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Our sleep patterns are wonky

If only I could have known…the little ‘nap’ Andrew was having turned into him sleeping for about 5 hours straight! If I had known he was going to do that I would have done the same! But it’s such a rare occurrence, I could never have guessed it! I ended up sleeping less than 2 hrs of that 5 hours because after my short nap I couldn’t drift back to sleep and then he was hogging so much of the bed between James and I that I had no room and couldn’t really move around to get comfortable. Yep, he pretty much has us wrapped around his little finger!! Actually he really doesn’t sleep in the bed as much anymore as he used to, he was only there because of his nap and we figured he’d wake up pretty quick so we didn’t think it would be an issue…

Oh well! I was worried he was going to be up the rest of the night once he woke up to feed, since he’d been snoozing such a long time but no – he fed quickly and fell right back to sleep! He slept his usual amount the rest of the night, though he …

I wish my midwife could be my doctor

Today Andrew was sitting in his little chair, looking at himself in the mirror it has and he was just grinning away. I asked him who that handsome baby boy was and he kept on smiling! Then he swung his fist at the little bunny rabbit by the mirror and when he caught sight of its face he was smiling at that too. Priceless!

He has also started hitting the music thing on his play mat on his own. He is such a clever boy, and strong!

We had our last appointment with our midwife today. James came home early so he could go with us. It was sad but I didn’t cry. I probably am going to cry about it but I haven’t yet. I did feel sad when we left though. But we had a really good visit. And she has a student working alongside her at the moment and I really took to her as well. I am telling you, midwives are good people!

Andrew is now 12lbs, 10oz. And he is measuring five and a half centimetres longer than when he was born! He’s getting so big so fast. He’s a wonderful boy, I just wish…

Media scare tactics

I read this article today and, as a new parent myself, I have a few thoughts on the matter.

First of all, I don’t know who these desperate parents are who ‘climb into the crib’ with their babies in order to get them to sleep. For that matter, I don’t know what kind of crib they’re using – ours would break if I tried to get into it I’m sure, not to mention that if I was in it there would be no room left for the baby! That one’s a bit over the top if you ask me!

But when it comes to doing what one can to help get baby to sleep, I don’t see the problem with using methods that work for the individual.

Back in the day it made sense not to have baby sleep in the bed with you – as my mom pointed out when we were talking about this the other day, it was rare that anyone had a queen size bed or bigger. Most people had double beds. So with far less room for baby to be in between the parents, I can see where there’d be concern around the possibility of rolling onto the baby and suffocating …

Finally - a family doctor!

Andrew napped for so long tonight that now it’s after 1am and he is wide awake. He’s content to lay on the couch and look around at the moment but I have a feeling he’s going to start fussing soon for play time. Luckily I had a nap for about an hour tonight but still, I could do with a few more hours of rest at the moment!

Today we had our first doctor’s appointment with the doctor our midwife recommended we check out. It means we actually have a family doctor now, which is amazing! I guess it’s just unfortunate that I have gotten so used to the way midwives treat their patients. Because they have way more time to spend with you, the level of care is through the roof in comparison to the level of care of the average GP. I felt that while the doctor was nice enough, she seemed very abrupt. It was such a quick visit, which was fine – it’s not like we had actual questions or anything, we were just there to get the ball rolling for having a doctor we can see consistently. I just wi…

I can't stand people who won't take responsibility for themselves, instead always having to pass the buck...

Sunday consisted of James and I hashing out (once again) issues with his mom…He finally talked to her about them. It didn’t go well but I guess that was to be expected. She is freezing me out though, yet seems to think she could still have a normal relationship with Andrew. I don’t feel that that’s true though. How can you completely ignore me and everything I said and just pretend like everything is normal with James and Andrew? That doesn’t make any sense. I find it truly sad that she loses sight of what’s most important because of her own damn feelings all the time. Everything has to be about her or she’s not happy and if someone calls her on it – even if in the most diplomatic way possible – she shuts them out. I can’t stand people like that. So I don’t know where we go from here but something has GOT to give. I told James that I feel being ignored completely is worse than someone yelling at you. If she could just respond to what I said, I could gain some amount of clos…

I looked it up and Andrew means 'manly' and 'brave' =)

Last night James put Andrew down in his crib – which he has only spent a bit of time in here and there to check out his mobile or have a few pictures taken. He’s never slept in it before. Well he ended up sleeping soundly so we used the baby monitor when we went to bed. I didn’t feel good about it because I don’t like the idea of Andrew being in another room from us at night yet. It feels too soon. At least for me!! I was having separation anxiety =D
I couldn’t fall asleep because I kept listening for his cry or some movement or SOMETHING. Usually, with him in the bassinet right beside me, if I listen closely enough I can hear him breathe so it felt strange not having him right there. I missed his presence.

