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A Halloween Update

I participated in Halloween this afternoon by tagging along to the pet store with my brother and s-i-l and their puppy dog. It was Maude's first time Trick or Treating!

As you can see, she is the cutest little ladybug ever!Her boyfriend went as Peter Pan, and boy was he ever adorable!
We were hoping for some tricks...but all they could think about was their treats!

Happy Halloween!

Looking forward to next year when we can dress up baby!

James said I should paint my belly like a pumpkin. It's tempting but it'd be messy...I think we'll just carve our miniature pumpkins instead, watch a scary movie, and call it a night!

I think my idea of celebrating Halloween tonight is going to be ordering pizza for our dinner :D

Whatever you choose to do tonight, I hope it's spooktacular ;)

Everything changes

Today my parents are getting rid of their dining room set.They’ll be ordering something new when we go to IKEA in a few weeks, so they’re parting with their traditional set to make room for something else.It was bought for the house when we moved into it brand new – some 20 years ago now.While I was over this past week, I forgot to sit at that table one last time.Now I realize I will never sit at it again.Ever.It’s just a table and chairs, I know.Not a big deal, right?I guess it’s just another reminder of how things change.Sure, we sat around that table for big family dinners over the years.Enjoyed many a birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and so on together while using that very table and those very chairs.But dining sets age and become dated and they’re replaced for something newer, more modern.Families change, they grow.I’ve been thinking about how the next time I visit my parents, I will be bringing their first grandchild along with me.Not in my belly this time, but in my a…

Because I was tagged by Lojo!

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
Good ol’ 1998…1. In the spring I graduated from high school.2. Shortly after I rebelled and took off for a weekend in Vancouver despite my parents saying no – just to explore what the freedom would feel like.3. In late August I moved to the SFU campus in Burnaby.4. I shared a bathroom with close to 20 other girls AND guys…we’re talking toilet stalls right next to each other and showers with moldy curtains that my aunt and uncle replaced because they couldn’t stand the idea of me using them – good times!5. Most importantly: I met, became friends with and soon fell in love with my residence neighbour – the man I would marry 8 ½ years later!

5 things on my to do list today:

1. Get some work done.2. Purchase a few baby items that are still on our ‘must have’ list.3. Get everything ready that I need my parents to bring over next month.4. Get a blood test.5. Spend quality time with my parents and the spaniels before I have to leave the island.

5 snacks I love…

A beautiful crisp fall day in Vancouver

The hydrangeas are even beautiful as they begin to wilt away till next year!
I love the multitude of colours in fall.And random things, such as this Rubber Duckie escapee!
So pretty, and I love how it's all so close to home! (BTW these are not real horses, though they very much look the part!)
A gorgeous day spent with my handsome husband, what could be better?!We took a saunter over to Lost Lagoon...James suggested we go there and I'm so glad we did!
We saw so many animals along the way...
Seagulls, ducks, swans...
Even a squirrel attempting to chase a crow!
More ducks, swans, and a heron...
And more raccoons than I could count!
At one point there were 8 in the water all scrounging for the bread someone was throwing in. I don't condone feeding them as such, but it was quite the sight to see!
They can be so visious yet they also have such a cuteness factor!
We strolled along to 2nd beach and walked along the seawall to Denman.
Saw some rock sculptures along the way...
Had m…

Not long now

I’ve been starting to feel quite restless. I can’t get comfortable no matter what I do. No matter what position I’m in, some part of me seems to be aching or in need of moving around or…SOMETHING. I had a wretched sleep last night because every time I rolled over baby would kick and punch. The only way to get baby to calm down was to lay flat on my back, which I’ve read everywhere is NOT good for any period of time because it cuts (or at least severely limits) circulation to the bottom half. Which would be why I get those leg cramps from time to time – I tend to wake up and I’m on my back when I get those cramps. Not good. Plus obviously it’s not a good thing to limit the blood supply to baby…Anyway…suffice it to say I am a bit frustrated.

