Friday, October 31, 2008

A Halloween Update

I participated in Halloween this afternoon by tagging along to the pet store with my brother and s-i-l and their puppy dog. It was Maude's first time Trick or Treating!

As you can see, she is the cutest little ladybug ever!Her boyfriend went as Peter Pan, and boy was he ever adorable!
We were hoping for some tricks...but all they could think about was their treats!

Happy Halloween!

Looking forward to next year when we can dress up baby!

James said I should paint my belly like a pumpkin. It's tempting but it'd be messy...I think we'll just carve our miniature pumpkins instead, watch a scary movie, and call it a night!

I think my idea of celebrating Halloween tonight is going to be ordering pizza for our dinner :D

Whatever you choose to do tonight, I hope it's spooktacular ;)

Everything changes

Today my parents are getting rid of their dining room set. They’ll be ordering something new when we go to IKEA in a few weeks, so they’re parting with their traditional set to make room for something else. It was bought for the house when we moved into it brand new – some 20 years ago now.

While I was over this past week, I forgot to sit at that table one last time. Now I realize I will never sit at it again. Ever.

It’s just a table and chairs, I know. Not a big deal, right? I guess it’s just another reminder of how things change. Sure, we sat around that table for big family dinners over the years. Enjoyed many a birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and so on together while using that very table and those very chairs. But dining sets age and become dated and they’re replaced for something newer, more modern.

Families change, they grow.

I’ve been thinking about how the next time I visit my parents, I will be bringing their first grandchild along with me. Not in my belly this time, but in my arms. For them to hold and love and cherish just like I’m going to!

Our visits will never be the same. They’ll be even better, I’m sure. But different. Virtually nothing is going to be the same anymore. Or at least that’s how I’m taking things right now. How can they be? I’ll have a baby – my first born child – to think about. And his or her needs will always come before my own. That’s the way I want it, it’s the way it should be. It’s different from what I’m used to. It’s a good different but it’s still a big change.

So many transitions. I feel emotional about it. Happy, WOWED, but emotional. Overwhelmed? It feels like my ways of life are twisting and turning about, much like baby does inside my belly these days.

I’m so excited to have my sweet precious bundle in my arms, and it’s going to be happening in the relatively near future. Despite how happy I am, I still have to wrap my head around it!

Everything changes, that’s the way life goes. It’s good. Change is good. It keeps us on our toes and adds excitement to our lives. It adds life.

Sometimes you have to let go of things to gain a lot more.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Because I was tagged by Lojo!

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:

Good ol’ 1998…

1. In the spring I graduated from high school.

2. Shortly after I rebelled and took off for a weekend in Vancouver despite my parents saying no – just to explore what the freedom would feel like.

3. In late August I moved to the SFU campus in Burnaby.

4. I shared a bathroom with close to 20 other girls AND guys…we’re talking toilet stalls right next to each other and showers with moldy curtains that my aunt and uncle replaced because they couldn’t stand the idea of me using them – good times!

5. Most importantly: I met, became friends with and soon fell in love with my residence neighbour – the man I would marry 8 ½ years later!

5 things on my to do list today:

1. Get some work done.

2. Purchase a few baby items that are still on our ‘must have’ list.

3. Get everything ready that I need my parents to bring over next month.

4. Get a blood test.

5. Spend quality time with my parents and the spaniels before I have to leave the island.

5 snacks I love:

1. Welsh Currant Cakes.

2. Chocolate bars.

3. Cookies.

4. Crackers and cheese.

5. Nachos.

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire :

1. Quit my job.

2. Pay off all my debts, and all my family’s debts.

3. Buy a house with a yard in Vancouver…and maybe get a place in Bermuda!

3. Travel.

4. Give to worthy causes…including family who could then retire early and travel or do as they please.

5. Not let it go to my head that I have tons of money…I’d still want to live responsibly and not become obnoxious!

5 places I have lived:

1. Nanaimo, BC

2. Burnaby, BC

3. The West End in Vancouver, BC

4. Coal Harbour in Vancouver, BC

I’ve only lived in those 4 places…but I lived in 2 houses while growing up in Nanaimo (one till I was 8, the other till I was 18, and where I am visiting right now)…and 2 places in Burnaby – SFU residence and an apartment off campus that James and I lived in for 7 years…and then the 2 other apartments since…So I’ve technically lived in 6 places over all!

5 jobs I have had:

1. Grocery store cashier

2. Office assistant

3. Pet store clerk

4. Matchmaker (I lasted about half an hour! LOL)

5. Research assistant

5 people I tag:

Anyone who reads this…leave a comment if you’re going to do the questionnaire so I can read it on your blog =)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A beautiful crisp fall day in Vancouver

The hydrangeas are even beautiful as they begin to wilt away till next year!
I love the multitude of colours in fall.And random things, such as this Rubber Duckie escapee!
So pretty, and I love how it's all so close to home! (BTW these are not real horses, though they very much look the part!)
A gorgeous day spent with my handsome husband, what could be better?!We took a saunter over to Lost Lagoon...James suggested we go there and I'm so glad we did!
We saw so many animals along the way...
Seagulls, ducks, swans...
Even a squirrel attempting to chase a crow!
More ducks, swans, and a heron...
And more raccoons than I could count!
At one point there were 8 in the water all scrounging for the bread someone was throwing in. I don't condone feeding them as such, but it was quite the sight to see!
They can be so visious yet they also have such a cuteness factor!
We strolled along to 2nd beach and walked along the seawall to Denman.
Saw some rock sculptures along the way...
Had my 32 weeks picture can barely see my belly protruding out the way this pic was taken but believe you me, it is there!!
I love days like this...These pics were taken this past Sunday. It was so nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air of fall =)

(I don't know why all the pics are showing up so small but you can click on them for a bigger image!)

Not long now

I’ve been starting to feel quite restless. I can’t get comfortable no matter what I do. No matter what position I’m in, some part of me seems to be aching or in need of moving around or…SOMETHING. I had a wretched sleep last night because every time I rolled over baby would kick and punch. The only way to get baby to calm down was to lay flat on my back, which I’ve read everywhere is NOT good for any period of time because it cuts (or at least severely limits) circulation to the bottom half. Which would be why I get those leg cramps from time to time – I tend to wake up and I’m on my back when I get those cramps. Not good. Plus obviously it’s not a good thing to limit the blood supply to baby…Anyway…suffice it to say I am a bit frustrated.

And I have to pee literally every 5 minutes, it’s getting crazy how many trips I am making to the bathroom – and I still have 8 weeks left! I’m hoping baby makes his or her debut in about 6 weeks. Although that’s freaky too, the idea that baby will actually BE HERE in that time frame, omg! I have way too much on my mind.

I’ve decided to end work a week earlier than I’d originally planned. November 28th will be my last day. I will then have 11 vacation days to use that I’ve been saving for this very occasion. So I will be paid up to the 15th and I’ll have my maternity leave start as of the following day. I was going to work till Dec 5th but I am literally almost at the end of my rope with work as it is, just with needing to sleep off and on through the day and wanting to focus on getting things ready for baby. Mainly it’s how tired I am though. I’m going to be exhausted in another month if my sleep pattern continues on the same path it is now! And I need SOME rest before I deliver baby – assuming he or she does stay in my belly till close to the due date…

I think I’ve made the best decision. I feel good about it anyway and James fully supports it!

Today my mom and I went out for lunch with my grandma. I don’t think it sank in for her (granny) that she won’t see me again till after baby is born. I can’t believe I won’t be back here till after baby is born. So many things are changing so much, and so suddenly. You have 9 (or 10, depending how you look at it) months to prepare for a baby but what is this word ‘prepare,’ really?! It’s impossible to know how it’s all going to pan out and to be honest there really isn’t anything that can prepare you for what it’s actually like. You know your whole life is going to change but you don’t know how until it all starts to unfold and then you start to question how can I do this?! Even though you might know deep down that it’s what you want more than anything else in the world, it is still a totally bizarre feeling!