At just after 3am (3 hours after he’d been put in the crib) I heard him making some noise so I got up. He wasn’t crying, just ‘talking’ (the cooing he’s been doing for a few weeks now). He looked up at me when I went in and was moving his arms around. I played the mobile a…


For the most part Andrew was really good today (as in very little crying!) Although right now he’s a bit fussy…good thing his dad is dealing with him for the next hour! LOL I took an hour ‘off’ to sleep but I couldn’t sleep so I decided to use the comp instead. I am meant to be sorting pictures and deleting ones that are blurry or whatever…It’s going to be so hard to go through pics of my baby and press the delete button, no matter how fuzzy some of them might be! But I take SO many pics of the little guy that if I don’t start deleting some of them, I’ll have no room left on my computer to store them!

James’ dad came over for dinner tonight. He’s in town visiting James’ brother, who has epilepsy and has been going through a really rough patch with it lately. We had a nice visit with his dad and he got to see Andrew again, which of course he was quite pleased about!

I hope I can get some rest tonight. I’m feeling zonked despite that I can’t seem to fall asleep for a nap. I thi…

Andy and Me

Right now Andrew is sleeping all cuddled up on my chest. He is SO precious! His little mouth is gaping open as he sleeps – he’s right out! I could try putting him down in his bassinet so I can get a thing or two done around here but for the moment I am content to keep him where he is. It’s such a wonderful feeling being close to him like this.

I find it interesting the contrast between the way a mom is with her baby and the way a dad is. At least in our situation, of course I know each parent is different in their approach! James is really great with the baby, I don’t have any qualms with his methods so far. He is great at making Andrew smile and he is so calm with him even when he’s bawling his eyes out and nothing seems to work to make him stop. He’s a patient dad that’s for sure! And I love seeing the way James looks at our son with adoration and keeps saying how CUTE he is and how he still can’t believe this little guy came out of me!

But I do notice how I am much more ha…

I can't believe Andrew is 7 weeks old today!

I’m loving the new John Mayer and Jack Johnson cd’s I got for my birthday. Easy listening and while some songs are somewhat depressing in nature, the messages are worth contemplating. I’d say they are definitely 2 of my favourite artists.

Yesterday was a verrrrry fussy day for Andrew. Lets just say about 5-6 hours of crying nearly non-stop. He’d stop for a minute or two here and there and then start up again. It was pretty intense. I tried absolutely everything I could think of to calm him down. We fed, we rocked, we swayed, we listened to music, I sang to him, gave him a bath, put him in his crib with the mobile on, changed his diaper, blow dried him (which he usually loves), massaged him, put him on his play mat, gave him tummy time, made funny faces, walked him around the apartment to look at different things. I probably tried 10,000 other things as well. Nothing worked. Finally I got him into his bassinet and put the music on as loud as it would go and rocked him, gave hi…

Here’s a little weekend recap while the boy is napping on my chest (so warm and cuddly!)

On Friday night James looked up the best route for us to get to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal on Saturday morning to head over to Victoria for the weekend. It generally takes 3 buses to get there and we know the route…but the problem is that even though one of the usual buses says it takes wheelchairs (and thus strollers), you’d have to carry it up about 4-5 steps in order to get it onto the bus. Our stroller is considered a ‘travel system’ so you can imagine the size and weight of the thing, and then put Andrew into it and the diaper bag etc and how in gawd’s name are we supposed to lift it up all those steps?! (And how in hell would someone in a wheelchair hoist themselves up, I’d like to know!?!!) Anyway, the only other route that would work would make the trip to the ferry take almost 3 hours. And that’s not including the ferry ride after that (an hour and 35 minutes) and the drive to his dad’s house once we arrived (about 35 minutes). I wasn’t in the least bit pleased about…

Happy baby

I'm just waiting for James to get home from work. As of a few minutes ago he SAID he’d be leaving soon…I hope he actually does. It’s almost 6pm so it means he’ll be home earlier than his usual. Thank goodness because we have a lot to do tonight because we’re going to be away for the weekend.

