Thursday, July 31, 2008

I love the smell of no smell at all

When I was in Nanaimo my parents took me out in search of an air purifier. We went to various stores, finally finding something that suited my needs at London Drugs. I got a Honeywell QuietClean Tower air purifier. It basically looks like a tower fan (you know, the long skinny kind). It feels like a fan too, since it blows air out after taking it in the other side and filtering it.

I’ve only had it in use for 3 days but so far I am very pleased with the results. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence or it’s the machine doing its thing, but I haven’t smelled any cigarette smoke in here in the last 3 days it has been on. Not even a hint. And I don’t remember the last time we went one whole day without smelling it, let alone 3, so I’m thinking it is in fact the machine. I’m glad I picked the ‘quiet’ model since it sounds as loud as a fan – I wouldn’t want it any louder than what it is.

Hopefully it will continue to do its job – it cost me $139.99 + tax! I think the smoker in the building should reimburse us for it, but they probably have no spare cash what with all the smokes they’re buying :S At least it comes with a washable filter so we don’t ever have to replace it.

Oh and this model also sends out an extremely low amount of ozone – lower than the amount that has been ok’d by whoever it is that ok’s such things. Which is good, since I read that high amounts of ozone are cancer causing.

So I think I picked a good one, and I’m happy to have it. I’ve said for a while, if it wasn’t for the smell here, this place would be pretty well perfect – so now I can enjoy being here more ;)

I would recommend getting an air purifier if you have home-odour problems. I’m not happy about having to shell out the money for it, but I think it was a wise investment. I just hope it continues to do its job over time – hard to say since it’s still early days yet…I’ll keep you posted!

Kicks and squirms

I woke up at 5am to a feeling of butterflies in my tummy. So at 19 weeks + 2 days, I finally know what ‘quickening’ feels like. I was so excited just to be feeling it that I laid there focusing on it – and it went on for nearly 10 minutes! It literally felt like I had butterflies flying around in my tummy, and it means that baby was being quite active.

Then early this morning as I was working, I guess I moved my laptop in a bit and it was pressing (not hard but gently) against where baby is. (With the protruding belly, I’m having a bit more of a difficult time having my ‘laptop’ resting on my lap comfortably!) Well all of a sudden I started feeling a ‘tap tap tap’, sort of like the drumbeat feeling I got when James had his ear pressed against me to listen for baby and baby kicked him! I guess baby felt something and decided to kick at it. How absolutely adorable is that?! It’s so amazing, knowing this little life is growing inside me and now I finally get to feel some of the movements!

This morning I met with the new midwife and felt sooooo good about the place that I have firmly decided to switch to this practice from the one I was going to in North Van. That one was great too but this location is so much more convenient for me and I’m excited that we’ll get to deliver at St Paul’s after all.

I HIGHLY recommend midwifery care to anyone having a child, especially a first child. Although I am fairly certain I will choose midwifery care for child #2 (should we choose to have another!) as well. They are truly amazing individuals. I felt so unbelievably CARED FOR at this appointment today and it was the very first time we’d ever met. She showed this genuine interest in me and the baby that I can’t even explain. I left the appointment smiling and feeling so good about everything. I’m so happy I went this route.

I feel absolutely wonderful. Just knowing baby is healthy and active, it means the world to me and makes everything in my life seem brighter.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beautiful Baby!

This morning we went for our second ultrasound. I love getting to see baby!! I don’t think we get to see him/her again till very close to the due date, or maybe not till delivery. I wish I could go for U/S’s every month to see the progression!

Everything seems to be going very well, nothing out of the ordinary from what they could tell us. It was really amazing to see how much baby has grown since the last U/S, on June 6th. He or she seems to be much more squished in there than before, although I guess it’s still roomier than it’s going to be in the coming months! It was so cute, baby was wiggling its little arms and legs about, and we saw him/her opening and closing its mouth! It was adorable. We saw a close up of the face and I’d have to say our baby is the cutest ever (am I biased? Maybe!)

It was really an incredible experience. We got to see baby’s little heart pumping away, at 157 beats per minute. And saw the brain, the spine – much of its skeleton. Awww! I am in love!!!!! As you can tell from all the he/she his/her – we opted not to find out the sex =) It was tempting but we do want to wait and be surprised at the birth. When the technician was checking ‘that part’ of the body she turned the screen away so we couldn’t peek =)

I’m so excited about the baby, more than ever…and relieved knowing that all is well. It’s so easy to worry about every last little thing (especially with everything you read and see in the news) but ultimately I know I’m doing everything I can to make sure baby stays healthy and since he/she seems really healthy, I am going to do my best not to let worrying get the better of me!

It also seemed meant to be that I ran into a midwife (not literally! but she overheard me mentioning my midwife in North Van and approached me) and I am going to be transferring to a midwifery clinic that is MUCH closer to home. So I’m feeling relieved about that too because now this means we will be delivering at St Paul’s instead of Lion’s Gate. I wanted our baby to be born in Vancouver, not North Van, since we live in Vancouver and live so close to St Paul’s…so I’m feeling really good about everything. It feels like absolutely everything is falling right into place.

Here's baby's tiny little foot :)

Baby is perfect and I’m at the beginning of 20 weeks – which means I am just about at the half way point…I don’t know about on the outside, but on the inside I’d say I’ve got the ‘pregnancy glow’ happening, because I just can’t stop thinking about how much I love this baby…Even though I know baby’s just doing what’s natural for growth, I felt all proud at his/her development, and my heart melted every time I saw baby moving its arms and legs around – it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I should definitely start feeling the kicks and wiggles regularly quite soon.

OK I will stop gushing now – there will be plenty of time for me to go on and on about baby in the months and years to come ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wedded Bliss

James and I had a wonderful weekend away to celebrate one year of marriage. We went to the Tigh Na Mara Resort and Spa in Parksville, BC (a short drive from Nanaimo). We got there on Saturday afternoon and checked into our ocean-view studio room, on the top floor of the Gabriola building. It was a beautiful room, with a spectacular view of the water!

We got settled and took a walk around the grounds, which included a walk down to the beach. It was so quiet and serene. Lots of people staying there of course, but still quiet. It’s fairly close to main roads but you’d never know it – it feels like you’re really nestled into the woods when you’re there.

We enjoyed some drinks at the lounge (well, James did, although my white-grape-juice-and-lemon concoction was quite tasty!) as well as some appies. We also indulged in some dessert while there – the cheesecake is to die for!