And I have to pee literally every 5 minutes, it’s getting crazy how many trips I am making to the bathroom – and I still have 8 weeks left! I’m hoping baby makes his or her debut in about 6 weeks. Although that’s freaky too, the idea that b…

Heartburn and Baby Kicks

Once again, I can’t get to sleep. It’s one thing if I’m an insomniac on the weekends but during the week it’s a problem because I have no choice but to get up early for work. Yes, napping is an option since I work from home but I still have to make up the hours if I do that. It’s getting tough. I really want to sleep and I go to bed at a relatively decent time but then I just lie there awake and there’s absolutely no way I can focus on drifting off. Instead I find myself creating lists in my head about what I need to do, things that need taking care of. Or I start thinking about the birth and how it might go, and what things will be like once baby is here. I can’t concentrate on any one thing for more than about 10 minutes. And 10 minutes is probably stretching it…

Laying in bed unable to sleep is pure torture. When I finally close my eyes to drift off, baby starts moving and I can’t get comfortable. I can’t not focus on the movements. So I get up. And here I am…

I have to g…

I'm so tired, I can't sleep

My mind races, baby squirms, and I find myself staring at the wall or the ceiling. I can’t even keep my eyes closed despite how tired I truly am!I wish I could sleep but it’s just not happening for me at the moment.Today we advanced-voted for the Vancouver-Burrard provincial election since I’m not going to be around next week on the actual voting day.I wasn’t going to bother voting, as bad as that sounds, since I really didn’t know much about the candidates.I didn’t even know about this by-election till I got the card in the mail about it just a few days ago!But then I thought I really should vote…so rather than vote necessarily for the person I voted for the party I’m most in favour of.Not sure if that’s always the best way to go but it’s what I did…Then we went to Milestone’s for lunch.I was craving a Baguette Time sandwich however, so I didn’t want to get much at Milestones…whereas James was more in preference of the sit down lunch, which is more comfortable at M than at BT.I order…

My love loves me, and all the wonders I see...A rainbow shines in my window, my love loves me!

When I was little, amongst my favourite Faerie Tale Theater movies was Rapunzel. I also enjoyed Hansel and Gretal, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Three Little Pigs to name a few.But Rapunzel was always – and still is – my favourite.I have the whole collection of Faerie Tale Theater films on DVD, and enjoy watching them from time to time.As a child, when I was home sick from school, my mom would often rent me some Faerie Tale Theater and I enjoyed bundling up on the couch in a blanket and getting into the shows. I do the same now when I’m sick, though I also enjoy watching them ‘just because.’I’m hoping baby will enjoy them as much as I have!I know they’re slightly dated but they’re classic and I definitely plan on introducing them to baby in a few years time.Anyway, I got to thinking about Rapunzel and Marie’s obsession with radishes.She just had to have a rapun, there was nothing else to it!Good ol’ faithful Claude wasn’t going to deny her pregnancy cravings, no matter the …

If you want to kill yourself smoking, go ahead, but why should I have to suffer from it too?

Got some work done and got some cross stitch done, and some chores around the apartment.But I’m sooooooooooooo freeeeeeeeeeeeaking tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I haven’t had a nap yet today – I think I should go have one soon.After a bubble bath!My Nana’s motto is: You’ve got to keep ahead of your filth.It’s a good motto, the only problem is how difficult it can be to actually keep ahead of it fully.I’m struggling with that.If I could have everything spotless before baby gets here, there’d be far less to worry about when I will barely have time for the essential chores, let alone ones that only need taken care of from time to time.But I get tuckered out so quickly.I actually was daydreaming while doing some cleaning today that I had someone coming in to do it for me!I have never thought such a thing before, since I tend to prefer to do chores myself and don’t like the idea of a stranger looking at my stuff/filth.I just find being on my hands and knees for any…

