month.

Anyway…Andrew is a delight, as always. So cute! Growing and growing every day. Learning new things. He can now roll onto his back when he’s having tummy time, and he’s grabbing at things more now. He’s very close to being able to roll right over. It’s crazy, he’s not supposed to be able to do all of this yet! He just doesn’t want to stay a little baby for long.

On Thursday night my mom and I went out shoppi…

Dreaded immunizations and other stories!

It’s been a big couple of days for baby Andrew!

Yesterday we went to the office so my co-workers could finally meet him. They all seemed so delighted to have a baby around for a little while, and took turns holding him. It was cute seeing what they’re all like with him – babies really seem to bring out the happiness in people! It was good for me to see everyone as well. It had actually been a YEAR since I went into the office! I worked from home pretty much my whole pregnancy due to my morning sickness and need for flexible hours because of it. I should have visited from time to time but was usually too sick and when I wasn’t I didn’t feel like going in. Not because of any of the people I worked with directly, but I had a lot of resentment toward the company over certain things that happened shortly before I started working from home full time. So I didn’t want to step foot in the place, truthfully. I feel that less so now because really I could care less. I can go back after…

A pretty good day after all

The weekend went by so fast. Especially with James being away all day yesterday – it feels like tomorrow should be Sunday, not Monday. Losing the hour due to daylight savings threw me off as well. It’s only one hour but it screws with the system.

Today after a bit of a slow start to the day – and a depressing one because I was feeling really blah from total lack of sleep from the night before, I bet I only got about 3 hours – we went out and I think the fresh air was really good for me. First we went to London Drugs to get a few things. I had already got my dad’s bday card from James and me but I had to find one from Andrew. How sweet is that, my dad’s first ‘grandpa’ card =) I found a pretty cute one too. James and I made this really cool picture for my dad using photoshop – it’s a bit of a gag gift, absolutely hilarious and he will love it for sure! And we got him a gift certificate to Home Depot since he seems to go there all the time. The picture is more ‘thoughtful’ than…

Nothing could be better than witnessing your own child’s happiness.

I just finished watching the first season of Brothers & Sisters. The problem with watching shows on DVD is that you get hooked and then you have to go out and buy the next season!! I’ve got a few other shows on DVD to watch but I’m going to have to get season 2 soon I think – I need to find out what happens next! I’m hooked on ER too – James and I watch it together in the evenings when we can. So addictive!!

Today my aunt and uncle came over for a visit. My uncle hadn’t seen Andrew since he was just a few days old so he really noticed a huge change in him! He was so good during their visit – had one little fit but then when he finally realized that what he wanted was to be fed, he was happy! We went for a walk along the sea wall and then it started to snow very lightly (stopped very shortly after though, thank goodness, so we only got a few flakes – nothing stuck) so we went for a hot chocolate. Andrew sat on my lap for a while, then my uncle’s, and was quite content to jus…

I miss the weekend already

As planned, I got James to help me lift the mattress and boxspring off the bed this morning so I could go through all my pre-pregnancy clothes and see what fits and what doesn’t. I have a decently sized TO GO pile but I’m happy to report I also have some clothes that still fit!! I was so excited when I started putting things on that I didn’t think I could squeeze into but did. I thought my thighs had expanded big time and that’s why nothing I tried on at the mall yesterday was fitting me. But it’s not true! My pre-pregnancy pants fit perfectly everywhere but the waist. LOL Well I have 2 pairs of dressier pants that are a stretchy fabric and they fit just fine all over – including the waist. Other than that, I have 2 pairs of jeans that do fit but are a bit snug in the waistline. I have to keep reminding myself it has only been 2 months since Andrew was born so it’s still possible that in time these jeans will fit me once again! I am actually surprised at how well they DO fit…

Cat aversion

It’s 7:30 in the morning. I was up most of the night so today should prove to be interesting, considering how much I was planning to do AND we’re having people over…

We went to bed a bit late and I didn’t fall asleep till around 2am. Moorka, our stupid annoying grey and white cat (yes I am very mad at her) proceeded to beat at the bedroom door 5 times between 2:30 and just before 5am. The first time I ignored it and managed to fall back asleep after about 10-15 minutes…the second time I got up and chased her away from the door…the third time I did the same and also yelled at her and chased her into the bathroom very angrily…the 4th time I pretty much lost it and James got up instead of me since I was at the end of my rope…she proceeded to run into the bedroom and hide under the rocking chair so James had to turn on the light and I shoved the chair aside to force her out and she ran out of the room…and the 5th time, although my blood was boiling by this time, I ignored her again and …

A fresh new look

Between yesterday and this morning I pumped enough milk so that James could have boy time with Andrew this afternoon. I hadn’t had my hair done since November and since during late pregnancy I lost no hair whatsoever (the hairs people normally shed every single day) and I already have super think hair to begin with – it was high time I had something done with it!!
I wanted a new look and I’m quite happy with what I got! It’s so short compared to what I had before and it feels so fresh and light. And less easy for Andrew to tug on, which he’s started doing lately to my long hair! It feels so nice to have a change. Now I just need some new clothes to go along with it. I’ve been so fixated on everything being about Andrew and getting him clothes and things, which is all fine and dandy, but mommy needs things too! And not because I selfishly just want to go out and shop – in fact I am having a REALLY hard time with the whole shopping-for-myself thing. My body shape is different aft…