We spent our first night relaxing, went back to the lounge for some food later in the evening (our only qualm with the place is that their main dining restaurant has literally ZERO vegetarian entrees – I was actually really shocked that there was NOTHING so we had to resort to lounge appies!) But beyond that one ‘issue’, everything was perfect. We had a quiet night in and watched The Bucket List, which had sad parts but was also quite endearing.

On our anniversary morning we got up, got ourselves ready and had an apple strudel for breakfast before heading off to the spa. James got to enjoy their mineral pool, which unfortunately is not recommended during pregnancy – but I didn’t mind sitting poolside and watching James swim about. Then it was time to head upstairs for our couples massage. I let them know about my pregnancy when I booked it, but didn’t know what sort of ‘special care’ that would entail. I was a bit concerned re: having to lay flat on my tummy (which I really can’t do anymore) or for that matter flat on my back for any length of time since I’m not supposed to do that either (bad for circulation to baby). But when we got to the room for the massage, I saw there was a whole pregnancy apparatus on the massage bed! Basically it had a cushiony thing so my belly would fit in one slot, and my chest in another. It sounds strange but it was amazing and I actually wish I could have that in my bed at home so I could sleep comfortably on my tummy! When I had to be on my back I noticed the masseuse would change the positioning of the table so that I was never completely flat. It was great.

The massage was sooo relaxing. Afterwards we went to the Treetop Tapas and Grill – a new restaurant attached to the spa where the attire is ‘robe and slippers only.’ There were a number of vegetarian options there, so we shared a few different tapas. They were yummy, and so was the smoothie I ordered. We sat there a while, then showered and got ourselves sorted for the rest of the day. We walked along the beach to Rathtrevor, then up a long, windy road to get to the Blue Lagoon mini golf.

James beat me…but only by one measly point =P It was fun! I love playing mini golf in the summer.

We went for some great walks along the beach and in general spent the entire weekend in a relaxed state. It was such a nice little getaway. It was a little cooler than we’d hoped the first day, but our anniversary day was absolutely beautiful – couldn’t have been better!

We checked out on Monday (yesterday) and my parents picked us up. We drove to Coombs and saw their famous Goats on the Roof =) Then we went for lunch, had a bit of a visit with my parents at their house, and before we knew it it was time to head to the ferry home.

I still can’t believe we’ve been married a whole YEAR already. Time sure does fly by!

Tomorrow we’re off for our next ultrasound to see baby =) I can’t WAIT to see how baby has grown, it’s going to be so exciting. Baby’s at 19 full weeks today and growing constantly!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

At least they were only dreams and not reality...still, a little too close for comfort

Last night I had probably the worst sleep I’ve had in AGES. I honestly don’t remember the last time it was THAT bad. I couldn’t fall asleep for the longest time, and I just tossed and turned all night. Couldn’t get my tummy comfortable, one of my arms fell asleep, and I had such horrible dreams that I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible headache. I also dreamt I was eating meat, and those dreams ALWAYS mean I am feeling very sick in ‘real’ life. Needless to say, each time I woke up I had to try to psych myself into not throwing up.

The meat dream was extra horrible too – the animals we (James and I) were eating were still fully intact, looked along the lines of a large squirrel but with extremely beautiful colours (yup – fur was still there and all). I was saying how I really didn’t think I should be eating it but I was (and felt sicker with every bite). James was really upset about how the animal still ‘looked’ like an animal and I agreed it was gross but told him, “We shouldn’t be dissociated from what we’re eating though, so it’s probably for the best it looks like this.” GAWD I need to escape from the reality of the meat eating world!!! LOL. It was truly disgusting.

Then I had a nightmare that someone had broken into our apartment, and I was so worried because I thought they might steal my baby (even though it was still inside me in the dream – for some reason I still felt they could take my baby). In the dream James and I were in bed and I sat upright after seeing this cloak of a person, like in the movies how you’ll see this shadow of a man and it gives you the heebie jeebies…Well I sat up and said, “Get out of our apartment!” In the dream in felt like my voice would barely work and it came out as barely a whisper. But the bizarre thing is, I actually YELLED it out in reality! I woke James up and for a second there he was scared I was serious and really had seen someone and was yelling at them! But then he saw that the bedroom door was closed. I had no idea I had actually yelled it out, he told me that this morning. That really freaks me out, for some reason I really don’t like the idea of talking in my sleep! Anyway, I remember James rubbing my arm and saying, “I think you had a bad dream” and I said, “Yes, a really horrible one.” It took me forever to fall back asleep after that.

What a long night! I hope tonight I can sleep more soundly. I’ll be on the island so hopefully I’ll be relaxed. James is meeting up with me there tomorrow and we’re heading off for a relaxing spa weekend! I can hardly wait =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fireworks and fire alarms

Tonight was the first fireworks for the Celebration of Lights. It was Canada’s turn. When we lived in the west end we used to go to pretty much every show since we literally had to walk one block down from our apartment to the water. We could race back home immediately after and beat all the crowds. Since 300,000 people or more are expected at each show, it really means something if you can beat the crowds!!!

Now we’re on Coal Harbour side…and while it wouldn’t take long to get to our old spot for watching (probably about 15 minutes), I honestly can’t be bothered. I’ve been called a ‘fireworks snob’ by James and those who I’ve talked to about this…but seriously, I’ve seen a LOT of fireworks and while I do love them, I have my own idea of what constitutes a spectacular show and they seem to be hard to come by. Disneyland is hard to beat I guess, I was spoiled early on with an amazing lights display! I just prefer a show where there are a million different colours all at once in the sky, rather than a 30 minute show with about 20 fireworks fired off. OK, I know the Celebration of Lights does more than that but still…I can’t help it…I would prefer to see the whole entire show’s worth of fireworks in a matter of 2 minutes than to see it drawn out for a full half hour with one or two sprinkling the sky at a time.

So I don’t plan on going to any this year. BUT we were able to see the show somewhat tonight – the reflection of it anyway, in the windows of a building across the way from us ;) That’s good enough for me!!