Where I'm at

Slowly but surely, baby’s cross stitch quilt is coming together.Still a majorly long ways to go but it’s getting there. I’m just taking a 15 minute break and then it’s back to it for another hour or so. I need to see more progress before I can sleep!The heartburn is KILLING me.No matter what I do to try to stop it, today it is rearing its ugly head in full force.And what else is killing me?Let’s see…how about the pain in my lower back?I feel like screaming from it truthfully.A lot of the time it’s very slight or not even noticeable but sometimes it’s excruciating.And there’s really nothing I can do about it.A warm bath can help a bit, although our tub isn’t the most comfortable (why don’t they put nice soaker tubs in apartments like ours?!In our building you have to be on the 18th floor or above to have a nice tub and of course pay $300 to over $1000 more per month than we pay!!!)Anyway…nothing much seems to help.James massages it but to no avail.I guess it’s just the extra girth I’m …

Taco Bake

It’s ridiculous how impossible it is to find drawer liners in Vancouver.Maybe I was just looking in all the wrong stores (London Drugs, Sears, The Bay, Winners) but I couldn’t find them anywhere.So maddening.I want to line the drawers for baby’s bureau since they need a bit of an update and I want them to be fresh and new for all baby’s clothes.I’m going for one last trip to Nanaimo soonish so I’ll look there.I always do way better shopping for things in Nanaimo than I do here.Strange, but true.I did get a new nightgown on sale – I need it because all my pj’s are getting way too short given that they have to ride up my huge belly.I also got another cloth diaper wrap for baby and baby wipes that are NOT Proctor & Gamble brand – thank gawd for that.It really bothers me that P&G has a monopoly on diapers and related baby products…I am proud of myself for doing so much walking today and only sitting down once for about 2 minutes in The Bay to take a rest.I walked A LOT given I als…

Blah blah blah...

Why am I blogging for the millionth time today when I should be focused on my cross stitch and nothing else?!Although in my defence James and I are about to sit down and watch a show together to veg before he has to go to bed so there’s no point getting all the gear out when 10 minutes from now I’ll have to put it all away.I’m going to stay up after he goes to bed and put in a few hours to get going on the giraffe square a bit more…We stopped by my bro and s-i-l’s after supper to drop off some homemade lasagna we promised them and to see Maude.She is such a cute puppy, I can’t get over it!She kept farting though and for a teensy weensy French bulldog whoa do her farts ever stink.You’d think a small dog would have small farts but not so!She had that cute little look on her face though, with her little bottom teeth stinking out, or her giant tongue gaping out of her mouth.I love most dogs but there’s nothing cuter than that little Maudester!After stopping by their place we went and got …

Shopping online makes life so much if only I could do my grocery shopping that way!

Yesterday I did some Christmas shopping online. It’s really unfortunate that our dollar isn’t doing so well as of late – if only I’d ordered the stuff a month or two ago! But oh well, who could know, right? At least it’s not that bad an exchange rate…It bugs me when you buy something from Canada and it’s in US pricing though, what gives?

We already had Xmas with James’ dad and girlfriend…So they’re ‘off the list’ so to speak, of who we need to buy for. We’re finished getting my bro and s-i-l’s gifts…my mom is done…I’ve got part of James’ gift and I know at least one more small thing I’m going to get him…My dad I have an idea of what to get him but I just have to get out there and get it. Both my grandma’s are taken care of. James’ bro and gfriend we’ve started but have to get maybe 1 more thing for. And James’ mom and hubby (though we have 1 thing for them so far). We have to finish making the gift for my aunt and uncle, but if we don’t complete it I know something else we can …

31 weeks

Baby has me so well trained: I’ve come to believe that going to bed = baby waking up and squirming about, thus keeping me awake. Last night when I went to bed, there was nothing. Not a peep. So this time, instead of laying there wide awake due to baby’s movements, I was laying there worrying that something was wrong. I ended up getting up and listening to baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler, which of course assured me immediately that baby was alive and well, probably just sleeping (which is what I should have been doing too). Once I was up for a little while, sure enough there were kicks and squirms. It’s ridiculous! The one time baby gives me the opportunity for rest, I don’t take it! Although it worked out since I ended up getting a bit more work done on my cross stitch project.

