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Baby's room!

Look how much clothing baby has already acquired! He or she is going to look sooo cute in everything! :)

Today we set up baby's nursery. Now I am more excited than EVER to have our baby...I can’t stand waiting!!Although I know baby still has a lot more growing to do, so I’ll try to be patient =)First we had to take everything out of the room so it looked like absolute chaos in our living room and hallway.It looked like we were just moving in or out!First we did the border print, which was our very first border print ever.We’d got some pointers from my parents, who have done their share of them in the past.But I was really nervous about it because I got the border from eBay (it’s a PERFECT match with the crib bedding we got at Sears, which I was thrilled about!) and I only ordered enough with a teensy bit left over – so not much room for errors.I thought it would be super tricky lining the pieces up when we had to cut in various places, but it actually all worked out just PERFEC…

It's lame-o survey time again!

Three days from now will you have sex?Perhaps…I don’t tend to book these things in – there’s something more fun about spontaneity!
2. What color are your eyes?

3. What does your second text say and who is it from?
It’s a picture of my bro and s-i-l’s puppy wearing her new coat!(Sooo cute!!)
4. How do you think your latest ex feels about you?
I would imagine neutral – it was 10 years ago, I think he’s moved on!
5. Do you like what you see in the mirror?
Most of the time…although I don’t know how excited I am about the fact that my thighs and butt seem to be growing along with my belly…(hrmph)

6. What are you listening to right now?
James remove the water from the A/C…before that, Jack Johnson!
7. What’s one word to describe you?
8. Best memory right now?
Seeing our tiny little baby through ultrasound!
10. What makes you laugh?
Knock knock jokes!Some people hate them, I love them!
11. Get asked anything ridiculous lately?
Yes, “What are your plans for Christmas?”I thought it was prett…

Finally, a little recognition

I got a big project in today at work – which to me seemed like no big deal since it was just more of the same type of work I do for the company every day. Its been a long time since I was given any sort of recognition for my work at this job, mainly because of the nature of the work but also because of how disorganized and out of touch the staff has been (at least until recently).So when I received a cc on an email that was sent by my supervisor to the CEO of the company praising me for my efforts and saying that the only way the project was completed in a timely fashion was because of ME, I was shocked – in a good way of course!It feels good to get praised once in a while.In fact, if the company did that sort of thing more often, I’d be more apt to put in a lot more effort than what I actually do!So that’s a nice way to finish up the work week and sink into a long weekend!TGIF!!I have this sudden burst of energy now, so I think I will do something productive around the apartment whil…

50 questions for the people who are a little older....

What bill do you hate paying the most?
No bill is a good bill!
Where was the last place you had a romantic dinner?
I guess it’s sort of been a while since James and I went out for a nice romantic dinner...But we’re planning to go for Thai food in the near future and the ambience of our fave place for it is very romance-inducing!

Do you regret losing your virginity to who you lost it to?No.

If you could go back and change one thing what would it be?
I try not to think that way because it could make me crazy, but…I guess if I could have (and if I’d been a bit older at the time I would have) I’d have asked my grandpa more questions before he died…(about death and dying).
Name of your first grade teacher?
Mrs Robertson.I liked her.She had also taught my dad at a different school way back in the day!
What do you really want to be doing right now?
I wish James could be home and we could just be lounging together, playing board games or something!
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Pretty much al…

You want to know what really irks me?

I started this last night but didn’t have time to finish it till now…One of my biggest pet peeves is OTHER PEOPLE’S SMELLS.Probably the worst one for me, since I smell it often, is the cigarette smoke that comes from (presumably) one of our neighbours. It’s disgusting having that take over our suite – it seems to come on suddenly and gets stronger and stronger till sometimes I have to physically leave the apartment till I think it might have aired out.This smell hasn’t been nearly as bad since we got our air purifier a month or so ago though, luckily.It still takes over from time to time but I do find I’ll smell a hint of smoke but the purifier seems to suck the worst of it away.Tonight after dinner we went for a little stroll by the water and when we got home we opened up the door and it absolutely REEKED of some sort of curry type food.I scrunched up my nose because we had a cold supper tonight that would not have ANY smell whatsoever so I knew it was coming from outside.I HATE it w…

I think it's time for a midnight snack!