Oh, we experienced our very first fire alarm at this building last night. At our old building we were forever running down 16 flights of stairs to get outside for all the fire alarms – many of which involved real (and sometimes scary) fires. So I don’t do well with these alarms now – even if I’m out somewhere and I hear a fire alarm go off somewhere near by, I automatically tense up. BUT it’s a good sign when we hadn’t had a single alarm here in 4 months (in our old place, one WEEK after we moved in the fires started and never stopped, so…!) I had JUST come in from being out with my bro, s-i-l and their pup and was putting my pajamas on when the alarm started. It was a really weird sound tho, not like your typical run-of-the-mill sounding alarm. At first we didn’t even know what it was! But then I remembered the fire inspection they did a few weeks back and how they were testing that beep sound through the loud speaker thing in the ceiling. So I put two and two together, got dressed again and off we went. Thankfully just 9 flights of stairs – a total breeze compared to our old stairwell! Tho I did have to hold my belly up a bit for part of it – I think baby could have done without that little run :P

We got to the 2nd floor and the alarm stopped. It’s always a little disappointing when that happens. I mean, it’s good, obviously, because it means there most likely ISN’T an actual fire. But after going all that way…it’s kind of a strange let-down feeling. Again, I definitely don’t want there to ever be a real fire, but I just wish we’d waited a few minutes longer before heading out the door! Better safe than sorry tho, right?!

It’s a little disconcerting tho – we discovered that once you get into the stairwell, you can’t get back onto your floor because the door locks behind you. And you can’t go to any other floor because the doors are all locked – you can only get out again from the bottom floor. But my concern is, what if the fire is in the stairwell? An unlikely case I’m sure but…what if that happened, or there was smoke in the stairwell and you couldn’t make it to the bottom? What then?! In our old building there were 2 stairwells so if one wasn’t safe you could go to any floor and get to the other one. I do appreciate how secure our building is in that random people can’t get to our floor, but maybe sometimes security goes just a bit too far? (I feel worse for the people on the 28th floor – they must have to think loooong and hard before deciding to go down the stairs!)

We do have a sprinkler system though so I guess that would always help wipe out the problem before it would get too severe, so I don’t think there’s any reason to really worry. These sorts of things concerned me before but with a little one I feel like I have to be all the more protective. I am going to be one scary Momma Bear when it comes to keeping my cubs safe, let me tell you!!!!!

Some fun facts I found out about our baby-to-be:

Birthstone: Turquoise

Sign: Sagittarius

Start kindergarten: Year 2014

Old enough to drive: Year 2024

Graduate high school: Year 2027


A trip down Memory Lane

Just as this time this year is a special time for us (because of what’s growing in my belly!), this time last year was a truly magical time in our lives – as we were about to be married. It’s times like these when I am reminiscing on the events that led up to our big day (I got to wondering what I was doing this very day a year ago, with just 4 days till the wedding) that remind me of how my laptop died on me 2 days before our big day…and how I hadn’t backed anything up for nearly a year…

It’s such a shame, as I was writing almost daily in my private journal, as well as regularly on my blog for that entire time period where all was lost (and wouldn’t you know I permanently erased that blog about 2 weeks before my computer crashed! For some reason I was meant to lose all that data I guess). It really is too bad, and while yes I did learn a lesson (PERFORM BACKUPS OFTEN! – I just did a big backup the other day in fact!) I also feel as though I lost a part of myself in that whole debacle.

Luckily James still had a functioning computer, so the day after the wedding I sat down while everything was still fresh in my mind and wrote this:

I am officially a married woman!

It still feels surreal. Yesterday was the best day of my life so far. It was incredible. Everything went perfectly. After the Thursday night pre-wedding bash, I was feeling more at ease about the wedding itself. It was a great way to prepare for what was to come.

Yesterday morning James and I went and had a quick bite of breakfast (what little I could eat!) with his mom and her hubby before I headed off to the hotel to start getting ready. My mom and I were organized to have our hair and makeup done on-site at the hotel. So while we got beautified we sipped champagne and prepared ourselves internally for the big event. I got into my dress and was all ready to go by
3:00. James and our photographer(s) met up with us and we had some pictures taken outside around the vicinity of the hotel. Yes, we saw each other before the actual ceremony, but it made sense given that we wanted to take some specific pictures outside together. Besides, we're not that superstitious and we're definitely non-traditional!

We got some beautiful shots and then soon enough it was time for James, my dad and brother to head to the yacht to start getting things set up while my mom and I continued sipping champagne in the hotel room. My aunt and 2 of my uncles were also there to help get things set up so apparently it all went by very quickly. At one point it seemed time was dragging on and I felt as if I was hyperventilating, but suddenly it was time for us to head down to the boat. My dad came up and the three of us went down to the yacht together, meeting up with a few late arrivals along the way. I didn't mind that people were seeing me before the big moment - again, I'm really not that superstitious! We got onto the yacht and discovered the groom's parents had not yet arrived...well, mom and hubby. I was not too impressed as we were ready to set sail at
5:30 and it was 5:28. I turned into Bridezilla for a brief moment, reminding people that we were leaving at 5:30 regardless of who wasn't there. Very lucky for his mother, she showed up at 5:30 on the dot. I was ready to kill her but kept my cool, as I wasn't going to let anything ruin my moment! Once they were ushered upstairs, we promptly left the dock and headed for the little bay by the Rowing Club at Stanley Park. Before I knew it, the ceremony began and my brother and I headed up the stairs toward the isle we'd be walking down. Everything by Michael Buble (James and my song) started playing and I took one last deep breath and smiled to myself, knowing I was just moments from being married.

The part of the song came up that was my cue to start walking, so I met my brother at the top of the stairs and we slowly walked by all our friends and family towards James, who was smiling at me adoringly. It was magical. Everyone stood to watch me and everyone looked teary eyed and smiled and I felt so special that despite being nervous, I just smiled and made my way to my place at the front. Michael (my wonderful brother and Man of Honour) took my bouquet (which turned out more perfectly than I ever could have hoped, filled with blue hydrangeas and white lilies) and laid it down on the signing table and the ceremony was under way.

The marriage commissioner, Marion, did a wonderful job of making sure we were calm and she got us to the point of saying our own vows. I was nervous and looked down at my 'cheat sheet' a few times, despite having fully memorized my vows days in advance, but I did well and everyone seemed impressed by all the loving words we shared. It was so magical, James and I held each others hands and smiled, and oh even just 2 sentences into the beginning of the ceremony I had tears! It was all so beautiful. We exchanged rings and before we knew it, we were introduced to our loved ones as Husband and Wife.

The signing ceremony followed, and then as
Marion made her way off the boat (we re-docked to let her off), champagne was handed out to us and my brother started off with a toast. Well! My brother is a very quiet guy and not one for making speeches, but he left every person in the room either speechless or crying by the end! His toast was absolutely beautiful. He had us in stitches and tears and it was just so heartfelt. He got all choked up as he told everyone how much he loves and supports me, as well as how much he thinks of James and loves him too. Needless to say I was crying by the end, but tears of joy! It was beautiful. James' brother also had kind words to say, and then suddenly a lot of people stood up with a few words to toast the bride and groom.

