Monday, April 28, 2008

I’ve been a bit out of touch with blogging lately…

I was going to post something lame saying basically nothing at all but let me spare you the boredom. Instead, enjoy some pictures:

(in no particular order...)

Monday, April 21, 2008

You can have my string rolls if you want them

Every time I go to start a new blog post I write a few lines and either save it as is and close it up, never to return to it…or I delete it and think, “Ah, I’ll do it later.” I don’t know what’s got into me lately but this lack of blog-ability has got to end eventually!

A lot has been going on, I’ve been busy. We’re looking after my parents’ dogs while they’re away on their Panama Canal cruise.

James and I went out for dinner on Saturday for his 29th birthday to a Thai place…and the grossest thing ever happened. Well maybe not the grossest thing EVER but it left me feeling like I was done before I may have wanted to be…

I bit into the last of the spring rolls and there was something in there that I couldn’t bite through. I thought it was one of those little see-through glass noodles or whatever they’re called…because it was long and stringy (literally, although I didn’t know it right away…)…but it seemed strange it would be hard to bite one of those. So I pulled it out of my mouth to assess what it was and low and behold, it was a piece of string!

I started pulling it out of the roll and pulling, and pulling, till finally I was so grossed out and I said to James, “I really don’t want to know what’s at the end of this thing!” because the way it was sitting there like that, it looked like a tampon and I was frightened by the idea of what it was doing in my spring roll =S

(I knew it wasn’t a tampon but still, it was a piece of string and what the hell was it doing there?!)

When the waitress finally after a million years came to take our dishes away I lifted up the stringy roll and showed her and right away she said, “Oh yes, that is from the prawns.” And just cleared the dishes away! And I’m like, “Ummm…the PRAWNS?!?!” Hello, I am vegetarian!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ordered everything veg and specifically requested no fish sauce or anything of the like and here I have the ‘string of the prawns’ in my spring roll?! WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! And what is the string for with regards to prawns? Wait, forget it – I don’t want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t cause a scene or anything, it was James’ bday after all. But I did quietly tell him it was the last time I would ever go there. It’s really too bad, but I just can’t stand the lack of quality control…It doesn’t sit well with me at all.

(Don’t worry Trista, it’s not Salathai I’m talking about!! Salathai is SO GOOD and knock on wood but they have never EVER screwed up any food I’ve ever ordered any of the million times we’ve been there!) This is a Thai place on the island…Where people line up to get in because it’s ‘soooo good.” And it IS good but…I just can’t handle it anymore, I think I now I have a one strike and you’re out policy for eating out and getting screwed around with the wrong ‘foods’ that in my mind aren’t foods at all. Sheesh, STRING I don’t think is food to ANYONE!

At least they did take the spring rolls off our bill…………………………………….I will give them that.

But still………………………………………………………………………………..

Things are going well tho. I’m pretty happy these days. Work might be the shits but hey, I know it could be worse. And I’m working from home for another couple of weeks so at least I don’t have to see any of the people I have a problem with. Do I still feel resentful and screwed over? Yes, but I’m working on ‘letting go’……….

Despite all of that, life is pretty darn good right now. Really.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Certain toxic individuals

In the past I learned a whole series of relaxation/meditation methods. I KNOW I should draw upon those now when I am in serious need of calming down…BUT it’s so hard to be mindful when you’re busy dwelling.

I KNOW I’m supposed to put myself into the bigger picture and realize how insignificant things are so as not to fret over pointless things…BUT sometimes that’s so much easier said than done.

Part of me is able to compartmentalize it all and not be bothered because, really, when it comes down to it I just want to yell out Who effing cares! Not this person!

But the other part of me is boiling right over…………………………

I am so SICK and TIRED of the goings on at my work place.

I feel like I’m being beaten down every day that I go in there or have contact with certain individuals. I am taking a vow at this point in time to be fairly silent in my work. I DON’T HAVE TIME TO TALK TO YOU SO EFF OFF AND GO STEP ON SOMEONE ELSE’S TOES FOR A CHANGE, HOW ABOUT…????