Last night I printed a whole bunch more pictures for baby’s time capsule that we’re putting together. So far there are pictures, a few odds and ends like movie ticket stubs to remind them of places the…

Sickness won't stop me from nesting!

I got really sick this afternoon and threw up for the first time in a while. It could be because I’ve been weaning myself further off Diclectin, down to just one per night for the past 4 nights. I would have thought if it was the weaning that I’d have been sick by now though…It’s probably just normal pregnancy sickness, since it often comes back in the third trimester. Who knows. All I know is I could have done without it :S And I hope it doesn’t last.

Since I have nothing on my tummy I decided to make some buttermilk biscuits. I know they don’t have tons of nutrients but they’ll be easy on my stomach. I’m thawing some homemade Minestrone soup for our supper, which is full of healthful veggies, so at least baby will have that to look forward to. I feel so guilty when I get sick and baby isn’t getting everything he or she needs, but luckily my sickness isn’t a regular thing these days so one day that’s a little off shouldn’t be too much of a problem…

Maybe I did a bit too much to…

Another weekend away

We had a short but sweet visit in Victoria this weekend.We stayed with James’ dad/girlfriend and James’ bro/girlfriend were there also.It was sort of our Christmas celebration together in a way – at least for James and me – since we won’t be seeing them this Xmas with the baby coming. It was nice to have a little family get-together so no one feels left out during the holidays.Its rare we all get to see each other, let alone all at the same time, so it was good.It started off a little shaky…Note to anyone who might read this: telling a pregnant woman that she’s looking ‘roly poly’ is NOT nice.Don’t do it.It’s one thing if a person says, ‘Baby sure is getting big!’ or something along those lines because, yes, baby IS getting big!Which does mean my belly is huge…and I’m fine with that, because, well, IT IS.But saying I am roly poly is suggesting I am FAT, plain and simple.And while there’s nothing wrong with being fat per se, no one wants to hear it as such.Plus I really don’t think I a…

I need to close my eyes for a few

Today I had an appointment with my midwife.I go every 2 weeks now that I am past the 30 week mark.Everything seems good.I’m going to get my blood tested again in a week or so to see if my iron level is up.Baby’s heartbeat was at about 150 bpm, which is totally normal and healthy.My midwife was poking around to feel baby’s position and then used a stethoscope to listen and baby wasn’t impressed…baby pushed at the stethoscope with all his or her might!It was so funny.My midwife took it as a sign and put the stethoscope away.Baby doesn’t like being poked and prodded!Apparently his or her position is a bit off, but it’s nothing to worry about right now since baby still has room to move around fully. I know this considering baby has been rolling around quite regularly over the past little while!Baby’s head is where it should be, but his or her back is facing my back, when it should be facing my front.Again, this position could have even changed since my appointment, since there’s still roo…

Pregnancy Survey

About the mommy!
Name: Elizabeth
Age: 28
Hair color: Medium brown (when it’s natural, that is!)
Eye color: Blue
First child?: Yes

About the daddy!
Name: James
Age: 29
Hair color: Dirty blonde
Eye color: Greyish green
First child?: Yes

Finding out!!
What day did you find out?: Tuesday, April 15th
How did you feel when you found out?: Over the moon!
Who was with you?: James
Who was the first person you told?: My parents
How did they react?: My mom cried (tears of joy!) and my dad gave me a big hug and kiss!
How did the daddy react?: He was very happy!

Telling the grandparents!
How did your parents react?: See above
How did his parents react?: Both very happy – his mom especially so out of the two of them!
Are they helping with baby names?: No (we weren’t taking suggestions!)
Have they bought anything for the baby yet?: Yes, especially my parents – so many cute little clothes!
How often do they call to check on you?: I talk to my parents often, James talks to his parents once a week or so

About the pregnancy!