From there the reception began. We continued sipping champagne, then wine, beer and hi-balls were available. Turns out James' biological dad had splurged and decided to pick up the entire alcohol tab - whoa! So it was open bar and while people didn't seem to be taking advantage, you could see people loosening up as the time went by.

The food was INCREDIBLE - we could not have asked for better food. Wow. It was mostly appetizer items, such as tomato and bocconcini salad, hummus and bread, a cheese platter, various salads and dressings, spanakopita, and a hot dish of vegetarian moussaka which was pretty much to die for. Everyone raved about the food and not a single person had a 'comment' about it being fully vegetarian. There was no need because it was so amazing and filling and TASTY, I just can't get over how truly delicious everything was - the food definitely went above and beyond my expectations.

After eating people wanted to get upstairs where the deck was more open and slightly cooler. The weather was beautiful, I don't think there was a cloud in the sky (despite that I felt I was on cloud #9!) We cruised up to Indian Arm, with spectacular views and a calmness that was so serene, it was breathtaking. Lots of photo ops...and Jeff, our DJ, did a flawless job with the music, we thoroughly enjoyed his performance. At first just my Nana was dancing, which was shocking to see - I never knew this before last night but apparently she and my Papa (who died before I was born) used to go dancing all the time. As Michael's girlfriend put it, 'She sure can cut a rug!' Soon enough a group of us were dancing and it seemed as though nothing could stop us! Especially once we did the Chicken Dance, that was SO MUCH FUN, people were loosened up and into the groove after that!

We just had so much fun mingling and dancing and drinking and laughing, and James and I kissing - it was INCREDIBLE! We ended up doing the cake cutting so close to the end of the cruise because we didn't want to stop dancing till the last possible second! We also did a few games - a 'Marriage Advice 101' game where people could win prizes for best, worst, funniest and silliest marriage advice - priceless! And a game where people passed a mystery prize around and each time the DJ turned off the music, one layer of wrapping was removed till the person who unwrapped the last layer won the prize. It ended up my Uncle Gord won the bottle of champagne (well, sparkling wine, but a nice one!)

Everyone seemed to love what we did. For the garter toss we mixed things up - as being a feminist, I was not at all cool with what the history of the garter was all about. So after sitting down and pretending James was going to remove my garter, we switched things up and, to the sound of "I'm too Sexy" by Right Said Fred, I lifted his pant leg and ripped a garter off HIS leg WITH MY TEETH! People lapped this up, they loved it!!! Soooo much fun. My brother caught the garter and James' brother's girlfriend caught the bouquet (sort of - she kind of threw it on the ground after catching it...hmmm, not sure if that's a sign or not!) Just GREAT TIMES were had by all, it truly was an amazing evening.

Literally the only 'problem' was that Cupcakes forgot to put our pretty cake topper on the cake, after all the hassle of getting it to them and confirming they had it. I was pissed off but the cake itself was beautiful and delicious so while I am going to call them on it, if that was the worst of the evening, I'd say we faired quite well!

I could go on and on...ok I will for a moment more! After things winded down, there were a few last dances, and DJ Jeff picked the best songs he could have to finish up the night. Then James and I went downstairs and handed out party favours as we said goodbye to our guests. People raved on and on about how spectacular the night had been. People who we knew had been to tons of weddings kept saying it was the best they'd ever experienced! We were delighted.

Waaaay too soon enough, the evening had ended and it was time for us to leave. Well it turns out, my parents had arranged for James and I to take A LIMO TO THE FOUR SEASONS HOTEL where we would spend our wedding night in style! And boy did we ever! First of all, I'd never in my life been in a limo, so that alone was exciting. Once at the hotel, we discovered our room had been upgraded to a one bedroom suite on the 20th floor and we got to the room to see it was twice the size of our apartment! It was so unbelievably luxurious! I could honestly live there, let me tell you, it was sooooo nice.

We opened up a few gifts from my parents and my brother and his girlfriend, ate a few chocolate covered strawberries, and then, well, 'the rest is history' :)

We had a glorious time. Our wedding day honestly could not have been more special than what it was. It was the PERFECT day and I am SO glad we did what we did. I can't get over how incredible the whole thing was. The name of the yacht was the 'Magic Moment,' and a truly magic moment it was!

I still can’t believe this Sunday (the 27th) is our one year wedding anniversary. One year isn’t really long I know – especially given our anniversary date coming up in December, which will be 10 years of being a couple. But it’s still amazing, and such a memorable day to look back on.

First comes love, then comes marriage, and pretty soon we’ll be walking through town with our baby in its carriage =)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time to smell the roses

Until recently, if I was out and about I always walked really fast. I was always the passer of other pedestrians, not the passee. Not that I didn’t ever stop to smell the occasional flower, but generally speaking I saw myself as on a mission and getting from point A to point B was top priority. Plus I saw it as a great means of exercise – the faster I walked the more I exerted myself, and the more I exerted myself the better the workout.

This afternoon, on my way home from running a few errands, I found myself as the passee for the first time since I can remember. I get short of breath rather easily these days, which I’ve read is normal but still, it forces me to slow down. Which is probably a good thing, as baby doesn’t really need to move around at top speed! It’s just different for me. I’m not used to sauntering along, but I have to say it’s actually rather pleasant. I get to see more and I get to relax a bit as I’m walking. There are times when I have to find somewhere to sit part way through my walks, but today I made it the whole distance without having to do that!

After hitting up the post office, then picking up my new contact lenses, I went to Safeway on a mission to buy fruit. I got strawberries, grapes, watermelon, raspberries and apples. It’s ridiculous, the price different between fruit at Safeway and fruit at Urban Fare. For example, the strawberries I got at Safeway for $2 – the exact same amount at UF costs $7! It’s outrageous is what it is. There are things you can get at UF that you just can’t find anywhere else (such as square watermelons – ha! But seriously, there are things worth buying there too) but I prefer Safeway’s pricing – which is scary since when we lived right near it we thought it was fairly expensive!

Today I took a few pics of my belly since I’m at 18 full weeks. I feel like I look gigantic now! From looking at the pics, you’d think I was way farther along than I am. BUT I am happy with the way I look. I’m proud to show off my belly because that’s my baby in there! I am a little concerned about how huge I’ll be in a few months time though. Not so much as an issue of weight (since honestly I’ve only gained in the area of my belly) but in terms of how uncomfortable it will be to carry around that giantness that I’m not used to – my coordination is going to be all wonky!

