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What's been going on

Starting today, I have begun the process of weaning myself off Diclectin, the anti-nausea medication I’ve been taking for morning sickness.Since the sickness hasn’t been too bad as of late, I want to try to minimize how many pills I have to take.Because you have to wean yourself in order to avoid getting really sick really fast, I’ve started by cutting out the afternoon pill.I will continue taking 2 at bedtime and one in the morning for a few days.Then I’ll try one at night and one in the morning.And eventually I hope to only take one at night till I really don’t need it at all.It might take a few weeks but at least I’m working on it!Apparently it’s safe to take this particular medication throughout the entire pregnancy, and I know people who have had to.If I end up needing it I won’t feel bad taking it, but I figure if I can go without I might as well.I had a raging headache last night into this morning and would have done just about anything to be able to take an Advil!But of course…

Things you probably could care less about...

Just a little tidbit: today is one month till James and my one year wedding anniversary!!1. Are you taller than your best friend?
Nope, James is probably about 5 inches taller!
2. Do you have a favorite type of pen?
I tend to prefer the super cheap no frills Bic type of pen.
3. What did you do on May 15th?
I can hardly remember what I had for lunch yesterday, let alone what I did over a month ago!I may have written something about my day in my daytimer, but I’m too lazy to go look it up!

4. What color are your toenails usually?
Either a light blue or something sparkly.Right now they’re blue but in the sun they turn mauve!
5. What was the last thing you highlighted?
My hair, blond and red.
6. What color are the curtains in your bedroom?
We don’t have any curtains, just those super annoying verticals that come with apartments these days…At least they’re not as crappy as the ones in our old place!
7. What color are the seats in your car?
Yeah right…the seats on the bus are usually blue, orange on the…

A baby is Mom and Pop art. ~Patricia Warner

I was in Nanaimo for a few days and while I was there, my mom and I went to Sears and they had the same crib set there that James and I picked out here in Vancouver.Only that day it had gone on sale at 20% off!Sweet!I took that as a sign that I should snap it up right away, so I did =)It’s called ‘Clover Fields’ but I am calling it ‘Counting Sheep.’I think a counting sheep ‘theme’ is super cute and works for either boy or girl.The crib set came with the bumper pad thingy, a fitted sheet and a blanket.The picture shows a zillion things to match it for the whole room but I didn’t want to go that overboard!We will pick out a few things that will ‘match’ without having to be exactly the same.Our baby’s room is going to be VERY small since it’s not actually meant to be a second bedroom, so I think to do an entire theme like that would be overkill.I think I do want to have some sort of border print but I haven’t found anything yet that I really like.Baby is 14 weeks and 2 days old, so into …

Weekend Bliss

Finished Shopaholic & Baby.It was as delightful as expected! Now on to Before Green Gables…Off subject, but I would just like to say GOD DAMN YOU HEARTBURN.In other news…actually I don’t really have any.Yesterday we went to the farmer’s market and got some soaps, a Gouda cheese (no cheese jerky available – why not just tear my heart out and stomp on it why don’t you?), a rhubarb apple pie and some strawberries.Then we parted ways from M&N and puppy, who joined us on the excursion, took our stuff home to drop off and went back out.We looked through both The Bay and Sears at baby stuff.We have a whole bunch of gift certificates still for The Bay from our wedding that we want to use up but we ended up liking stuff at Sears way more.There’s still plenty we can get from The Bay but I’m excited about some of the stuff we saw at Sears!We’re getting our stroller second hand (barely used) but we saw the same model at Sears and were able to try it out.It’s amazing!It’s regular priced $…

Baby, bundle of joy

Ahh, this is the life.It’s Friday night and I’m sitting on the comfy couch with a really yummy raspberry smoothie (thanks Magic Bullet, for making it so dang easy to make!) and aside from a little (well, a lotta, really) heartburn I could do without, I’m feeling pretty darn good.After James and I had supper (a delicious (if I do say so myself!) minestrone soup I made the other day along with a asiago ciabbatta bread - yum) I had a nice bubble bath – and I didn’t skimp on the bubbles.I also lit some candles and turned out the light.It was glorious!After that I turned the fan on in the bedroom (I was hot after my bath) and got into bed and read lots of my Shopaholic & Baby book.It’s so good, soooo funny – and I can’t wait to get to the birth part of course!I’m almost finished, if I don’t finish it tonight I for sure will tomorrow.The only sad part is knowing it’s almost done since I’ve been enjoying it so much…I hate it when good books have to end!I feel wonderful.It’s funny because…

Buyer beware!

I found out recently that Matrix hair products, which are linked to Biolage products and owned by L’Oreal, continue to do animal testing.In this day and age, animal testing is NOT necessary when it comes to cosmetics and other beauty supplies.There is absolutely NO way this type of cruelty towards animals can be justified.Most brands no longer test on animals when making such things as shampoo and conditioner, so why do it if it’s not necessary? I bought Matrix shampoo before but now that I know about their cruelty, I will never buy another product of theirs again (or anything associated with L'Oreal, for that matter).Even if it was the last shampoo on earth, I would rather go greasy than buy into that kind of madness!Just passing the message along…Remember to read labels, look at the fine print to find out if a product is tested on animals or not.Shampoo bottles will tell you if the company performs animal tests by NOT telling you that they don’t!Buyer beware…if you want a clear…

Into week 14...Hello second trimester!