I am currently working on signing us up for prenatal classes.We don’t have to take them till around November, but it’s apparently best to sign up early since there are only so many spaces available.I think it’s a good idea for first pregnancy to take the class…I can’t believe how expensive it is though!Almost $200…But I’m sure it’ll be worth it to learn the breathing exercises, ways of keeping calm during labour, and getting some tips on care, feeding, etc. Also just meeting other couples having babies will be good.

Tonight we went grocery shopping right when the sky decided to burst in a serious torrential downpour.We had our umbrellas but I couldn’t use mine for the walk home because I needed both hands for carrying my heavy bag.James carried the heaviest stuff and had most of what we got, but my bag still felt fairly heavy.Needless to say I was completely drenched by the time we got home.It was quite the little adventure!It was worth it to get the groceries though.We needed a lot of…

In Honour of 23 weeks

This is what 23 weeks of pregnancy looks like, at least on me!

I feel like in pictures it actually looks like a smaller bump than what it looks like when I am looking down on it...and it certainly feels much larger when I try to lay down to go to sleep!!

But, at this point in time baby could get away with doing pretty much anything to me, so long as I know he or she is growing healthily and happily =) I love knowing baby is all snuggled up in there, just doing its thing, getting bigger and bigger in preparation for his or her birthday!

Nesting and preparing for what's to come...

One day I want to live in a place that’s big enough to move furniture around in.As in, not always having to stay with the exact same layout.Our first apartment, in Burnaby, had a bit of a bigger living space so every so often I’d move the furniture around and give it a ‘new look.’There was probably one way I liked it the best, but it was fun to be able to play around with it a bit and experiment with different set ups.Downtown living = fairly small living spaces (for higher rent – though it’s all about location, right?!)Our next move is undoubtedly going to take us back out of the city since we can’t afford a big enough place for a family here – not to mention the fact that bigger spaces are few and far between in this area (unless you’ve got millions to spend…which we don’t).

I like the layout of our current apartment and there are certain luxuries about it that I’m not wanting to give up.We’ve only been here 5 months so it still has that ‘new’ appeal to it.Plus it’s practically a bra…

Saturday on Saltspring Island

Some random pics from our trip to Saltspring...There were lots of interesting sculptures to look at...Belly shot!I particularly loved this sculpture...It was a fun day, something different from the usual. I love summer markets!

Bad bacteria

This recent outbreak of Listeria is REALLY frightening.In this particular situation I am extremely lucky - since I don’t eat meat I know I can’t be affected by it (assuming, of course, that no one cross-contaminated meat products with products I consumed…I shudder at the thought).But Listeria can also be spread through contaminated soft cheeses as well as other products.Since pregnant women are at higher risk of being affected by Listeriosis – which can cause birth defects or even death of the fetus – it is recommended to avoid soft cheeses during pregnancy for this reason.However, I have not adhered to that recommendation.I love soft cheeses and while I don’t eat them often, I have consumed them in the last few months.I have figured that the likelihood of something like that happening is soooooooo slim that it’s not worth cutting out my favourite Baguette Time sandwich for! (Brie, anyone?!)(Although it’s heated as well which might make a difference…)It’s really scary when something…

Summer market

James and I were in Nanaimo this weekend.On Saturday morning my parents took us over to SaltspringIsland so we could go to their famous summer Saturday market.I hadn’t been for something ridiculous like 6 years!It was CRAZY busy but totally worth fighting the crowds for.Pictures to come – I don’t have any of the market itself but a few from our trip, I just have yet to upload them.At the market I ended up finding the #1 thing I was wanting.A onesie for baby…in tye dye!It’s sooo cute.I had got James a pair of tye dye underwear last time I was there so I was hopeful that a similar display would be set up and they’d have baby clothes.Well, I think it was the same vendor even from all those years ago!It’s just so freaking adorable, I can’t wait to dress baby up!James bought me a bees wax candle and I got him a patchouli musk soap that smells sooo good…and we got a dragonfly do-dad for my parents for their garden, a baby gift for P&H’s newest addition, and an Xmas gift for James’ dad’s…


On Tuesday night we went to see Radiohead at UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium.It was James’ birthday present from me.He’s been looking forward to his present for a while, given his birthday was 4 months ago to the day of the concert!It was an experience to say the least…James loves Radiohead and he absolutely loved the concert – in fact, he said the band exceeded his expectations.Being that I’m not the biggest Radiohead fan, I wasn’t as taken by the performance.I shouldn’t say that – their performance was really quite incredible.It’s the music that I’m iffy about.There are some songs that I absolutely love, but I’m not a huge fan of their latest album, In Rainbows – which of course is what they played for the majority of the show.It’s just very loud and noisy to me…Yeah, I’m getting old – what can I say…but it’s just not really my taste.We got to the venue to discover ‘no umbrellas allowed’ so we had to toss our umbrellas in behind a bush so we could go back for them later.We got caught in t…

Baby shopping extravaganza!