Oh well, it is what it is and it will be an experience!

As a side note, watch Rendition. It’s such a good movie! I had no expectations whatsoever when we rented it since I hadn’t heard of it but it ended up being really good. Really ‘real’ with some interesting twists and turns. I recommend checking it out, definitely worth the rental price.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Daily Ramblings

Suddenly this afternoon, completely out of the blue, I started craving a vanilla cupcake with white icing and sprinkled with coconut. How’s that for random? I have no idea where the craving came from, it literally just sprang into my taste buds and told me I MUST have it. Strange how hormones can even play tricks on the taste buds!

Did I satisfy the craving? Yes and no. I didn’t get the cupcake – though I plan to at some point this week so as to avoid obsessing over it! We do live relatively close to Cupcakes so there’s no reason NOT to get one! But tonight neither James nor I felt like going to crowded Denman Street so instead we went to White Spot for dessert. James had a coffee and blueberry pie, I had a tea and hot fudge brownie. Mmmm was the brownie ever good, but sooo filling. I couldn’t eat the whole thing, but with what I did have (and the 2 cups of tea) my stretchy maternity pants were feeling pretty tight! On the way back home, I could feel a few slight baby kicks. Must have been from the sugar high =)

We had a really nice time out. It’s extremely rare for us to go out for dessert. We rarely have dessert at all, let alone out at a restaurant. We talked about all sorts of fun stuff and just laughed a lot over silly things. I love those kinds of spontaneous dates, where there are no real expectations but things just go really well. A funny moment on the way home: my mint went flying out of my mouth. You had to be there but it was pretty ridiculous, it flew out of my mouth and smashed on the ground and I was looking at it going, What was that?! because I’d forgot I had a mint in my mouth at all! Like I said, you had to be there…

On another note, anyone know anything about air purifiers? We have this major problem in our apartment…one of our neighbours smokes inside and the second hand smoke seeps into our suite. Sometimes, like this afternoon, the smell is so unbearable I actually have to leave the apartment to breathe some fresh air. It angers me to no end, given how much we’re paying to live here I HATE that I have to be smelling that on a fairly regular basis. As in, almost every day. I worry about how it’s going to be once baby is here, as the nursery has no ventilation and the smoky smell really seems to linger in that room. I was wondering if an air purifier might do the trick…if it’s anything like the name suggests, it should strip the air of bad smells and neutralize it, non? Just curious if anyone who reads this might have one or have used one – if you have any advice on this, please share! I have an air mister that you add aromatherapy oils to and it puts that out into the air, but at this point I’d prefer to have something that just sucks the bad stuff away without having to mask it with something else…

In other news…this past Friday, the cat groomer came over to give our kitties the lion’s cut. They’ve had it done at least 3, maybe 4 times in the past. They are extremely long haired cats and you can tell how much better they feel with the majority of it lopped off. They just seem happier in their own skin, it’s hard to explain, but it’s true. The groomer who came by has groomed them before, but never in our home. Since we’re not actually allowed pets in the building though, we thought it best to go the route of the house call. Well…she decided to start with the most difficult first…so as not to give her time to psych herself out from hearing the other cat getting trimmed! This would be Moorka of course, who is VERY strong, stubborn, and not entirely keen on being held. 2 nails got trimmed and about half her back was shaved when she freaked out and bolted from the table where she was being groomed. So the groomer decided we should let her ‘cool down’ and get Fifi done first. Fifi was a breeze.

We clip her nails ourselves because she almost seems to enjoy having them done. So that wasn’t a problem. She meowed a bit during the shave but barely moved a muscle, and was finished within about 15 minutes. During which time Moorka took to hiding behind the hamper – she wedged herself into the smallest, most uncomfortable looking spot in the closet you could imagine, hunkered down, and refused to move.

We tried coaxing her out, but I didn’t want to add to her agitation at that point, so we instead opted to leave her for the time being, despite the botched look she’d be left with. We made plans with the groomer that we’d somehow smuggle her out and see if she could get the proper lion’s cut on Sunday afternoon.

Botched Moorka...

We were sooooo nervous trying to get her out of the building without anyone seeing us. But we did it! Got her out to a taxi without anyone seeing a thing, and when we brought her home – with a gorgeous new ‘do – we got her back up to our suite without a hitch. Phew! It was stressful but luckily it all worked out. The groomer was amazed at how different she was outside her own home (although that is generally the case, a ‘neutral territory’ tends to be better for them). She apparently laid there like a stuffed animal and didn’t make a peep the entire time getting shaved!

I hate putting her through that, having to go through the process of getting the haircut…BUT the thing is, she is such a happier cat with the cut that it just makes sense to do it. Plus she desperately needed her nails clipped so we might as well get the whole thing done at once. Now both girls look so freaking adorable, I can’t stop telling them how pretty they are! I can’t get over how much littler they look without their thick fur. They look like rather large cats when they’re extra hairy but now they’re just these skinny little waifs with udders hanging down =) So cute!

OK I think that’s enough for tonight…I know I have been rambling on lately about rather ‘useless’ things but I just feel chatty I guess and I want to document little things now while I have the time to do so. It’s fun to look back and remember little tidbits from each day, which I know is more meaningful to me than to you but hey, it’s my blog – and if you weren’t interested you wouldn’t be reading it, right? =)

Written late last night

I can’t sleep. Insomnia’s the worst when you know you have to work the next day. But I can’t help it, if I could sleep I would but I just can’t get there yet.

I got into bed and James said, “I want to hear baby!” so he put his ear up to my belly and a few seconds later came two hard kicks, I kid you not! It was like a drum beat on Daddy’s ear! It was the most amazing thing ever. I’ve felt twinges and what I believe to be baby doing somersaults but I’ve never felt anything as hard and obvious as these two kicks! They weren’t painful, just like a drum beat, like a hard tap from the inside out. James and I just laid there smiling at each other, in awe of our little growing baby. I can’t stop thinking about how cute it was!

I suddenly realized, while laying there thinking about baby, how hungry I was. I didn’t want to eat a lot given how late it was already and the fact that I should be trying to sleep, but I needed something. So I got up and ate a piece of cheese.