I worked on my cross stitch for 2 hours and then got a really bad headache. Not sure if it was the way I was sitting and looking so intently at the pattern or if it was ‘just one of those things’ but either way it’s aggravating. I neeeeeeeed Advil but I caaaaaaaan’t have it and it’s soooooooo fruuuuuuuuuustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby has kicked quite a bit today. I am happy to feel the movements through the day and even a little bit at night since I’ve come to expect it but I do hope baby will let me get enough sleep tonight that I can properly function tomorrow. We have so much to do in so little time, and no other time to do it all. This is it, and I’ve got to make the most of my time here!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Heartburn and Baby Kicks

Once again, I can’t get to sleep. It’s one thing if I’m an insomniac on the weekends but during the week it’s a problem because I have no choice but to get up early for work. Yes, napping is an option since I work from home but I still have to make up the hours if I do that. It’s getting tough. I really want to sleep and I go to bed at a relatively decent time but then I just lie there awake and there’s absolutely no way I can focus on drifting off. Instead I find myself creating lists in my head about what I need to do, things that need taking care of. Or I start thinking about the birth and how it might go, and what things will be like once baby is here. I can’t concentrate on any one thing for more than about 10 minutes. And 10 minutes is probably stretching it…

Laying in bed unable to sleep is pure torture. When I finally close my eyes to drift off, baby starts moving and I can’t get comfortable. I can’t not focus on the movements. So I get up. And here I am…

I have to get cracking on things, such as officially letting work know when I’m starting my leave. I’ve been saying Dec 5th so far and I want to stick it out till then but part of me is thinking maybe Nov 30th. Give myself that one extra week. I’m hoping baby’s going to be early so maybe that time to just focus on baby and forget about work would be good for me. Work has really been stressing me out lately, not because anything there has changed per se but I guess because I have. I’m tired and I’m just not in the mood. On the other hand, the extra week of pay wouldn’t hurt.

I am hoping to qualify for EI, both for maternity and parental benefits, which could give me a portion of my wage for the majority of the year. It wouldn’t be much but it would be a huge help – far better than the nothing that my company offers. So hopefully that will work out, it would be a huge load of my mind.

We got set up today with Quicken and have started a family budget. So far so good. It’s scary that we don’t have any savings but huge student loan debts can be thanked for that. At least we’ve come up with a budget that looks like it will work. We should be able to manage relatively comfortably. We’ll have to watch where we’re spending for sure and adjust the budget over the next little while but it’s going to be doable.

I feel bad that James can’t take any parental leave though. I know he’d love to be off with baby for a little while, having bonding time as the stay-at-home dad. It just isn’t feasible though, if I went back to work and he was off we wouldn’t be able to make ends meet due to my far lower wage than his. I wish things could be different but that’s the reality of it. At least he has 3 weeks vacation saved up for when baby arrives and he hopes to extend it to 4 weeks – even if he has to lose one week of pay. It will be nice to start off parenthood together as a family for a little while at least.

We went on a glorious walk today through Lost Lagoon to 2nd Beach and along to Denman and home. It was soooo nice out, so mild I didn’t even need my sweater after a while. I took so many nice pictures of the fall leaves and the various animals we saw along the way. I’ve never seen so many raccoons in one outing before! I’m so glad we got to enjoy some nice sunny crisp fall weather. Picture post to come for sure – I just have to do some resizing of the pics.

We had a great day, lots of exercise and it was just nice to be out together enjoying the fresh air. We also had some lounging time at home – James made us veg eggs benny with hollandaise and everything, very impressive and SO tasty. Food always tastes better when someone else makes it! I felt spoiled getting a full breakfast prepared for me like that. I usually just have a bowl of cereal and a piece of fruit but a hot Sunday breakfast really hits the spot!

I did really well on our walk and even went out a second time, spur of the moment. But then later this evening I got really sick…I was suffering from heartburn pretty badly but decided I should eat something healthy so James made a really amazing salad. It was soooo tasty and my throwing it up 5 minutes after eating it had nothing to do with the salad itself! It didn’t help the heartburn though and I just couldn’t handle the way I was feeling so I got sick. I ate some ice cream to settle things after (ice cream I do sometimes find helps with heartburn) and it helped for a little while but then I was sick again. I’ve eaten a bit since then and I think I’m past the sickness now…plus I took 2 Diclectin so those should kick in and help with the nausea too…But I still don’t feel quite ‘right.’ And I feel so guilty now when I get sick because then baby kicks about and I wonder if it’s making him or her uncomfortable when I’m heaving and coughing (and crying because I feel sorry for myself).

I felt really depressed after I was sick the second time and I still feel a hint of sadness now. For the most part I feel a lot better and I’m trying not to let myself be so affected by things. It’s hard though. Even though to some my life would seem very small, I feel as if there is a lot going on right now and I need to process it all…but I’m somehow finding that impossible to fully do.

I’m going to Nanaimo soon. My last visit till after baby’s here. Probably won’t go back till February-ish. It’s going to be very emotional for me when I have to leave Nanaimo, knowing I won’t be back for longer than I’ve ever gone without spending at least a few days there. I’ve gotten used to going over on a semi regular basis so it’s going to feel strange knowing I can’t just make a quick trip over. I’ll really miss my parents, though they’ll be visiting us for a few days next month and will spend Xmas time here with us and will be over as soon as we call to say I’m in labour, if they’re not already here at that point. But I’ll miss the girls (the springer spaniels, my ‘sisters’) because I won’t see them for months and they’re both getting older and while I hope they have tons of time left, you really never know. I hate the idea of not getting to spend time with them for so long.

But James even said tonight that he’s going to worry just a little bit that I could go into labour this week while I’m there and he’d be frantically trying to get to me in time! I highly HIGHLY doubt it would happen though. (I wouldn’t go if I thought it was at all likely). We still have 8 weeks to go till our due date and if I did go into labour in the next few days there’d be something wrong. I can’t see it going that way. Baby seems quite content in his or her little home inside my belly, I can’t imagine baby deciding it’s time to enter the ‘real’ world just yet!

Still, that’s why this is my last trip over. Just to be on the safe side, since James can’t be going over with me, I can’t be going over anymore without him. We have to be together when baby decides it’s time!

It’s scary that it’s coming down to the wire like that, where we have to think about these things in detail, for the reality that they are. Time is going by so fast now, one week goes into the next as if just hours have passed. Tuesday is 32 full weeks.

I’m really happy and excited though…I’ve seen pics lately from a few old friends from high school and their newborns and I just can’t wait to have pictures of my own like that! To have baby to love and admire and hold onto. It’s going to be so wonderful. James told me the other day that he thinks I’ll be a great mother because I have so much love to share. It’s only natural to worry about what type of parent you’ll be and sometimes I do question how I’ll manage given some of my idiosyncrasies and all…but if there’s one thing that’s true it’s that I do have a lot of love to give and there’s no question that this baby is going to be loved for life! I will never let baby forget how much mommy adores him or her, that much is for sure =)

In the meantime, I should probably write out my lists and be done with it. Then I might actually be able to fall asleep when I go to bed. Oh, wouldn’t that be nice!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm so tired, I can't sleep

My mind races, baby squirms, and I find myself staring at the wall or the ceiling. I can’t even keep my eyes closed despite how tired I truly am! I wish I could sleep but it’s just not happening for me at the moment.

Today we advanced-voted for the Vancouver-Burrard provincial election since I’m not going to be around next week on the actual voting day. I wasn’t going to bother voting, as bad as that sounds, since I really didn’t know much about the candidates. I didn’t even know about this by-election till I got the card in the mail about it just a few days ago! But then I thought I really should vote…so rather than vote necessarily for the person I voted for the party I’m most in favour of. Not sure if that’s always the best way to go but it’s what I did…

Then we went to Milestone’s for lunch. I was craving a Baguette Time sandwich however, so I didn’t want to get much at Milestones…whereas James was more in preference of the sit down lunch, which is more comfortable at M than at BT. I ordered a mushroom soup that they just put back on the menu for only $4.99 and it was absolutely DELICIOUS – AND vegetarian (obviously, or I wouldn’t have got it!) which is rare for soup in restaurants I find…so I was really happy with it. It was soooo amazingly tasty! It was also nice to sit for a while and chat and enjoy our lunch. Then we walked up Davie Street and ran a few errands, such as stopping by the health food store so I could replenish my supply of Raspberry Leaf tea. Then we got the sandwich I so craved (to eat later) (AND it happened to be the sandwich of the day so it was half price!), then to Safeway for some groceries and the pet store for cat litter. Then home to drop it off, back out in search of Neopolitan ice cream for me (my current craving) and the video store. I’d hoped to find somewhere to have AN ice cream, not get an entire tub…but there was nowhere in the area that even serves ice cream that we could find, so we ended up getting a big thing of it. I’m kind of happy now that we did because I am quite enjoying it =D

The movie we got was The Happening, starring Mark Wahlberg. I have to say, I am questioning why he decided to take on this movie. He is such a great actor and I would have thought he would be fairly choosey about what movie roles he would accept. Needless to say, I gave the movie 2 thumbs down. Way down. It’s too bad because there was definite potential – but unfortunately shock factor alone does not make for a good movie. The script has to follow suit, and this movie, much like a number of other M. Night Shyamalan films, was really lacking in the script department. I honestly don’t think I’d ever watch another of his films because of how disappointed I’ve been with the last few I’ve seen. And what is with Zooey Deschanel, who played the lead woman? I don’t think she could act her way out of a wet paper bag. It could largely be due to the bad script but I have a feeling she’s just not a very good actress (at least in my opinion). There were a lot of loose ends in this movie, the premise was rather stupid…I really do think it had potential – there were some intense scenes in terms of the situations that were playing out, but unfortunately it did nothing for me. James and I were both totally disappointed as we’d expected something more from it. But oh well, live and learn.