On a happier note, after leaving early today because I seriously could not take one more second at that place, I came home and discovered I have made it into another pool for a government job that pays more than double what I am making now =) So I’ll be writing a test for that in a couple of weeks. Of course, that’s just the beginning of the process and it could take many, many months before finding out if I have a new job – but at least it’s a start.

Whatever happens, I’ve gotta say, the day I leave my current job will be a truly glorious one. There will be absolutely no looking back.

I hate Mondays that make me dread the idea of having 4 more days to go before 2 days of sanity…And it’s such a shame today since I was in such a great mood starting off. About 2 hours in and I was ready to rip my hair out.

BUT this too shall pass, and one day I will be so far removed from this place that none of it will matter.

It’s nice to have these things to look forward to =P

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I love my sweetie-pie husband!

It has been an interesting couple of days.

Sorta. Kinda.

Not really.

Haven’t been up to TOO much, but accomplished some things. Had a ‘surprise’ visit from James’ mom and her significant other yesterday…Their flight to China got screwed up due to some mechanical difficulties so they were re-routed through Vancouver. So we had them for dinner last night. Now they are in China and his mom will be coming to Vancouver April 30th before heading home to Halifax in mid May…

Today consisted of waking up at 5am unable to fall back asleep, getting up till 8am till I could no longer stay awake, and “sleeping in” till 11:30. I know a lot of people like a ‘lazy Sunday’ and it’s not that I don’t – I just hate feeling like I’ve wasted half the day on a Sunday when I have to go back to work the next day.

To cheer me up, James took me out for lunch. Nowhere fancy, but I could just taste a veggie burger from White Spot, so that’s where we went.

Finally I was able to wear a spring/summer type skirt! FINALLY!!!! We have had such nice weather this weekend.

I want to get a FEW new things for my summery wardrobe though…I’m kind of getting tired of some of my stuff. Maybe a new skirt and top and a dress would do the trick =) Not right away but when there are some sales on. I’ll have to do a bit of shopping when I’m in Nanaimo in the relatively near future…

Tomorrow is my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary! And soon they will be cruising the Panama Canal and going to all sorts of tropical Caribbean locations – the lucky ducks!!

But I can't keep rambling, because right now I have to go visit my favourite puppy niece and see the pretty new collar her mom and dad bought for her today!!

Yes, I was grumpy and out of sorts this morning, but I’m feeling much chipper now. Life would be pretty close to perfect (not quite, but almost) if it wasn’t Monday and back-to-the-grind tomorrow… =P

That's all I have to say

I feel like a distorted image of myself.

Monday, April 07, 2008


I think I may have lost the blogging itch…I don’t know. I’m not saying I’m ‘quitting’ but I just don’t have the same enthusiasm for it as I once did. Mind, I’ve gone through what is it, 3 blogs now?! I don’t plan on starting a new one this time though. Part of me wants to just do something entirely different. Though I know that this whole blog thing has its place in my life – it’s an outlet I don’t want to give up, I just don’t feel like using it to its full potential for some reason.

Maude’s back and what I AM itching to do is see her! Yet I have the opportunity tonight and I’m not taking it…I just don’t feel like going back out when it’s after 9pm and I’m in my jammies…Not that she’s far away, and I couldn’t just wear my jammies there, but still! I’m hoping to see her tomorrow. My bro and N are really good about letting me barge in and visit because they know I go into withdrawal when I don’t see my puppy niece for a while!

She was in Nanaimo this weekend, they took her over to introduce her to ‘the girls’ –the infamous Springer Spaniel sisters. They wanted to see if they would accept Maude so that they could take her there for longer stretches of time in the future. Well, picture this: two Springers, probably 4 times the size of the little French bulldog pup, scared out of their wits, shivering and shaking and trying to hide from her! I wish I could have been there to witness it all! Apparently in the end they accepted her – probably another day and they would have bonded fully. But it’s ridiculous how long it took for them to warm up to her! Lets just say the girls haven’t really been socialized, whereas Maude is used to being around other dogs and jumping all over them!

Animals have this way about them that makes the world a happier place. Maude, for example – she just brings this light to my life that I can’t even describe with words! She’s just this sweet little innocent creature that was put on earth to be loved!