I got back into bed, cuddled James for a minute, then rolled over to go to sleep. James put his hand on my tummy – just resting, not pressing so as to cause baby more agitation (!) but it seems baby really took to his hand being there. Or maybe a recent growth spurt has made the movements more noticeable suddenly. Either way, as I lay there trying to sleep, I could feel baby moving around a lot! Lots of bouncing around and popping type feelings, letting me know baby was feeling active. Probably enjoying the midnight cheese!

I found myself laying in the dark just smiling. Smiling because I could feel baby’s movements and because it felt so wonderful being able to share that bonding experience with James. We’re really good about connecting on things but sometimes he’s left out because obviously he can’t feel everything that happens during pregnancy. I feel a connection to our baby already that is harder for him to feel – not that he doesn’t have a connection but it’s different. Now that baby can produce kicks he can feel though, well we have a whole new way for Daddy to be involved!

It’s so amazing feeling baby move around inside me, knowing he or she is growing at such a rapid pace. Just another week and a half before we get to see him or her on the ultrasound machine again. I can hardly wait!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Setting up house for baby

I was laying in bed this afternoon, half sleeping, half thinking about all the re-arranging we’re going to have to do to make room for baby.

We live in a 595 sq ft one bedroom apartment. We have a LOT of stuff. We downsized a fair bit before moving here, and we’ve only been here about 4 months so we haven’t accumulated a whole lot more since then. I’m pretty good at ‘making room’ where it would appear there isn’t any, as we’ve been used to living in a relatively small space for a few years. But there’s only so much I can do to squeeze things in!

In the next few months we’ll be dismantling our ‘office’ which is a very small room – not sure of the exact square footage but it fits a desk, a chair and a bookshelf at the moment. The selling feature of this room when the managers were showing us the suite was that it can ‘be an office’ OR ‘a storage room’. So essentially it’s a walk-in storage closet. But it’s what we have so we have to make the most of it.

Our desk will be taken apart, the legs stored on the top shelf of the hall closet, the ‘desk’ part stored, most likely, behind our pantry cupboard, where I think it will be hidden from view (how’s that for ‘making space’ where there isn’t any?!) There really is nowhere else I can think to put it, and it’d be a shame to get rid of it since we’ll need it again in the future. We’re planning to live here till baby is about a year and a half old maybe, so not a whole lot of time. Our next place HAS to be bigger, and in fact I’d prefer if it could be big enough for when we decide to have a second child, should we make that decision, a few years down the line. I’d much prefer to find a more permanent residence than to have to keep picking up and starting over – especially once we have a child in the mix. All that upheaval…we’ve done it numerous times already so it’d be nice to find somewhere to settle long term as a family.

Anyway, in the meantime I’ve been going over how to make this all work and have a proper nursery for baby. Our bedroom bureau, I discovered, is the perfect measurement for the baby’s room – and would hold all of baby’s essentials – diapers, clothes, receiving blankets, and the millions of other things we’re going to find ourselves needing. Rather than buying a big change table, I’m going to get something that can fit on top of the bureau to turn it into a change table, so when we don’t need it any more we can easily remove it. That and a crib are literally the only 2 things that will fit in baby’s room. I’d like to maybe have a small shelf unit attached to the wall opposite the bureau (no where near the crib really, so if anything ever fell it wouldn’t be a harm to baby – and only stuffed animals and things would be on it anyway). Otherwise, it’s going to be a very tight squeeze.

Most online places that sell cribs don’t seem to give measurements for them for some strange reason, but the ones that do I’ve found are all too big for our space. You can get really nice cribs for a very good price that turn into toddler beds, some even into double beds that can last into your child’s teens! We were considering going this route since it’s cheaper in the long run. BUT I’ve discovered that because they turn into regular beds, they all have much bulkier frames – adding a few inches too many to the length for our space.

BUT upon further reflection, we’ve decided it makes more sense to go the slightly cheaper route of getting ‘just’ a crib without the frills of becoming a daybed. We’re going to have a little bassinette in the bedroom, where baby will sleep for probably the first 4 months or so (or till he or she grows out of it!) – using the crib only occasionally most likely, maybe during the day when napping. Since I’m hoping to breastfeed, it makes sense to have baby really close by for night time feeds. The bassinette will fit PERFECTLY in the space where the bureau will no longer be since it will be in baby’s room…And the rocking chair I’ve been worrying about – because I want to use it but it won’t fit in our living room – can stay where it is in the bedroom. I think it’s going to work out just fine!

I think it makes sense to go with the less bulky crib for the time being – as we can always upgrade to something better once we’ve moved into a bigger place. We’re going to keep baby’s room painted a neutral colour most likely, have a cute border print up to go with their ‘counting sheep’ theme, and maybe a cute little something up on the walls to make it more inviting (and to cover up the electrical panel boxes that are unfortunately in that room). Even though it’s probably one of the smallest baby’s rooms out there, I think we’ll be able to do it up (without spending an arm and a leg) quite nicely, and make it a cozy little home for our precious bundle!

I’m so excited about it. It’ll be a few months yet before we buy all the stuff and have it set up, but once we do I just know I’ll be going in there and just looking around and smiling in anticipation for our baby’s arrival!

Waiting for baby is definitely the most exciting time of my life, I can only imagine what it will be like in the months to come!

Fruit blocks

Just when I thought I'd seen it all...

I discovered this:

Yup, they're square watermelons. And yes, you read the sign right. They cost $99 EACH! One hundred dollars for a piece of deformed fruit. Any takers?

It doesn't even look appetizing, I mean, is the inside supposed to be kind of white like that?
For $99 smackers, I don't imagine they wanted to cut open a second one for their display, hoping for something that looked a little juicier :S My gawd...Even with these pictures as proof, I still can't quite believe it to be true.

Who in their right mind would pay such a ridiculous amount of money for such a thing? I mean really...

My first thought was, 'Only in Coal Harbour' but seriously...who HAS this kind of dough? It's so expensive just to live here and this is how they choose to spend their 'pocket money'?! All I can say is, WOW.