I want to watch more happy, upbeat movies but I just didn’t see anything at the video store that caught my eye. There are way too many mainstream crappy films out there these days…

After the movie we napped, then I made a homemade pizza which turned out really good if I do say so myself! And I watched a little Faerie Tale Theater. I got radishes today so we’ll enjoy them in a salad tomorrow =) Nothing much else happened, although I did get some work done on my cross stitch…

Tomorrow we have some organizational things to do but for the most part I think it will be a loungey sort of day. Maybe go for a walk if the weather is nice but nothing too strenuous. I’m looking forward to puttering about but not doing a whole entire lot!

In the meantime I just wish I could get some sleep…

Friday, October 24, 2008

My love loves me, and all the wonders I see...A rainbow shines in my window, my love loves me!

When I was little, amongst my favourite Faerie Tale Theater movies was Rapunzel. I also enjoyed Hansel and Gretal, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Three Little Pigs to name a few. But Rapunzel was always – and still is – my favourite.

I have the whole collection of Faerie Tale Theater films on DVD, and enjoy watching them from time to time. As a child, when I was home sick from school, my mom would often rent me some Faerie Tale Theater and I enjoyed bundling up on the couch in a blanket and getting into the shows. I do the same now when I’m sick, though I also enjoy watching them ‘just because.’ I’m hoping baby will enjoy them as much as I have! I know they’re slightly dated but they’re classic and I definitely plan on introducing them to baby in a few years time.

Anyway, I got to thinking about Rapunzel and Marie’s obsession with radishes. She just had to have a rapun, there was nothing else to it! Good ol’ faithful Claude wasn’t going to deny her pregnancy cravings, no matter the cost, and made sure to get her those special radishes she so craved. What a guy, that Claude!

When I was little, for some reason my grandpa and I latched onto the line, “Claude, I have to have a radish!” and while it sounds ridiculous now, at the time it made perfect sense that we occasionally would call each other Claude and mention about the radishes. I guess you could say it was our thing – one of many! – that we liked to joke about.

The dream Marie has in the film about radishes moving about and screaming – I think one radish even attempts to eat another – always freaked me out as a child. In fact, sometimes I had to close my eyes during that scene! Watching it now, it’s quite humorous, but as a child I found it to be truly nightmarish. I have since come to realize that vivid dreams are common during pregnancy and while I’ve not dreamt of a radish to speak of, I can understand where Marie’s dreams were coming from!

At any rate, I’ve decided, Claude, I have to have a radish! It seems only right that I follow through on this and eat at least a few radishes during my pregnancy. Only this time Claude is James. And he doesn’t have to go into our neighbour’s garden to retrieve my precious rapuns. (Nor will a crazy witch steal away our first born child!!!) He simply has to escort me to the grocery store on the weekend to pick some up! =)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

If you want to kill yourself smoking, go ahead, but why should I have to suffer from it too?

Got some work done and got some cross stitch done, and some chores around the apartment. But I’m sooooooooooooo freeeeeeeeeeeeaking tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t had a nap yet today – I think I should go have one soon. After a bubble bath!

My Nana’s motto is: You’ve got to keep ahead of your filth. It’s a good motto, the only problem is how difficult it can be to actually keep ahead of it fully. I’m struggling with that. If I could have everything spotless before baby gets here, there’d be far less to worry about when I will barely have time for the essential chores, let alone ones that only need taken care of from time to time. But I get tuckered out so quickly. I actually was daydreaming while doing some cleaning today that I had someone coming in to do it for me! I have never thought such a thing before, since I tend to prefer to do chores myself and don’t like the idea of a stranger looking at my stuff/filth. I just find being on my hands and knees for any period of time rather uncomfy. For a few minutes is fine, such as to clean out the tub or the bathroom floor…but doing the kitchen and solarium floor left me feeling slightly wasted (and knees aching) – and I didn’t even get the whole thing done.

Oh wells… :S

This weekend, aside from running some errands and just getting out of the house for a while for exercise/fresh air, maybe a meal out (since we won’t be eating out at all for a while pretty soon!) I think it’s time James and I sat down and came up with a financial budget. It’s going to be tough once I lose my paycheque…doable for sure but money will be tighter. I think it’s important that we come up with a plan and figure out exactly what we’ll have and what we’ll need…

I also want us to do something fun, like pick out what outfit we want baby to wear when he or she comes home from the hospital! Yes, that’s my idea of fun :P

I know it’s getting to be like a broken record me saying this but I AM SO EFFING SICK OF THE CIGARETTE SMOKE COMING FROM NEXT DOOR. I am 95% sure it’s our direct next door neighbour. I mean, I can’t prove it 100% but it seems pretty clear (or, rather, should I say smokey?!?!?!) I was making breakfast this morning and could smell it slightly in the kitchen, and by the time I was going to the living room with my breakfast, it was getting so strong I had to put the kitchen fan on full force, which is quite loud. The air purifier was (and is) on too, but it can only filter so quickly…

Soon enough it was all I could smell in the living room too. After getting some work done, (and starting to literally feel nauseous from the odour) I decided to sprinkle carpet deodorizer around and vacuum, which can sometimes help a bit with the smell. I was so maddened when I went into the nursery to sprinkle some in there and discovered that a very heavy smoke smell was lingering in baby’s room. I worry so much about what the 2nd hand smoke is going to do to baby. I read that even now, in the womb, baby is taking in 2nd hand smoke that I breathe in. It’s bad enough if it’s harming my health but if you harm my baby I am going to have to revert to my alter ego – that of angry mama bear.

I wrote a note and put it up in the hallway. I’ve found if I put them up by the elevators, down the hall from our suite, they get taken down very quickly. The managers live on our floor and I don’t think they like these hand written notes going up in hallways…So this time I put it up just outside the door (not on the actual door but near it) of the neighbour I am suspecting is the culprit. I’m hoping she’ll read it at some point today and think about what she’s doing…I included the fact that I’m having a baby soon and don’t want them breathing in the fumes, not to mention the unfairness to any non-smokers who are having to endure it…It angers me to no end. I don’t know why they allow smoking in the building, especially when we’re all renters. They’ll never be able to get rid of the smell in that suite because one of the managers told me she’s been smoking inside since she moved in 5 years ago! Blech. I can’t even imagine the way her stuff must smell. If it bothers me this much to have it linger in our suite for hours on end, what must it smell like in her place where it’s constantly filled with smoke?? It has got to be the nastiest smell ever.

Anyway, I am working on getting to the bottom of it. I already complained to the managers, had a weather strip added to our front door, and monofoam put all over the vents and pipes throughout the kitchen. I have a feeling the managers talked to the woman and she hasn’t been smoking near our suite as often, but she still does it enough that I feel it’s a problem. I’m at the end of my rope, truthfully. We confronted her once, ages back, and she denied it was her (even though the manager have since told me it’s her) (she smokes with one of the other managers outside sometimes so I don’t think he’d make it up…) so really, what more can be done?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where I'm at

Slowly but surely, baby’s cross stitch quilt is coming together. Still a majorly long ways to go but it’s getting there. I’m just taking a 15 minute break and then it’s back to it for another hour or so. I need to see more progress before I can sleep!