I’m currently happy but stressed and not sure what direction things are going in. I’m tired of worrying all the time. But I can’t seem to chill out! I want to be one of those happy-go-lucky easy-going types, I really do, but am I capable of it is the question. I know there is a lot more I could do to actively become ‘that person.’ But there’s a part of me that’s negative to the core and I guess I find it hard to give that up. It’s an ‘edge’ I’ve always had and it wouldn’t make sense if I was one of those perma-grinners. I wouldn’t be me! In fact, I’d want to punch myself in the face. The perma-grin thing? It’s a bit much. I like to think that with the right mix of positive and negative, a person can be alright ;P Everything has it’s pros and cons, ups and downs, so a mix of pos and neg makes sense, right?!

We’re looking into possibly buying some art from a local artist but we’re not sure yet…It’s so expensive to get local art, but what we want is a painting of Vancouver. We saw some last year we absolutely LOVED of the west end – oil on canvas where the painting was so amazing, it really looked like a photograph. Oh, how I wish I was an artiste! I would love to be able to create such masterpieces! But the next best thing is being able to buy them…And since Vancouver means so much to us, we’re hoping to find a piece of art for our place that shows it. We got money from a lot of people for our wedding but put it all toward paying for the wedding costs etc – we didn’t buy anything at all for ourselves with any of the money. So one way we’re thinking of justifying it is that we should have ONE thing from our wedding money that is a gift rather than a payment for our debts!! ;P We’ll see…we don’t want anything too extravagant, but all art seems expensive to us…

In between writing this we had a short visit with M&N…I think I will be seeing Maude tomorrow =) I think we all know what the highlight of my day will be!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

That is all

It rained like crazy today but despite H’s allergy to cats, she P & baby L came over for a visit. L is sooo cute, she’s about 14 months old and walking around and says things like, “Oooh, Pretty!” and what can I say, she’s just adorable!

Went to Salathai for dinner and it was delish. Service was so-so, which is rare because usually it’s amazing, but still we enjoyed it and the food was superb as always. Trista, can’t wait for you and Kyle to try it!!!!!

Pilled M&N’s kitty and now I’m doing laundry. The fun never ends!! I was in a foul mood this morning but I’m over it now. For the most part. Fairly happy, just with a bit of the Sunday night blues – which is always to be expected when Monday is a work day :S

Wouldn’t you know it rained and rained and NOW that we’re back home and not going out except to work in the morning it is getting sunny…What is UP with this weather we’ve been having?! I can’t wait for spring to settle in once and for all. It better happen soon or we’ll be skipping it and going straight to summer.

Another post about nothing

I guess I took a bit of a blog-hiatus, without even realizing it.

My mom was over for a few days last week so I was busy spending time with her when I wasn’t at work. We saw Mamma Mia on Wednesday night and it was AMAZING. I loved it and I still find myself singing Abba tunes out of the blue…So good! Now I understand all the hype.

I don’t know if I’m feeling uninspired lately or if I’m just tired. I have all these ideas in my head of ‘things I want to do’ but at the moment my preference is thinking on it but not acting…One of these days………………………….

It’s too bad it’s Sunday already, I hate how the weekend goes so fast.

At least there’s a hint of sunshine between all the clouds. That might mean a walk with P, H and L this afternoon, after showing them our new apartment.

Maybe I’m so tired because I’m taking care of F&S (M&N’s kitty cats) while they’re away this weekend. F has a brain tumour and has to be pilled early in the morning and in the evening…I’ve been getting up at quarter to 7 to get over there and do the pilling bright and early. Which is half an hour more sleep than I would get during the week when I’m getting up for work…but I like having a bit of a sleep in on the weekend. It’s the only time I have to ‘catch up’!

We did our taxes yesterday, so we should be getting a decent return, which will be helpful. I’m tempted to spend my portion of the money frivolously BUT I’M NOT GOING TO. I think it should go straight toward one of my many student loan debts…It’s pennies compared to what I owe but every bit counts!!! Oh it will be a glorious day when it’s all paid off. I believe I will be in my forties by the time it happens though – which is frightening to think, but hey, as long as it gets paid off eventually, right?!

I am so in my own head, sometimes I wonder how healthy it is…

I got a new book on Scrapbooking so I’m hoping to gain some inspiration for that. My next project? Most likely a book about Maude =) Was there life before her? I don’t remember!

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