I wonder if they'll have triangular pumpkins come October?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today's the day the teddy bear's have their picnic

Today was our picnic day. After going to the farmer's market and picking up a few things there and at Safeway, we prepared a nice picnic (veggie sandwiches, cold pasta, wasabi peas, chips and EXTREMELY DELICIOUS strawberries) and set off for Granville Island on the aquabus.
It was baby's first picnic =) We found a nice shady spot under a tree (as seen above) and had our lunch. It was so good - we were both starving by the time we got there. It was wonderful enjoying the breeze and the pretty view of the water...and laying down on the picnic blanket to look up at the leaves and the blue relaxing!
We had a whole bunch of little bubble blowers leftover from our wedding (I came across them while cleaning out a box the other day) so I brought one along, and it was great fun for both of us! Can't wait till we can get one of those giant bubble blowers to play with once baby is old enough!
Then we decided to go check out Granville Island's kid market. Just to see what they might have in store for baby...
We looked through a few shops and got a few ideas for things, but it's very touristy there so everything was a bit more expensive than what we'd have hoped. We did play a few games at the little kid arcade though...the fun old games, like the ball toss. We gave the tickets we won to a little girl and she was SO happy to get some free tickets!
G. Island is ridiculously busy on a Saturday. Really, we only went over there for the picnic destination, to go somewhere relatively close to home but different than our usual. So after that we decided to head back and get the next aquabus back to English Bay so we could go home.

It was a fun day! Very hot but enough of a breeze most of the time that I wasn't stifling. We walked home, had a cool shower which was SO refreshing - made me wish we had a pool to go in - and then it was nap time. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Please, no hard feelings...

Lindsay wrote:

First and foremost, I've gotten the impression that your internet relationship with me is over [although I'm unsure why], so I'm not even sure if I should be leaving comments on your blog anymore. I hope you don't take offense.

I found the posts between you and Trista regarding vegetarianism quite inspiring, so cheers to you guys. However, I read this entry when I got home from work this morning and was so disturbed that I developed a migraine. I am now high on a Codeine/ IB Profen cocktail.

From one passionate woman to another, I totally commend you on sticking to your beliefs and not bending for anyone or anything. I wish more people had that kind of strong will. I also understand your anger. However, the hatred and judgment in this post is bothersome.

You've made some extremely strong statements about the people who work in this industry, including meat eaters in general. I agree, there are some all around fucked up people out there: people who torture animals, people who molest children, people who cause pain without remorse. But just because someone works in this industry, doesn't mean that they are horrible people and, well, deserve to die. I've talked to quite a few people who have worked on kill floors, but I've never met one who enjoyed it, or didn't find it disturbing.

There are many people out there who take certain jobs because they have minimal options in life. Our local meat processing plant has a helluva time keeping employees, and many of the people they do employ are foreigners who lack skills and fluency in the English language. Many people aren't in the position in life to even think beyond getting a pay cheque and simply surviving. So why lump them in with a bunch of torture lovin' psychopaths depicted in the film? Just not fair.

It's true that a lot of people don't perceive animals in the way that you and I do. For example, people who were raised on farms often view their relationships with animals differently, simply because their life experiences were different. I have a new co-worker who grew up on a farm and who teases me about cats being evil. His experience with wild barn cats is obviously way different than my experiences, which has been primarily cats as pets and members of the family. He probably wouldn't run out into the road to rescue a cat, whereas I would. But this doesn't mean that I wouldn't run out into the road to rescue him. He's still a beautiful person, and our different values doesn't change that.

I assume this was written in a moment of emotional rage-- we all have them, and sometimes things come out a little more harshly than they would when we're calm. I think this is a wonderful cause you're promoting and I agree with many of the points you've made. You guys have definitely made me re-think the way I eat, so thank you. However, this is the kind of... dare I say self righteous/ judgmental attitude that causes a great message to get lost
[and sometimes bashed] by the masses. You're a passionate and lovely lady, so don't let that happen.

Lets all share information and support each other, but leave out the name calling and black n' white judgments. Deep down we all know that people/ society/ the world is not that simplistic.

My reply:

I appreciate what you’re saying. Yes, I did write the post while in an emotional state over the film…However, I can’t say that I really take back what I said. It is the way I feel, though I realize it sounds harsh.

I will say that when I talk about factory farmers who would deserve to be treated the way they treat the animals, (despite that I don’t condone violence and therefore wouldn’t ACTUALLY pose this type of harm on ANYONE) I am more so talking about those who yell and scream and hit the animals out of their own rage. People who torture them ‘for the fun of it’ – or at least so it appears in footage I’ve seen (and I’ve seen plenty of footage beyond just from Earthlings). To me, these people ARE VERY DISTURBED individuals who I honestly worry about having in our society. If they can be so cruel to innocent animals who aren’t even doing anything at all, I fear what they would be like to other people in a fit of rage.

I don’t entirely see how the ‘hatred and judgment’ in my post (although to me its ‘anger’ more than hatred) can be so bothersome (although I am sorry you feel that way, as my intentions were not to cause anyone headaches or anything of the like!). I’m trying to see where you’re coming from on this, but on the other hand, try seeing it from the point of view of the animals that are being tortured and killed every single minute. I feel anger towards this process and the people who continually OK it despite knowing how terrible it is, which I think is a totally natural way to feel. I’m surprised more people aren’t angry about it! What I find much more bothersome is the fact that so many people KNOW about all the torture and needless suffering yet sit back and do nothing and try to pretend like it’s OK because they’re selfishly not wanting to give up their steak. I’m not pointing fingers at you or anyone else in particular, I’m just saying that I find the complacency of just shrugging it off because it’s ‘easier’ (which I think a lot of people do) is extremely bothersome (and, actually, downright scary).

I understand that there are people out there who don’t have many options in life. ‘Someone has to do it’, as the saying goes – right? Although I’ve got to tell you, I don’t care how down and out I was, there are certain things I just wouldn’t be willing to do – even if it was my only means of survival. Still, I’m not denying that there are desperate people out there who feel they have to do the nasty work just to get by. (The film Fast Food Nation comes to mind). I feel awful that they feel they have to do that. But I still can’t say that I understand them fully on the matter or the fact that they can kill animals for a living, even if they are desperate. Maybe it’s just me but I think there would always be a barrier between me and a person who could do that for a living. I do know someone personally who has slaughtered animals and while we still have a relationship, a part of me always wonders, How could you not be so disturbed that you couldn’t possibly do it? I don’t understand it, but I realize that it’s also in part because of where I was raised, how I was raised, and my own personal beliefs. I can’t entirely remove myself from how strongly I feel toward animals and their welfare and I guess a part of me questions how people can.

However, I do know that there are those who don’t see animals in the same way I do. I’ve met a number of people who grew up on farms so I can see how they don’t know any different from what they grew up with. And I’m sure like just about anything, once you’ve seen something happen over and over you just desensitize yourself to it. That doesn’t mean I think this is ‘right’ but I guess it is what it is…I also know people who just hate certain animals so seem to think it’s justifiable that they be slaughtered since they don’t care for them anyway. However, this worries me a tad…I mean, there are people out there I’m not particularly fond of but I don’t wish them dead just because of that! I don’t see why we should be looking at animals any differently.