On Sunday morning my mom, brother, s-i-l, James and I all piled into my mom’s car and headed out to IKEA Coquitlam.Everyone had the $1 breakfast (well, James had it sans the meat) except for me: cinnamon bun and banana.After breaky we went our separate ways looking through the top floor of the store.Since my mom and I had been not that long ago, we didn’t feel the need to meander through the entire showroom area. So we (and James) stuck to the kid section.We checked out the cribs first.I wasn’t too keen on how short the crib was that we picked out, but it still was the best option for our space. It seems a bit awkward how low to the ground it is, but I still think it makes sense for us.We got it in white (its being delivered this morning).We also got a few other odds and ends for baby, such as wash cloths and a cute little towel thingy for after bathing.And some sheets in green that will go with baby’s counting sheep theme (and are neutral for boy or girl!)Downstairs is where we all w…

Kicking up a storm!

Shortly after writing my last post, baby started doing something new.I began feeling kicks all the way up in between my ribs, just under my chest!It didn’t hurt, but was a very odd feeling given that I am only used to baby kicking way lower down.I lifted my shirt and while I couldn’t make out whether it was a hand or foot pushing through, I could see my skin being pushed forward, then back.What an odd sensation!Then I was bombarded with kicks and somersaults in baby’s usual area of roaming. Then back to kicking farther up.This went on periodically for the entire day, till I went for a 2 hour nap around 4:00.Then he or she seemed to calm down – or at any rate I didn’t notice the movements while resting.I wish so much that I could see baby on another ultrasound, because the growth in the past few weeks must have been a lot – I’ve even got the belly to prove it!A lot of the clothes I got early in the pregnancy are looking much better on me now with the protruding stomach they’re made for…

We've got a live wire!

Baby is 21 weeks + 3 days along.I’m still confused as to how far along I am according to the pregnancy books and info online, though.According to the literature, your pregnancy ‘starts’ 2 weeks before you actually conceive – on the start date of your last menstrual period.But my last period date and the date our first ultrasound says baby was conceived do not match up in perfect order!Ovulation happens at varying times, so it’s hard to go by this particular method of counting down the days.Instead of bothering with the idea that my pregnancy started with my last period, when I say how far along I am with baby, I literally mean how long baby has been with me.So when I am reading my What to Expect When You’re Expecting book, I’m not sure if I should be reading for the week I’m at – 22 – or 2 weeks ahead – 24, since we’re not going with the 2 weeks in the beginning where I wasn’t actually preggers.Confused yet?Yeah, so am I.At any rate, in around this time baby is developing his or her e…

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things doesn't belong

Pictures from our outing to Lost Lagoon last night. It was so peaceful, sitting on a bench watching all the various birds interact with each other.

And the picture that doesn't belong? It's called a pregnancy snack. LOL I had a hankering for an apple strudel...but then James mentioned we bought pickles and I realized I wanted some of those too. No point denying myself :) Though I probably should have - I ate the snack at midnight and had some pretty vivid nightmares as a result...Ah well, it was good at the time!

Unobtrusive tones on the news tonight

I didn’t drink any coffee in the first few months of pregnancy.Not because I thought it was wrong or bad to do so – there are conflicting opinions out there on just about everything from what you should or should not eat, drink, use, or simply do.There is caffeine in a lot of what people consume, in things a lot of us probably don’t even realize or tend to bother thinking about.So naturally daily amounts can add up fast if you’re not being careful about it.The whole ‘everything in moderation’ idea comes into play here…Don’t over do it – caffeine included. But my reason for cutting out coffee wasn’t because of a concern for caffeine intake.I rarely drink pop, I love chocolate but don’t eat it in mass quantities (except perhaps during my Nanaimo Bar cravings!) I really don’t think I consume all that much caffeine in a given day.My reason for cutting coffee out of my diet was simply that I was too sick most of the time to even think about consuming it.I don’t know if you’ve ever thrown …