Its been 3 ½ months since I last did anything with my hair.It was time for a cut and I was sick of the colour so I decided to get some new highlights put in.My base colour is a shade or two darker than my natural colour.I’m really liking the funkiness of the blond and red together.I went back to my old hairdresser from a while back and I am so glad I did.Our trial separation didn’t work for me, I don’t think I can function hair-wise without her.She’s my one and only from now on!LOLI know from experience, it’s best to stick with someone you like and trust rather than gamble your hair on random stylists…It was nice to get pampered today.I am finally feeling a bit more like myself (whatever that means) and healthy and with it and it was nice to get a bit of a ‘new look’ to go along with all the other changes I’m experiencing.

My baby bump, taken today :)I feel so happy!I feel so lucky to have this baby growing inside me.I know my whole life is already focused on him or her but that’s ok w…

43 Random Things...

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? I don’t think so…my Gram’s middle name was Elizabeth but I think my parents chose the name just because they liked it.2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? A few weeks ago, while watching the season finale of LOST – LOL.Chalk it up to pregnancy hormones if you want to, but there was one scene in particular that really got the tears flowing!3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING ? Not really.I know it could be worse but I wish it was perfect, like my mom’s and my brother’s…4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? BLECH - No meat for me, I am vegetarian! 5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? I have one precious baby growing inside me right now!Tomorrow marks 13 weeks of my pregnancy, which means baby will be 11 weeks old!Awww =)6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? Probably yes…At least I would know I was trustworthy…but given how anti-social I am, I probably wouldn’t see me much – haha!7. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? Yes…not in too rude or hurtful a way but in a …

First trimester coming to a close...

Been feeling a lot better lately, no throwing up for days now!Yay me! Diclectin is my life saver, I have a feeling I wouldn’t be doing so well without it.But whatever works, right?!And now that I’m starting my second trimester (as of today, I’m at 12 weeks, 3 days), I can start using Zantac 75 when I need heartburn relief – since Tums are pretty much USELESS.My last midwife appointment went well – I got a few of my blood test results and it turns out I’m super healthy.In fact, my haemoglobin level is higher than it tends to be for most vegetarians – which is a VERY good thing.Yay me times two!It was one week ago today that we went for our first ultrasound.I love to sit and stare at our first picture of our beautiful baby.I still can’t get over how absolutely ADORABLE he or she is!Perfection right inside my belly!

An absolute miracle!

I have a beautiful baby inside me!

And as far as we can tell, everything is going well.I know an ultrasound can’t tell you if there are certain problems with the baby, but I am telling you right now without a doubt, our baby is going to be PERFECT!I am so ecstatic.We had our first ultrasound this morning and it was the most incredible experience ever.Actually SEEING our tiny little bundle of joy floating around inside me!How amazing is that?!There is nothing else like it in this world.I am over the moon, just completely overjoyed today!All the sickness has been totally worth it.I love this baby more than anything already!We saw its tiny little arms and hands and little itsy bitsy toes!Sooooo cute!I can’t believe it.And it’s OURS!

I’m at 11 weeks, 3 days.A little behind where we thought we were…So our due date is now December 23rd.Merry Christmas to us!

What a difference a day makes

Today I feel better than I’ve felt so far, although I’ve only been up for about half an hour (and yes, it is almost 11:30am!)BUT it seems like a good sign to me considering I got up and asked for some toast with PB&J AND some cheese on the side!I haven’t specifically wanted anything to eat in ages, especially in the morning.I usually force myself to eat at least part of a granola bar.Yesterday I only got through half.So eating a whole slice of bread with stuff on it is a huge thing for me.AND to not feel super nauseous afterwards?!AMAZING!!Still very low energy but I attribute that to two things: growing baby and all the nightmares I’ve been having.I had gone into this phase of having dreams but not remembering anything of significance when I woke up.Then all of a sudden in the past few days I’ve had some of the worst dreams of my entire life, or at least the scariest.In some dreams, someone who can’t have children wants to steal my unborn child.I wake up rubbing my belly thinking…

Morning sickness that lasts all day...

It has been quite a week.I ended up in the hospital last Wednesday after nearly 24 hours of throwing up constantly.I would say from 2pm Tuesday afternoon till 9am Wednesday morning, I threw up at least 20 times, although I think it may have been quite a few more.I was so dehydrated that my legs started to ache so badly I could no longer fall asleep in between throwing up.Needless to say, by 10am on Wednesday I was so exhausted I literally just wanted to die.If someone had told me they’d kill me I would have been seriously grateful, that’s how horrible I felt.So finally, after James called Dial-a-Nurse and got some advice, we decided it would probably be best if I went to the hospital.We went to emergency at St. Paul’s and I got in really quickly, probably only about a 10 minute wait.Soon I had blood taken and was put on an IV.I ended up staying for 3 hours and got 3 bags full of fluid.They also gave me some gravol, which I didn’t think was safe to take during pregnancy but they assure…