It hurts behind my eyes

Today I took a sick day.Although my company is very stingy about sick days so I think I’ll have to use a vacation day if I want to get paid for it.Ho-hum.I might try to work extra over the next little while to make up the time and then it will be as if I worked today after all.Luckily I can do that from time to time if need be!Although I hate the idea of having to work extra hours…but we’ll see.Last night I started getting a vicious headache.We went out to get James’ dad and partner their Xmas gifts since this weekend is our last visit with them till January…I was doing well the majority of the time – we had a bite to eat at Salathai, then went about our shopping which for the most part was successful.But then on the walk home I started feeling the beginnings of a headache.A migraine to be more precise.That would normally be the time where I’d pop 2 Advil pills designed for such pain…but unfortunately I cannot take such medications with our little one developing inside me.So I had to …

30 weeks

Today is 30 full weeks. It feels like a huge milestone. Baby is going to be here in 10 weeks or less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for time to go by for so long but it still feels amazing that we’re getting so close now!

Right now baby has the hiccups. There have been a lot of those lately. It means he or she is practicing breathing – which of course is a different version of the breathing that will happen out of the womb, but it’s practice nonetheless. James and I were playing a game of Sorry! and baby started moving all over the place – my belly poked way out to the left then way out to the right. It keeps happening now too. It’s the cutest thing knowing baby is getting settled in there! Hopefully soon he or she will be in position for birth and will stay that way (except for the kicks and punches that will inevitably take place) till it’s time to come out. Apparently the movements will start to hurt sometimes or at least be qu…

Thanksgiving goodness

Thanksgiving long weekend was nice and relaxing. I went over to my parents’ place a few days in advance since I could work from there. James came over on Friday night and my brother and s-i-l came over Saturday. It was so nice, all of us being able to spend some quality time together. We did a lot of sitting around and chatting and had our Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. James makes a mean tofurky! It was delish. In fact, the whole meal was. It was a team effort and it really came together nicely. I had to put stretchy pants on partway through dinner because my belly was expanding by the second and if I wanted to keep eating I had to be comfortable! You should have seen me sitting there with my giant belly hanging out, but I couldn’t help it! I was hungry and wanted to eat everything on my plate but I had to do it in stages because I think baby was squishing my stomach, making it difficult to fill to its true capacity!

Tofurky, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, veg-friendly …

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood!

It’s such a nice day today.Very sunny.Definitely a cool nip to the air – there’s no mistaking it is fall.But walking makes me work up a sweat so when James and I went out on our lunch break (he’s working from home today) I was boiling in no time!We went to the clinic and had our flu shots.I was eligible for a free flu shot given I’m in my 3rd trimester, however if I wanted it for free I’d have to wait till the end of November.I wanted to get it as early as possible though, for one because I’m really hoping to stave off the flu while pregnant since the last thing I (or baby) needs is a fever and extra aches and pains!For another, I read that it takes up to a month for the benefits of the shot to make their way to baby, and I want baby to be protected from the flu once he or she is born.So the earlier the better!The bonus: my company will pay for the shot, so I still got it for free, I just have to expense it =)James got the shot as well so that hopefully he won’t get sick and bring the…

Elbow grease

Why is it that some – dare I say many – men just ‘don’t see’ the mess that they make in terms of spilling things, dishes piled high, garbage left to fester under the sink without thinking for a minute that it might make sense to CLEAN IT UP?You know, just get it over with before it’s such an overwhelming mess that it’s more time consuming to fix?It’s definitely not all men that I am saying this about…My dad for one is an absolute neat freak and cleans actually a little too much.But I don’t think his behaviour is entirely the norm.At least in my own experience…Which is not to say that James is a total pig when it comes to keeping things tidy…I know I could do far worse than him!But seriously…I think a lot of people, and I’m sure it’s not just men, think it’s going to take a lot of effort to keep things clean.When it actual fact, a ‘clean as you go’ policy actually SAVES a lot of time in the long run!The problem with this method is that really, everyone in the household needs to be livi…