The heartburn is KILLING me. No matter what I do to try to stop it, today it is rearing its ugly head in full force.

And what else is killing me? Let’s see…how about the pain in my lower back? I feel like screaming from it truthfully. A lot of the time it’s very slight or not even noticeable but sometimes it’s excruciating. And there’s really nothing I can do about it. A warm bath can help a bit, although our tub isn’t the most comfortable (why don’t they put nice soaker tubs in apartments like ours?! In our building you have to be on the 18th floor or above to have a nice tub and of course pay $300 to over $1000 more per month than we pay!!!) Anyway…nothing much seems to help. James massages it but to no avail. I guess it’s just the extra girth I’m carrying around that causes it. Plus baby presses on nerves so sometimes pain shoots down my backside (sciatica, anyone?) and my thighs sometimes ache too.

Oh yeah and what’s with a million stretch marks suddenly making their appearance overnight? I started off with a small patch on my left side near my back. Then I woke up the other day to find a patch to match on the right side…and now I even seem to have a few on my thighs! Don’t even ask about the state of my breasts. Good lord, I am a real hand painting, aren’t I?! Oh well. It’s all part and parcel. And baby is worth every single bit of it!!! I just have to keep telling myself that =)

We felt some huge movements from baby tonight when I was tucking James into bed. I love it when he gets to witness them! I am probably grabbing his hand and putting it to my belly far too often but I can’t help it, I want him to feel as involved as possible. It’s so cute when he pokes my belly and then baby pokes back!

I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed at times lately. I had a really good day today and didn’t let myself get bogged down by it all. I’m working on getting done what needs doing so I won’t have to stress as much. But still, it just feels like too much is going on. I can’t handle a whole lot these days. Tonight I was chipper and in very good spirits, but the past few nights previous I was very, very sad and something would set me off crying and then that would be the end of me. When I cry, I feel as if I’ll never stop and it might have been something tiny and ridiculous that set me off but once it happens, I’m lost. I start thinking about everything that worries me and I get sadder and sadder. I’m sure it’s the hormones. But it’s hard to take sometimes!

I need to work through my fears. I’m sure the prenatal classes will help with that somewhat, as knowing more about labour and what to expect and how to prepare apparently helps to calm one’s nerves with regard to facing labour. I also have to figure out work though. I am really hoping to stay on till Dec 5th but I honestly don’t know if I can. My attention span is quite short already and I feel so guilty when I need to go for an afternoon nap and am not getting as much work done as I’d like – though I know resting is important. It stresses me out, then I get behind and have to try to make up the time but I’m too tired to put in that many extra hours. It’s tough though, because with zero pay once I go on leave, well I really have to account for that for when I decide to stop working. I don’t make a lot of money but we do still make good use of my paycheque and I hate the idea of losing it. Especially when we’re going to have the added expense of baby stuff we’ll need to buy. I also don’t want to appear to be totally lazy and not wanting to work because it’s not like that, I do have a work ethic! But…I’m just so tired and so baby focused. I want to just think about the future and our little one and prepare for their arrival and nest and sleep and sort things in my mind!

Oh well, there’s time for everything I suppose. I just have to manage my time and do the best I can. That’s pretty much all I can do…

Taco Bake

It’s ridiculous how impossible it is to find drawer liners in Vancouver. Maybe I was just looking in all the wrong stores (London Drugs, Sears, The Bay, Winners) but I couldn’t find them anywhere. So maddening. I want to line the drawers for baby’s bureau since they need a bit of an update and I want them to be fresh and new for all baby’s clothes. I’m going for one last trip to Nanaimo soonish so I’ll look there. I always do way better shopping for things in Nanaimo than I do here. Strange, but true.

I did get a new nightgown on sale – I need it because all my pj’s are getting way too short given that they have to ride up my huge belly. I also got another cloth diaper wrap for baby and baby wipes that are NOT Proctor & Gamble brand – thank gawd for that. It really bothers me that P&G has a monopoly on diapers and related baby products…

I am proud of myself for doing so much walking today and only sitting down once for about 2 minutes in The Bay to take a rest. I walked A LOT given I also went through Pacific Centre Mall…I hate that mall, I only went through it to get to the food court so I could have a Strawberry Julius, which was sooooo good let me tell you!

On my way home, just minding my own business, this friendly man, probably in his late 50s, came up to me. He said I was looking wonderful and that there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman with life inside her. Now, normally this sort of comment would freak me out a bit and I’d be annoyed because it would seem like the guy was creepy and coming on to me or something. But the way he said it was quite charming and didn’t come across creepy at all. It was actually quite flattering! He was congratulating me and saying what a miracle it is…and said how time flies because his eldest is now 25 and 6’6”! I can’t even imagine our tiny little baby being that age (and I don’t think he or she will be that height no matter what!) I only think about him or her in the baby stage! Anyway, it was a sweet sentiment. He was just really friendly and the way he spoke was very kind. It made my afternoon actually! Because sometimes I just feel so gigantic and aside from having a huge belly, a bit unshapely…so it’s nice to be recognized for having a life inside me! I think it’s a beautiful thing too!

James should be home soon…He started work at 5am and it’s after 6:30. I’m a tad annoyed because now I know he’ll just be absolutely exhausted tonight and won’t be up for anything. BUT I did make him one of his favourite meals, that we haven’t had in a very long time: a veggie taco bake. Basically it’s layers of soft tortillas and in between there is veggie ground round, cheese, salsa, tomato, red pepper and onions. Yum! It’ll probably give me raging heartburn but at least it has healthy stuff in it. And James is going to be so happy I made it =)

I got LOTS of work done today and tonight I SWEAR I am going to get a few hours in on my cross stitch…I have to! Times a’ ticking!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blah blah blah...

Why am I blogging for the millionth time today when I should be focused on my cross stitch and nothing else?! Although in my defence James and I are about to sit down and watch a show together to veg before he has to go to bed so there’s no point getting all the gear out when 10 minutes from now I’ll have to put it all away. I’m going to stay up after he goes to bed and put in a few hours to get going on the giraffe square a bit more…

We stopped by my bro and s-i-l’s after supper to drop off some homemade lasagna we promised them and to see Maude. She is such a cute puppy, I can’t get over it! She kept farting though and for a teensy weensy French bulldog whoa do her farts ever stink. You’d think a small dog would have small farts but not so! She had that cute little look on her face though, with her little bottom teeth stinking out, or her giant tongue gaping out of her mouth. I love most dogs but there’s nothing cuter than that little Maudester!

After stopping by their place we went and got the kitties food and went to Safeway to do a shop. Poor James had to carry quite a heavy load home, but he didn’t complain at all. I carried one semi-heavy bag but that’s it. He’s really good about taking care of me on so many levels so tonight while we watch our show I will give him a back rub. He gives me frequent massages due to my aches and pains so it’s nice for me to reciprocate every once in a while :P

I fell in love at the grocery store. Well, not really, but I saw these cookies I couldn’t resist getting. If you’re in a state (such as pregnancy) where you’re packing on the pounds anyway, I figure there’s no point stressing over a few extra calories here and there. And given this was literally the only unhealthy purchase – seriously, everything else was fruits, veggies, tofu products, healthful cereal, etc – I’m not doing too badly! Anyway, they’re Reeses COOKIES. Basically they have everything a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup has only with an added cookie crunch. If I believed in Heaven I think these cookies would be a part of my every day life there (and I’d imagine Heaven would be kind enough to make them zero calories – Ha!) Anyway, they’re delish. At least for now they meet my craving for something sweet :P I’ve only eaten one so far but I have a feeling the box won’t be around for long…The only downside is that sugar in any real quantity gives me terrible heartburn. But then again, there isn’t much that DOESN’T give me the burn these days…

Time to watch Heroes now – thank goodness for downloaded TV viewing! We’ll see if I like this episode tho…after watching the last one I said that the next one I see makes it or breaks it for me, so it had better be a good one!

Shopping online makes life so much if only I could do my grocery shopping that way!

Yesterday I did some Christmas shopping online. It’s really unfortunate that our dollar isn’t doing so well as of late – if only I’d ordered the stuff a month or two ago! But oh well, who could know, right? At least it’s not that bad an exchange rate…It bugs me when you buy something from Canada and it’s in US pricing though, what gives?