Today was OK but I felt a bit frazzled. I enjoyed my time with Andrew but he was very alert most of the day and didn’t want to be put down or to leave my sight longer than about 2 seconds. So I wasn’t able to get much of anything done. The thank you cards were still looming over my head so I FINALLY got those out of the way at least, but it took a really long time.

I was drying some clothes (including ones I wanted Andrew to wear tomorrow) and then a zipper broke off something he’s never worn yet in the dryer and snapped off into one of the grooves in the machine so now I can’t use it till it’s fixed. Hopefully James can do something with it – I tried but couldn’t get the zipper unstuck a…

Middle of the night banter

Yesterday my mom, Andrew and I hung out at the hotel for most of the late morning/early afternoon. I decided to try a ‘tea latte’ at Starbucks as they had a huge sign advertising them and it sounded good to me…but I don’t think it had ANY caffeine in it and I really could have used a jolt yesterday! I felt like I was going to fall asleep right there in the hotel lobby, I was so zonked.

I miss the Tassimo machine!!!

We made our way to the apartment and I finished drying some clothes I’d washed earlier (gawd, there is a lot of laundry with a baby!) and soon enough it was time to go to our second to last midwife appointment.

It was nice for my mom to see our midwife one last time, since my mom was there for the birth and thinks a lot of her. We found out that Andrew is already a whopping 11lbs, 11oz! What a big boy! He has so far gained twice the average amount for his age in this length of time!! I’m not surprised, given how much he likes to eat. At one point the midwife was holding…

My First Baby - a questionnaire



3. WHAT WAS YOUR REACTION? Total excitement!


5. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? Clearblue pregnancy test – I took a second test to be certain but I was pretty sure I was pregnant beforehand!



8. When was the Due Date? Dec 23rd, 2008

10. DID YOU HAVE MORNING SICKNESS? Did I ever! For over 2 months straight I threw up pretty much every day, on average 5 times a day. It was HORRENDOUS. If not for Diclectin I honestly don’t know how I would have survived through the whole pregnancy!

11. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE? Sweets – lemon meringue pie, Nanaimo Bar, and Twix bars!

12. WHO/WHAT IRRITATED YOU? Getting ‘advice’ from certain people about how pregnancy/labour goes – sometimes you just DON’T want people’s opinions over and over again!



Love of my life

Today Andrew is 6 weeks old. Where does the time go? It feels like just yesterday that I took the pregnancy test and woke James up at 5 in the morning to share the good news! It feels like I just told my parents they were going to be grandparents! It feels like I was just rubbing my belly feeling the kicks and squirms of the little one I had yet to meet but couldn’t wait to.

And now here he is, in all his glory, 6 weeks old and growing and changing every single day. A little person that I am getting to know – who is getting to know himself, and me, and his dad, and everyone else who loves him.

I love his little personality and chubby cheeks and his baby hands and feet. I love his cuddles and his smiles, the way he stares and registers funny things now and gives big grins. I love his hair and the way his back slopes down to his cute little baby bum! All these little baby parts that were once inside me, smacking into my ribs and flailing in anticipation of entering the world. Kno…

Back home...

I haven’t had a chance to write in a while so I’ll just do a quick little recap of the past few days…

Saturday we were supposed to have a few people over that I went to high school with but 2 had to cancel at the last minute so we only had one person over. It was nice to see her again and we had a good visit, though it went on quite long so by the time she left we were starving, ate, then had my grandma over. It was maybe a bit too much visiting all in one day, at least for me, given how tired I am in general. I’m glad my grandma got to hold Andrew for a good long while though, she was so excited to see him and he was so content in her arms!

Yesterday we lounged around a bit in the morning and then my mom and I went out. Basically the only thing I got of all the things I was looking for was one top with the gift certificate my grandma gave me for my birthday. I still have money on the gift card but only wanted the one top for now. I really like it but I’m concerned it’s going to g…

Whoa, a full night's sleep, are you kidding me?!