I’m not saying this isn’t a complicated issue, because I know that it is. I didn’t intend to come across as name-calling, but rather felt the need to express my personal feelings. When I witness innocent creatures being senselessly killed in the most horrendous fashion, I can’t help but wonder how people can be OK with it.

I mean, my view doesn’t extend the world over…I do think that while the killing is still in a sense ‘wrong’, in some countries I understand that it’s difficult to find other food sources and so on, so it can maybe be more justified. However, this generally doesn’t entail mass slaughter the way we do it in North America – a practice I just can’t see justified now matter how I look at it.

And my major issue is really with the fact that people can watch the most devastating footage out there and know what’s going on yet still lift that forkful of meat to their lips. That’s what I don’t understand. If you watch it and you don’t like what you see and you feel sick to your stomach knowing where the meat comes from, how can you still eat it when you don’t have to? The way people dissociate themselves from their food is something that seriously disturbs me, and I can’t help but feel that way.

I do apologize for coming across harshly and in a way that seems offensive. It truly isn’t my intention. I don’t like hurting people’s feelings or really engaging in any sort of conflict where I can help it. But I can’t help the way I feel on this issue. I honestly don’t feel in any way, shape or form ‘self-righteous’ in my approach. I definitely don’t think I’m better than anyone else. I just have trouble understanding how a lot of people can continuously justify something for themselves that is so unbelievably horrendous. I feel compelled to take the side of the animals, for whatever reason…Probably because I believe they’re the most innocent ones of all. Whatever our situations may be, we have the power to stop mass slaughter. We have the ability to change the way these animals are treated. And it kills me inside that more people aren’t doing something about it, in whatever little way they can. I’m not saying I couldn’t be doing more myself – we all could be. And I do realize that everyone chooses their own battles in life and making things better for animals isn’t everyone’s top priority. But I’d be lying if I said that didn’t bother me! It doesn’t have to be your top priority, but I do wish more people made it a priority to some degree.

There’s more I’d like to say but I’m still going over it in my mind as to how to put it all into words. I’m also not wanting to focus too much on this given that it has been difficult for me the past few days and I’m really wanting to put myself in a better state of mind since I believe that the way I feel does affect my baby. However, I do want to hear your thoughts on this…I again apologize for sounding harsh. I don’t mean it that I can’t have any sort of relationship with meat eaters. My parents are meat eaters, my brother is, almost everyone in my family and the majority of people I know are. I can still be close to people on other levels, even if we clash in certain areas! I don’t want to alienate anyone – I realize we’re all on our own trip, so to speak, and we all have to make decisions that are right for ourselves. It took me 17 years of my life before I decided to become a vegetarian so it’s not like I’ve been this way from day one myself.

I’m not sure what the best approach is for getting my point across because I’m not sure its being understood the way it’s intended, but still I will leave you with this for now and we can continue this conversation over time =)


Finally got through the majority of Earthlings – had to turn away at some points but for the most part watched the whole thing. It really affected me, I’ll say that much. I’m glad I’m vegetarian, and equally as glad that I cut leather out of my wardrobe some years ago. Beyond that, I think we all know how I feel already!!

As well as stirring up many emotions, the film reminded me just how much I truly love animals and want to help them in some way throughout my life. I plan on taking our child(ren) to farms and other places animals can be found, so that they become familiar with them and will be animal lovers too. I just cherish them, they are such innocent creatures who are so easy to love! I don’t know how or in what way exactly but I think when I go back to work once baby is a bit older, I want to work with animals in some way. We’ll see how feasible that becomes but it’s my dream.

I have to just start focusing on the good for the time being, not allowing myself to get caught up in all the negativity in the world. I don’t want to hide away from it but I really do think it’s in my best interest at the moment! Or should I say, my baby’s best interest. I get these horrible guilt pangs when I’m sobbing uncontrollably yet I know it’s over something that could have been avoided. If I’m crying due to the hormones of pregnancy and have nothing to really base the sadness on, that’s one thing, but if I’m forcing myself to do something I know is going to cause severe depression, I’m doing it to myself and therefore putting my baby in harms way willingly. I don’t want to do that.

It’s so easy to sink into the depths of despair because there is a lot of despair in the world. Everywhere you turn, you can easily pick up on the negative vibes. But on the flip side, it’s not so hard to see the beauty in the world too. And that’s what I plan on focusing my energies on in the coming months, and as much as I can throughout life, really. I don’t want to shelter my kids away from the harshness of the world tooooo much, but I do want them to pick up on the bright side of things the majority of the time.

It’s hard to be positive right now given I’ve gone back to battling morning sickness the past few days and as of yesterday developed a migraine headache, which of course I can’t do anything about since I can’t take Advil. I haven’t slept well due to the headache, which only compounds the problem. BUT I know it’s only temporary, it should be gone soon. Maybe the full moon is affecting me, since today is a full moon and I do believe it does strange things to people…

Hopefully nothing too strange though…today the cat groomer is coming to give our kitties the lion’s cut again! After watching that film I feel horrible knowing I’m putting our cats through stress in order to get them groomed…BUT they both always seem so much happier once its been done. In fact, Moorka – who was abused and left to fend for herself for years and was part feral to our knowledge when we got her – opened right up to us once she had her first haircut! She became like a different cat and reverted back to grumpiness only when the hair grew back, then back to happy cat once it was shaved again! So a little stress for a lot of gain ;) And it will be soooo nice to have her nails trimmed so she might not be so destructive around the furniture…One can only hope!

I’m happy it’s Friday, looking forward to the weekend with James. We’ve had a picnic planned for some time now for this weekend, so of course the forecast is calling for clouds. BUT I’ve found it’s still fairly warm even when it’s cloudy these days, and Sunday is supposed to have sunny periods so maybe we’ll wait till then for our excursion. Whatever happens, 2 days off is never a bad thing!!

As a side note, baby is 17 weeks and 3 days today…Getting closer to the full 18 weeks mark – not much longer till the halfway point! (At 20 full weeks). I’m so excited, and I’m so grateful to baby because he or she is already making me a better person and I just love my baby so much. I can’t wait to start feeling more kicks! The other night in bed I realized I was starving so I got up and had some cereal and as soon as I put the empty bowl down I felt baby doing somersaults! It was so funny, like saying woohoo, thanks for the nourishment, Mom! I needed that! =)