We already had Xmas with James’ dad and girlfriend…So they’re ‘off the list’ so to speak, of who we need to buy for. We’re finished getting my bro and s-i-l’s gifts…my mom is done…I’ve got part of James’ gift and I know at least one more small thing I’m going to get him…My dad I have an idea of what to get him but I just have to get out there and get it. Both my grandma’s are taken care of. James’ bro and gfriend we’ve started but have to get maybe 1 more thing for. And James’ mom and hubby (though we have 1 thing for them so far). We have to finish making the gift for my aunt and uncle, but if we don’t complete it I know something else we can get them. And that’s it! We started our shopping really early this year (in June!) and I’m so glad for it because I’m getting so tired and don’t like the idea one bit of having to go out shopping in a state of panic for gift buying. Which is not at all what Xmas should be about anyway!

It’s so easy to shop online though. And totally beats having to go out to the store and walk around aimlessly. Not that the exercise isn’t a good thing – I should be getting off my rear end more often! But it’s so convenient to just peruse the ‘isles’ of an online store and get great ideas for things to buy that would probably be a lot harder to find in-store. Yes, I do enjoy online shopping. I don’t do it too often though, because it’s scary how quickly the Visa bill can be racked up when doing so! Luckily I’ve been really cautious lately of putting money on my card as soon as I’ve used it so I’m not getting further and further in debt. We have huge enough debt load as it is between student loans and our line of credit – I’m happy to report our credit cards are currently debt free!

Time to work on my cross stitch, no more dilly dallying. This thing has got to get DONE!

31 weeks

Baby has me so well trained: I’ve come to believe that going to bed = baby waking up and squirming about, thus keeping me awake. Last night when I went to bed, there was nothing. Not a peep. So this time, instead of laying there wide awake due to baby’s movements, I was laying there worrying that something was wrong. I ended up getting up and listening to baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler, which of course assured me immediately that baby was alive and well, probably just sleeping (which is what I should have been doing too). Once I was up for a little while, sure enough there were kicks and squirms. It’s ridiculous! The one time baby gives me the opportunity for rest, I don’t take it! Although it worked out since I ended up getting a bit more work done on my cross stitch project.

Last night I printed a whole bunch more pictures for baby’s time capsule that we’re putting together. So far there are pictures, a few odds and ends like movie ticket stubs to remind them of places they went before they were born, and a Discovery magazine (which James happened to buy the day I was in the hospital from dehydration during my terrible morning sickness phase) that is likely to be very outdated (and therefore funny) by the time we give baby the time capsule. It’s fun picking pictures and writing the significance of them on the back. But I need to come up with more ‘things’ to put in there. What would signify 2008? Any ideas for fun things that could go in there but that also would make sense being in there, not just totally random stuff??? I’m thinking we’ll probably wait till baby is around 13-15 to give them the box…I was considering making a cd of music we like but I don’t know if the CDs we use now will even work by then. Maybe it’s worth giving it a shot though?

Anyway, I need to work but I also feel this strong urge to go back to sleep for a while. Maybe I’ll get a bit done then take a short nap and get back to it…I so wish I could be on maternity leave already and just do as I please, which is rest when I can and think about baby the rest of the time…if only it was even partially paid for! :S

Oh yeah, today is 31 full weeks…just 9 weeks to go…7-8 if baby is born early like we’re hoping! OMG is that crazy or what?! I can’t believe we’re getting so close. It’s good though, we both want baby here so badly. I was rubbing my belly last night thinking how baby is just inches away from me, yet I can’t hold him or her yet the way I want to! It’s so strange! But it’s ok…Even though I’d prefer to be more comfortable and be staring in awe at our precious little one, I don’t want to wish pregnancy away either. I love being pregnant, and while it’s going to be so rewarding having baby with us and out of my belly, I have a feeling I’m going to be experiencing a bit of an empty nest syndrome when baby leaves my body. I’ve grown so used to carrying him or her around with me, always knowing he or she is safe and with me, it’s going to be hard to give that up. BUT I am sure the thrill of their cute little self being with us will make me forget those feelings quickly! Aw, every time I think about what baby’s going to be like my heart just melts!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sickness won't stop me from nesting!

I got really sick this afternoon and threw up for the first time in a while. It could be because I’ve been weaning myself further off Diclectin, down to just one per night for the past 4 nights. I would have thought if it was the weaning that I’d have been sick by now though…It’s probably just normal pregnancy sickness, since it often comes back in the third trimester. Who knows. All I know is I could have done without it :S And I hope it doesn’t last.

Since I have nothing on my tummy I decided to make some buttermilk biscuits. I know they don’t have tons of nutrients but they’ll be easy on my stomach. I’m thawing some homemade Minestrone soup for our supper, which is full of healthful veggies, so at least baby will have that to look forward to. I feel so guilty when I get sick and baby isn’t getting everything he or she needs, but luckily my sickness isn’t a regular thing these days so one day that’s a little off shouldn’t be too much of a problem…

Maybe I did a bit too much today, but I had more energy than usual this morning so I wanted to take advantage of it. In between working (which I still have to do a bit more of before the day is done), I cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, put our stuff away from our trip to Victoria, cleaned the bathroom, stripped the bed and did laundry, and moved the cedar chest out of the closet and put it by the window in the bedroom. I’m hoping it works there once we set up the bassinet – it’s a bit of a tight squeeze in there but I thought it’d be nice to be able to use the chest as a bench. Plus it holds all our games so it’s nice to be able to access it (although I’m considering putting the games in the closet and have blankets and things in the cedar chest…I’m not sure yet). I shouldn’t have done the somewhat heavy lifting that I had to do in order to move it, but it wasn’t too bad and I really wanted to get it done. The nesting instinct is quite strong, I can’t help it!

Between the stuff I did around the apartment and getting sick, I’m feeling exhausted now. I’m going to have a bath and nap till James gets home. After supper I can finish my work for the day and then work on my cross stitch. I have so much work left to do on it, I’ve really got to get cracking.

Another weekend away

We had a short but sweet visit in Victoria this weekend. We stayed with James’ dad/girlfriend and James’ bro/girlfriend were there also. It was sort of our Christmas celebration together in a way – at least for James and me – since we won’t be seeing them this Xmas with the baby coming. It was nice to have a little family get-together so no one feels left out during the holidays. Its rare we all get to see each other, let alone all at the same time, so it was good.

It started off a little shaky…Note to anyone who might read this: telling a pregnant woman that she’s looking ‘roly poly’ is NOT nice. Don’t do it. It’s one thing if a person says, ‘Baby sure is getting big!’ or something along those lines because, yes, baby IS getting big! Which does mean my belly is huge…and I’m fine with that, because, well, IT IS. But saying I am roly poly is suggesting I am FAT, plain and simple. And while there’s nothing wrong with being fat per se, no one wants to hear it as such. Plus I really don’t think I am fat over all, I am just bigger due to the pounds baby requires me to pack on. It’s really not something I can control in any way, shape or form – no pun intended!

When the initial comment was made by a certain individual I was a bit upset, hid it of course but the feeling was there. But I talked to James about it later and felt better and moved on and with no more rude comments put in my face, things got better. We had a nice visit, ate great food, played some games, chatted. It went by super fast.

Last night I slept horribly though and had terrible leg cramps. A common pregnancy symptom that I’ve had a few times here and there over the months…Sometimes if they wake me up quickly enough, I can flex my leg(s) a certain way and it makes the cramping stop before my entire calf muscle has seized up to the point of making me wish I could cut my whole leg off. But last night I wasn’t so lucky and couldn’t flex in time and it was all I could do not to scream in agony and wake everyone else in the house (my relatively quiet ow ow ows and oh my gods and aaaaaahhhhhs did wake James however!) Finally it calmed down and I was able to go back to sleep, but I woke up about an hour later to my other leg seizing. My calf muscles are feeling tight now as a result, so I’m hoping I’m not in for it again tonight…I do everything I can to exercise them, get enough calcium, not sleep on my back to avoid bad circulation – but it seems inevitable that it happens from time to time. One of the many perks of being with child!

Baby was quite active this weekend, especially yesterday. Lots of movements and hiccups galore. My uterus was killing me our whole trip back – another growth spurt, perhaps?! – which of course caused my back to hurt also so it was a very long trip, but once we got home a hot bath seemed to help. I am feeling more relaxed now.