Yesterday my mom and I took Andrew to meet Nana (his Great Nana!) She was so thrilled to bits to spend time with him and couldn’t believe how big and how alert he is for his age! My Nana has a lot of great grand children already from the other side of the family so it was kind of cool hearing her say he seems to be progressing quickly compared to where most babies are at in his age group! What a clever boy we have =)

Last night I felt so zonked I practically felt like I was going to collapse. James got here last night and the plan was that he would take over baby duties once he got up in the morning and I could sleep in since I had enough milk pumped.

Well! We had a ‘first’ last night! Andrew pretty well slept THROUGH THE NIGHT. I fell asleep about 1am and didn’t wake up till quarter to 5. He was kicking and punching the air and looking around (James was I mean – haha, no just kidding, I’m talking about the baby! LOL) Anyway, he wasn’t crying or anything and when I put my fi…

Turning 29

My birthday was great. Very different from any birthday I’ve ever had given I had my little guy to care for and therefore couldn’t really go out or do a whole lot, but it was a good day nonetheless!

I got up, fed Andrew, and sat with my mom while having a coffee. They have a Tassimo machine (their Xmas gift from my brother) and I am telling you it is the greatest thing since sliced bread!! It’s like magic making coffee, tea, hot chocolate…I am telling you it really could change your life forever if you’re a big drinker of such bevies!

Anyway…we lounged and hung around and I opened my presents. My parents got me a really nice card, a pair of pajamas (from the maternity shop and made specifically for nursing, which is perfect!), a new purse (which I asked for), 2 shows on DVD: Season 1 of Brothers and Sisters and season 1 of Ugly Betty (I have never seen either show but look forward to getting into them when I’m nursing the babe!), and a Lampe Berger, which is going to be sooooooo…

25 Things

1. I am fairly sleep deprived and should be sleeping right now since Andrew is – but I’m not…

2. It’s my birthday today! I am 29.

3. Andrew just had his birthday 5 weeks and one day ago. He is 5 weeks and one day old!

4. I still can’t quite get over how unbelievably PAINFUL labour was…BUT I am proud of myself for going through it fairly naturally (no epidural).

5. I have been watching a lot of 21 Jump Street lately – we own seasons 1-3. A lot of people find that show hokey being ‘so 80s’ but personally I don’t know how you couldn’t like it!

6. Sometimes I wish we had cable now that I am glued to the couch so often with baby…but then when I have access to TV I remember why we don’t subscribe (the lack of quality shows is appalling).

7. I am proud to say that Andrew is 100% vegetarian born! I wish I was too but I’ve ‘only’ been vegetarian for just over 11 years.

8. I love my cats but ever since mid-pregnancy and especially since Andrew’s arrival, I have been a bit standoffish with them…

9. …

Not much going on, though the days feel full!

Right now Andrew is sound asleep in his grandpa’s arms. It’s so cute to see my parents spending time with him! They just can’t get enough. Who can blame them – I can’t either!!

Today Andrew and I “slept in” till 11. Obviously we didn’t actually get that much sleep – at least I didn’t! Although I think we slept a little better than nights previous. The thing is, the little guy sleeps so much more soundly when he’s on my chest in his fetal position. As I’ve said many times by now I’m sure, having him like that is my favourite thing in the whole world! But the problem is, I can’t sleep when he’s like that! I feel compelled to cuddle him and rub his back and kiss the top of his head and stay awake to enjoy him being there! I also can’t sleep long in that position because eventually I need to stretch and move around.

So eventually I had to put him down. He didn’t take well to sleeping on his back so after feeding him a few more times I put him on his stomach and he slept ‘like a b…

The past few days...

It’s technically Feb 3rd since I’m writing this at almost 3am, but I’m going to write about Feb 2nd…

I got us up and got Andrew sorted, which took a while…then I went over to the hotel my mom was staying at to have a coffee with her. I got Andrew into the new baby sling I got the other day and he cried for a second – till he realized it felt like he was back in my uterus! It was amazing, the way he fit into it. I mean he wasn’t upside down like in my uterus of course, but he was bundled up right close to me and it’s like I saw him suddenly realize how cozy it was and he was out like a light. He slept the entire time he was in it!

I got to the hotel, met up with my mom and we sat and had a coffee and chatted. It’s so nice to be able to get out of the apartment and socialize elsewhere with the baby curled up and quiet, but there with us! He’s such a darling. And I absolutely LOVE the way he feels in the sling on my chest because it feels like we’re truly attached again and there’…