It was a good weekend and I’m glad we went. I’m happy to be home now though – there is so much I want to get done around here and I’m looking forward to this weekend and just spending it here with James. Being able to laze around and just do as we please is sounding really nice to me at the moment. I think we both need a little down time – the calm before the storm so to speak. Not that having baby here is going to be stormy but we have to enjoy our lazy quiet days now while we’ve got them! Tomorrow is 31 weeks – we don’t have much time left to be selfish!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I need to close my eyes for a few

Today I had an appointment with my midwife. I go every 2 weeks now that I am past the 30 week mark.

Everything seems good. I’m going to get my blood tested again in a week or so to see if my iron level is up. Baby’s heartbeat was at about 150 bpm, which is totally normal and healthy. My midwife was poking around to feel baby’s position and then used a stethoscope to listen and baby wasn’t impressed…baby pushed at the stethoscope with all his or her might! It was so funny. My midwife took it as a sign and put the stethoscope away. Baby doesn’t like being poked and prodded!

Apparently his or her position is a bit off, but it’s nothing to worry about right now since baby still has room to move around fully. I know this considering baby has been rolling around quite regularly over the past little while! Baby’s head is where it should be, but his or her back is facing my back, when it should be facing my front. Again, this position could have even changed since my appointment, since there’s still room for baby to roam. But I have to try to lean forward a lot to try to coax baby into the right position, just in case. Probably a good thing the tub needs a good scrubbing, as does the kitchen floor – that will get me leaning! Too bad I currently don’t have the energy to actually do any of that!!! Maybe after supper…

One really good thing I found out is that the hospital I’m delivering at only has private rooms in the maternity ward. The only way I might get put in a semi-private room is if I have to have a c-section (which I so hope doesn’t happen), but otherwise all the rooms are private. Which saves us over $200 a night, which is what we were expecting to pay based on the form we read! Sweet deal, it will all be covered – phew!

I just had a nice bubble bath and I feel so relaxed. I’m going to go have a nap till James gets home, then we’re going to cook a yummy stir fry for supper. I have tofu and mushrooms marinating in a delicious Thai sesame BBQ sauce we picked up at the farmer’s market a few weeks back. Mmm it’s going to be tasty!

I’m so glad it’s Friday. Although we’re travelling this weekend so I feel like it’s going to be a bit of an exhausting weekend. Still, it’ll be good to visit with James’ side of the family. I hope the weather bucks up so we don’t have to take our umbrellas!

Pregnancy Survey

About the mommy!
Name: Elizabeth
Age: 28
Hair color: Medium brown (when it’s natural, that is!)
Eye color: Blue
First child?: Yes

About the daddy!
Name: James
Age: 29
Hair color: Dirty blonde
Eye color: Greyish green
First child?: Yes

Finding out!!
What day did you find out?: Tuesday, April 15th
How did you feel when you found out?: Over the moon!
Who was with you?: James
Who was the first person you told?: My parents
How did they react?: My mom cried (tears of joy!) and my dad gave me a big hug and kiss!
How did the daddy react?: He was very happy!

Telling the grandparents!
How did your parents react?: See above
How did his parents react?: Both very happy – his mom especially so out of the two of them!
Are they helping with baby names?: No (we weren’t taking suggestions!)
Have they bought anything for the baby yet?: Yes, especially my parents – so many cute little clothes!
How often do they call to check on you?: I talk to my parents often, James talks to his parents once a week or so

About the pregnancy!
When was your first appointment?: The end of April sometime, can’t remember
When is your due date?: December 23rd
How far along are you?: 30 weeks + 3 days
Pre-pregnancy weight?: Not saying!
Weight now?: I have gained almost 25 pounds so far…
Have you had any ultrasounds?: Yes, 2.
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Of course!
What was the heartbeat?: Started off at 160 bpm and stayed the same for ages. Now it’s between 150-160.

Sex of the baby!
Are you finding out the sex or will you wait until birth?: Waiting – there’s something special about the surprise!
What do you want?: a healthy baby, but boy or girl doesn’t matter
What does the daddy want?: It’s not so much a matter of ‘want’ – he is predicting girl but I know he’ll be happy either way, like me!
What do you think you are having?: See above. I personally have no idea!
Have you had your big ultrasound yet?: Yes. It was amazing! We had it 10 weeks ago – I’d LOVE to see how much baby has grown since then!

About the birth!
Do you know what you are taking with you?: Not yet…I have a general idea but I have to put a bag together still. I will do that next month.
Who is going to be with you?: James, and my midwife hopefully!
Are you going to videotape it?: No flipping way!!!
Natural or medicated?: I’m hoping for as natural as possible…this is a topic for a future blog post though. I want to use drugs but I’m apprehensive about every option so we’ll have to see how I feel at the time…
Do you think you will need a c-section?: No, I hope not. If it happens that way, so be it, but I’d prefer a vaginal birth.
Will you cry when you hold your baby for the first time?: I get weepy just thinking about it! I am sure there will be many tears of joy following baby’s birth!
Do you think the daddy will cry?: Quite possibly, despite that I’ve only seen James cry a few times ever!
Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold him/her?: Not for sure…most likely I will tell him or her how precious he or she is!
Are you scared about the labor?: Yes…I’m a tad nervous!

Do you have a name picked out?: Yes, for both boy or girl…
Girl names...: It’s a surprise!
Boy names...: It’s a surprise!
Is your baby going to be named after someone?: Yes and no…both names have special meaning but we also chose them because we like the names for the names themselves

Other random questions!!
Where was your baby conceived?: In our bed :P
Have you felt the baby move?: Lots!
What race(s) will your baby be? From you and daddy?: We’re both Canadian born Caucasians
Do you have stretch marks yet?: Yes…on my left side near my back and on my breasts :P Ah, the joys of pregnancy! They don’t bother me in the least though, they’re all part of the process!
What was your first symptom?: Missed period. Then came the morning sickness!!!
Will your baby have godparents?: No
What is the baby's room theme?: Counting Sheep – it’s so cute if I do say so myself!
What was the first thing you bought for the baby?: I think it was their crib set, which started the theme
Will you cloth diaper?: Yes. We also got plastic reusable diapers. We’ll use disposables too but I’d like to try using reusables as much as possible for environmental reasons
BFing or formula?: Hoping to breastfeed full time for the first while
What is your favorite pregnancy book?: What to Expect When You’re Expecting
What do you look forward to doing again once you are no longer pregnant?: Being able to sleep on my stomach without getting kicked for trying!!!
What physical features do you hope the baby will get from daddy?: His eyebrows and cute cheek creases!
What physical features do you hope the baby will get from you?: I hope baby gets a cross between my eyes and daddy’s eyes…Maybe my hands…
Is he ready to be a daddy?: Yes, I just know he’s going to be an amazing father!
Are you ready to be a mommy?: I’m nervous but ready! Really looking forward to loving baby forever!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It hurts behind my eyes

Today I took a sick day. Although my company is very stingy about sick days so I think I’ll have to use a vacation day if I want to get paid for it. Ho-hum. I might try to work extra over the next little while to make up the time and then it will be as if I worked today after all. Luckily I can do that from time to time if need be! Although I hate the idea of having to work extra hours…but we’ll see.

Last night I started getting a vicious headache. We went out to get James’ dad and partner their Xmas gifts since this weekend is our last visit with them till January…I was doing well the majority of the time – we had a bite to eat at Salathai, then went about our shopping which for the most part was successful. But then on the walk home I started feeling the beginnings of a headache. A migraine to be more precise. That would normally be the time where I’d pop 2 Advil pills designed for such pain…but unfortunately I cannot take such medications with our little one developing inside me. So I had to surrender to the pain.

I thought maybe a hot bath and just relaxing for the evening would do the trick and it would subside, but no such luck. I went to bed with an ice pack and woke up several times throughout the night grabbing at my head, wishing I could just pull it right off. The aching even made its way into my dreams. I also had a nightmare which couldn’t have helped tension-wise: in it, there were rats, and lots of them…and right by me and I couldn’t get away from them. Did I mention I hate rats??

In the middle of the night James woke up and saw me clutching my head so he gave me a bit of a shoulder rub while in a half sleep induced stuper…It was a nice gesture but the pain returned as soon as he stopped, so I got up and rubbed some Tiger Balm on my temples/forehead/jaw/neck/shoulders. I went back to bed feeling shivery from the balm but managed to fall asleep. It wore off too quickly though and the headache wasn’t any better from it. When I had to get up for work I reset the alarm for 9 and then let work know I wasn’t well enough to do anything today.

I wish I could have just laid in bed and rested – which is what I needed and what I still need. But unfortunately today we have a technician coming in to fix the fan on our microwave (which is the fan for the stove). The guy could show any time from 10 till 5 and because the concierge generally comes with them, I had to go around hiding anything and everything cat related…including the cats themselves! Not a fun job with a throbbing head. The poor kitties have been cooped up in the bedroom since 10 to 10 this morning and it’s almost 1:30 in the afternoon, and of course no sign yet of the technician. Why oh why can’t we ever be given a more specific time slot? I hate having to sit around waiting and waiting and they always come later in the day. Yet I know that if I waited to bother dealing with the cats till later, that would be the one time they’d be early…

I got my pregnancy boomerang pillow set up on the couch, which not only works for my legs/belly at night but can be a good head support as well when I need it so I snuggled my head into it and snoozed on the couch off and on for what I guess was a few hours. I still feel exhausted but I’ll probably wait to nap properly now till the maintenance guy has come and gone. Luckily, although I hope this doesn’t jinx it, the kitties have been very well behaved and are currently both sprawled out on the bed sleeping, not making a peep. I just hope they stay that way when the guy is in here! If it’s the same guy we had in here before, I think he’s friends with the managers, so we can never be too careful about hiding our pets ;)

I wish I had a strawberry Julius to comfort me right now. As a kid, whenever I was sick, my mom would get me a strawberry Julius. Even though I’m not sick-sick, I still would like to be spoiled just a little! But I have to take care of myself today. Maybe I’ll throw myself a little pity party and not invite anybody :P

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

30 weeks

Today is 30 full weeks. It feels like a huge milestone. Baby is going to be here in 10 weeks or less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for time to go by for so long but it still feels amazing that we’re getting so close now!

Right now baby has the hiccups. There have been a lot of those lately. It means he or she is practicing breathing – which of course is a different version of the breathing that will happen out of the womb, but it’s practice nonetheless. James and I were playing a game of Sorry! and baby started moving all over the place – my belly poked way out to the left then way out to the right. It keeps happening now too. It’s the cutest thing knowing baby is getting settled in there! Hopefully soon he or she will be in position for birth and will stay that way (except for the kicks and punches that will inevitably take place) till it’s time to come out. Apparently the movements will start to hurt sometimes or at least be quite uncomfortable because there isn’t any more room for more amniotic fluid so I won’t be as cushioned from the blows. That should make life interesting!

I don’t have any 30 week photos yet but I’ll have some taken tomorrow. Baby will be growing a LOT over the next few weeks as he or she develops fat. It’s hard to imagine I’m going to get a lot bigger still than what I am, but I know it’s going to happen!


Today we voted in the morning. Haven’t heard yet if the MP we voted for got in but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

It was good to get out for a morning stroll – after voting I went to the store and got a few things we needed and then came home to work. I was so tired all day after that though, so I’m glad I got some exercise in the morning. I was so zonked in the afternoon I took a 2 hour nap, which only made me feel more exhausted. I know I’m lucky that my work hours can be flexible so I can have a rest when I need to (most of the time, anyway) but still, I wish I didn’t need to! There’s so much I want to get done but I just don’t have the energy. Oh well, a little bit at a time I guess…

I’m counting down to December 5th – my last day of work, since I have vacation days saved up and then maternity leave to start! I can’t wait! December 5th is also a special date for me and James - it's our 10 year anniversary as a couple :)

Thanksgiving goodness

Thanksgiving long weekend was nice and relaxing. I went over to my parents’ place a few days in advance since I could work from there. James came over on Friday night and my brother and s-i-l came over Saturday. It was so nice, all of us being able to spend some quality time together. We did a lot of sitting around and chatting and had our Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. James makes a mean tofurky! It was delish. In fact, the whole meal was. It was a team effort and it really came together nicely. I had to put stretchy pants on partway through dinner because my belly was expanding by the second and if I wanted to keep eating I had to be comfortable! You should have seen me sitting there with my giant belly hanging out, but I couldn’t help it! I was hungry and wanted to eat everything on my plate but I had to do it in stages because I think baby was squishing my stomach, making it difficult to fill to its true capacity!

Tofurky, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, veg-friendly stuffing, carrots and parsnips, Brussels sprouts, corn, cranberry sauce, olives and even pickled beets. Everything was so yummy! I think I need a midnight snack just thinking about it.

Today we caught the ferry home and it was INSANE. BC Ferries really needs to get its act together when it comes to dealing with high traffic. By now you’d think they’d have a better system in place than what they do, but whatevs…We got there at 2pm to catch the 3:00 ferry, only to discover ten thousand people in the line ahead of us and 5 minutes later being told tickets had been cut off and we’d be on the next sailing. Luckily they did put an extra on for 4pm, but it was a long wait – especially since they won’t sell tickets for the next sailing till the previous one has already left. We were at least lucky to be in the line-up inside the building – the line got so long it was going all the way out to the street waaaaaaay back from the building – I felt sorry for the people who would likely be waiting till the 7pm sailing, which I have a feeling those at the back would have been doing.

Since there were 4 of us heading back together we caught a cab on Vancouver side which saved soooo much time and frustration with not having to deal with the crazy bus situation. Thank goodness for taxis!

It’s nice to be home but not really. I love being at my parents’ house, it’s so relaxing and quiet there. I am also getting a bit anxious about the fact that my next trip there is going to be my last till probably around February, with baby. I tend to go over at least once a month and it feels strange to think I won’t be going for so long. This was supposed to be my last trip there but I realized last night when I started feeling really wrought up about not being there for so long that I need to go back once more before I stop travelling. The reason I have to stop travelling is because if baby is to come early, I don’t want to be away from James and have him miss the birth. Not to mention that I do hope to have my midwife catch the baby…But obviously the number one reason is James needs to be there, wherever it happens! I figure it’s highly unlikely baby would be tooooo early so I can still travel on my own till the end of this month but after that I’m going to be more careful about it. Hopefully baby stays put till relatively close to his or her due date, but just to be on the safe side…Given my brother was a month early and I was 2 weeks early, there’s a chance I’ll deliver early (although I could deliver on time or late – one never really knows for sure!)

Speaking of baby, he or she has not been wanting me to sleep a wink lately. It’s only getting worse it seems, as baby grows (and there was quite a growth spurt in the past few days!) I can go all evening not feeling a thing, then get into bed and baby starts kicking, punching, and rolling around. It never seems to fail. It’s absolutely ridiculous! I end up getting up in the night because I can’t lay there like that, and as soon as I get up and stop trying to sleep, baby drifts off into la-la land, not a peep. I go back to bed to try for sleep again, and baby wakes up and starts dancing. What gives?! Oh well, I’ve been getting some work done on my cross stitch what with all the sleeplessness…

I think my iron level might be a up a bit, I can’t be sure about it but I’ve had a bit more energy in the past week than what I had before. I still get tired from the lack of sleeping but I do think something has improved. I’ve been doing my best to eat right and get as much iron in me as possible and so far it does seem to be working, though I guess I’d have to get a blood test to know for sure.

Tomorrow (well, today now) is voting day. I’ve known for some time who I will be voting for. Not that I have a whole lot of faith in any political party since ultimately I don’t think any of them can come through on their promises…but I’ll be voting for the party/candidate whose ideals most meet my own. We’ll see what happens…

I need a snack and some sleep – I know baby won’t have any qualms with me eating but we’ll see if I manage to score some zzz’s tonight! =P

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood!

It’s such a nice day today. Very sunny. Definitely a cool nip to the air – there’s no mistaking it is fall. But walking makes me work up a sweat so when James and I went out on our lunch break (he’s working from home today) I was boiling in no time!

We went to the clinic and had our flu shots. I was eligible for a free flu shot given I’m in my 3rd trimester, however if I wanted it for free I’d have to wait till the end of November. I wanted to get it as early as possible though, for one because I’m really hoping to stave off the flu while pregnant since the last thing I (or baby) needs is a fever and extra aches and pains! For another, I read that it takes up to a month for the benefits of the shot to make their way to baby, and I want baby to be protected from the flu once he or she is born. So the earlier the better! The bonus: my company will pay for the shot, so I still got it for free, I just have to expense it =) James got the shot as well so that hopefully he won’t get sick and bring the flu home with him – an extra precautionary measure with me and baby in mind!

It took forever waiting our turn to see the doctor and I got really anxious because I hate getting shots. They’re really not that bad at all, it was a 2 second pain really and I’ve had far worse. But it’s the anticipation of it that gets to me! Luckily that’s taken care of and now I can move on…

I picked up some more Nettle Leaf tea from the health food store on the way home. It’s actually pretty good. It’s a slightly weird flavour but I don’t mind it. I mix it with Raspberry Leaf tea and sip it each night. I like knowing there are nothing but health benefits to taking it – and I don’t use cream and sugar so no empty calories!

There’s some construction going on near our apartment and it is driving me right up the wall. Starts at 7am and goes all day long. They even work Saturdays, so Sunday is our only reprieve. It’s VERY loud. And it’s only going to get louder as time goes by, given that once they’ve dug deep enough they’re going to be building a high-rise. Ugh, not looking forward to that. I hope baby won’t notice it and will be able to sleep through it, or we’ll be in trouble!

Time to finish up work for the day, then it’s on to my cross stitch. Or maybe I’ll take a nap first… =P

Elbow grease

Why is it that some – dare I say many – men just ‘don’t see’ the mess that they make in terms of spilling things, dishes piled high, garbage left to fester under the sink without thinking for a minute that it might make sense to CLEAN IT UP? You know, just get it over with before it’s such an overwhelming mess that it’s more time consuming to fix?

It’s definitely not all men that I am saying this about…My dad for one is an absolute neat freak and cleans actually a little too much. But I don’t think his behaviour is entirely the norm. At least in my own experience…Which is not to say that James is a total pig when it comes to keeping things tidy…I know I could do far worse than him!

But seriously…

I think a lot of people, and I’m sure it’s not just men, think it’s going to take a lot of effort to keep things clean. When it actual fact, a ‘clean as you go’ policy actually SAVES a lot of time in the long run! The problem with this method is that really, everyone in the household needs to be living by the same policy – or what happens is that one person ends up having to clean up after EVERYONE and over time it’s quite possible they will build up a certain amount of resentment about it!

Which is not to say that I am resenting James right now for having to clean up after him. His messes could be a lot worse…however if I DO have to do the majority of the clean up and tidy, a little ACKNOWLEDGEMENT would also go a long way.

For example, I cleaned off the table in the living room just yesterday. Since we use it for putting down food and bevvie dishes when we’re sitting in front of the tv or what have you, it can get sticky and shows filth quite quickly. So a quick wipe with a damp cloth does the trick! Easy peasy, yet it does take a small amount of effort to get the cloth, wet it, clean the table and put the cloth in the hamper (after possibly dusting other areas off that need it as well, since it’s a waste of a cloth to just use it for 2 seconds and throw it in the hamper, but really…even if it WAS just used for the one thing, fair enough). This morning there’s a big sticky brown coffee stain on the white table that I just yesterday made sparkling clean…And I have a strong feeling a certain someone would literally NEVER think to clean it up despite the fact that it was not there when I went to bed last night and was not made by me. So why is it just expected that I’d be the one to clean it?

Do you see what I’m talking about here??

It’s not that I really mind a simple task like that – to me it’s a no-brainer. But I guess that’s why it can irk me at times that I am the one having to do all these little things every day. They’re teensy weensy things in the grand scheme of things…But the problem is that when little things like this happen all over the place, it can end up in a fairly long list of things that need doing.

Whereas if the ‘clean as you go’ policy were in place for all persons in a household, you’d see that you spilled a bit of coffee on the table and once you cleared your cup away, you’d grab a cloth, wipe, and move on. It wouldn’t even seem like a chore if there wasn’t a trail of other things that had to follow.

And if you are going to leave a trail of mess behind you, at least recognize that you’re doing so and let the person who does the clean up for you know that you know that they’re having to clean up for YOU and that you’re grateful for it!

Little things like the coffee stain, leaving a handful of loose change spilled all over the bedroom floor, crumpled receipts amongst it, putting dishes all over the counter without rinsing them so the food cakes on and takes forever to clean later. All this and more adds up to practically a full time job of just CLEANING when if this stuff was taken care of on the spot, it wouldn’t even be an issue!

It’d be one thing if I didn’t have to work at all and was a stay at home mom without any kids and could just putter about all day. But I do work full time hours as well, AND have a bun in the oven. And I think what I’m getting at with all of this is that I’m concerned about what will happen once baby arrives. Because while I won’t be at my current day job anymore, I will definitely have my hands full. Add to that no sleep (not that I’m getting a whole lot of zzz’s these days anyway) and I don’t know how much energy I’m going to have to clean up after baby, myself, AND the rest of the household – James and the two fluffballs (who come with their own amount of filth that requires upkeep, let me tell you!)

Over all I don’t mind doing the majority of the chores. I can do them quickly (well, not so quickly now with my belly and lack of energy, but for the most part), without a lot of fuss, and I do things how I like them done. Sometimes when a person hasn’t had to do a certain chore much if ever in their life, they approach it all wrong – as in, without cleaner or using a Kleenex instead of a rag or using the same rag to clean out something really disgusting and then using it on something that is now dirtier than ever due to having had a gross dirty rag tossed all over it.

I’m not angry, I’m not even really resentful. This has been the way of things for many years and I’m accustomed to it, and in some ways I perhaps created my own monster so to speak by letting things slide and doing things for the household so no one else had to think about what was going into it all. Although I will say that there has been more than one discussion about this over the years and more than one list of what goes on around here put up so everyone was made aware of what goes into keeping an orderly house!

I am not as obsessive about cleaning and keeping things tidy as, say, Monica from Friends! I can let things slide a bit and have a little clutter from time to time without blowing a gasket. While I do enjoy puttering about when I get the chance I am not forever cleaning, although at times it feels like I am.

And I’m not asking for an award here for what I do around the house. Not by any stretch. I’m lucky we live in such a small space so there’s really not THAT much to upkeep compared to many family homes! I’m just venting because I do think it should be acknowledged that a lot goes into keeping a house a home, and someone has to do the dirty work. Contrary to popular belief, little faeries do NOT fly in at night and take care of business! The floor does not get washed on its own, and neither does the tub! The dishes do not scrub themselves down and place themselves back into the cupboards once dry! We do not have one of those self-cleaning vacuums with a mind of its own tearing through our place getting the grit out of the carpet while I put my feet up and read a book! (Tho I would LOVE to have one just to see the reaction our kitties would have to it – Ha!)

Part of why this is on my mind right now, I suspect, is because some of the chores I once did with ease are becoming more difficult for me to handle, since a lot of bending over and leaning forward and tossing my belly about makes not only baby kick and squirm in protest, but makes my back wish it had a voice with which to scream out in pain…So having to be more careful about what I do, it would be nice to have a helping hand without always having to ask and seem like the nagging wife.

Which again is not to say how it always is with James. He’s a wonderful husband, very supportive, works very hard himself AND does help out around the house. Yes, I would say the majority of the time I do have to ask but he will do dishes on occasion without me having to say anything…If I do ask him to help out he doesn’t generally get too fussy about it, although I do hear grumbles since I don’t think he sees much point in keeping things tip top. He seems to be of the mindset that a chore is a chore is a chore no matter how you look at it and the very word CHORE makes him very discontented. He can’t seem to look at it more as a two second thing that will be over in no time if it’s just dealt with in a timely manner…

The thing is, in a small space you also have to account for how quickly bad smells can spread through the entirely place like wild fire.

If there’s something nasty left in the kitchen sink over a couple of days, for example, chances are the smell (much like a dirty diaper, which we’ll have enough of in the near future and don’t need in our kitchen sink, thank you very much!) will make its way into the living room, hallway and bedroom relatively quickly, since there really isn’t a whole lot of square footage separating the rooms. But if the dishes were rinsed properly and put into the dishwasher or quickly washed after use, none of this would have to happen!

Just to be clear, I’m not saying you have to constantly be wearing rubber cleaning gloves like that woman from YTV’s classic You Can’t Do That On Television! Just a quick wipe down with a BIT of thought would suffice!

All I am asking is that people take pride in their home…is that so much to ask?!


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