Sunday, March 30, 2008

Emotional rollercoasters and so forth

March 30, 2008 1 Comments
I’ve been having really strange emotions lately. Suddenly feeling like crying is one, but also these surges of love and happiness. It’s really weird though, I don’t know how to explain it. I’m kind of all over the place, but then I guess that’s how I roll!

I got a daytimer thing for Christmas…since I don’t really have a super crazy schedule that demands jotting down appointments and so on, I’ve been using it to record bits and pieces of what happen each day so I can remember when certain things took place. To say I have something recorded for every single day would be a total lie, but there’s a good portion of the days with tidbits filled in. I think it’s a good idea. Especially on days when I don’t necessarily feel like writing in my journal or blogging. I can just jot down a few key words or sentences and I’m done.

Tonight I made a Puttanesca pasta sauce which I added a few ingredients to (including Schneider’s meatless meatballs which are AMAZING) and we had it with whole wheat spaghetti noodles. I thought ugh, whole wheat pasta is going to be GROSS but I bought it because I knew it was the healthy choice. And much to my surprise it was absolutely DELICIOUS! Usually when I make any sort of spaghetti dish I’m disappointed with it (tomato sauces generally aren’t my favourite) but this was such a good dinner! I love it when I make something I can feel good about.

My aunt and uncle came over for a visit today – they hadn’t seen our place since the day of our move (since they helped us with it). They were very impressed with our new place compared to our last one. We ran into our old manager today at the pet store and said hello. We were invited back to the old apartment any time this summer to use the pool, which made me PLEASED AS PUNCH! Don’t know if we’ll take them up on it but I like having the option…Nice to know too that we were liked enough to have such privileges even when we don’t live there anymore!!!

Getting groceries has to be such a thought out process now that we’re not near the grocery store. We used to live right by every store you could possibly need so I could literally need just one item and easily go out, get it and be home in 10 minutes or less (depending how busy the store was, anyway!) Whereas now it seems like a bit more of a chore to do a shop of any sort…though we’re definitely getting a lot more exercise these days, which is a good thing.

I have the Sunday night blues but I’m doing my best to fend it off…Why does the week drag on yet the weekends always whiz by?

Le sigh.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Why Earth Hour? Why not Earth 24/7?

March 28, 2008 2 Comments

March 29th from 8-9pm is considered Earth Hour, when everyone is urged to turn off unnecessary lights in taking a stand against climate change.

Correct me if I’m wrong here but…

What kind of message is this really sending people? Rather than designating one hour to climate change, why aren’t we more actively turning out our lights regularly? If it can be done for that hour, it can probably be done for many more hours and on a regular basis.

I found out about Earth Hour because they put up a notice about it in our building elevators. So we polluted the earth by using a printer and ink and paper in order to tell people to turn their lights off for an hour. Groovy.

I see what they’re getting at (whoever ‘they’ are). It’s great to show people how easy it is to live without every light in the house on all the time. It reminds people of how simple it is to just turn off what you aren’t using. BUT I’d prefer if the presentation of it was different…I’d rather be reminded how important it is to ALWAYS consider the conservation of energy where possible and why…Not just be asked to do it for one hour a year!

It angered me because so much goes into promoting this hour that probably does worse things for ‘climate change’ than if we just left our lights on for that hour. Seriously! It sounds so good to say we’re ‘going green’ but are we really?!

And climate change…I wouldn’t mind getting some of that ‘global warming’ in our neck of the woods at the moment…It’s almost APRIL and guess what? It’s snowing :S

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Written last night, posted this morning

March 27, 2008 3 Comments

I’ve been staring at a blank screen for ages.

Emotions run high but words…they have to be formed so carefully, be thought out. Right now I don’t have the energy.

How are you?

I get asked this question so often. Sometimes I don’t feel like answering. Maybe I just am. Why should that require explaining?

I’m tired of trying.

Actually, in general lately I’ve been very tired. I wake up tired, go through the day tired. Ironically, when it comes time to curling up under the covers at night, it takes me ages to drift off to sleep.

It’s really too bad, especially considering how quiet our new place is. I should be sawing logs but oh no, I just lay there and toss and turn and listen to James snore and feel jealous that he could fall asleep with such ease while I just lay there feeling desperate because I’m suddenly wide awake.

Is that a saying people use for sleeping (and snoring), sawing logs? Me and my family have so many little terms for things that I’ve come to realize aren’t actual sayings to the outside world. For example, growing up we always used to say we were ‘stooping’ the tea, when in fact it’s ‘steeping.’ I didn’t find out the truth on this till I was around 20 years old, when I told James we should let the tea ‘stoop’ longer and he thought I was crazy. Well, by then he already knew I’m crazy, but that’s neither here nor there ;)

Even though I’m not sleeping better in our new apartment, I’m sleeping easier. If that makes sense. I’m not the ball of stress I once was. (Or maybe that’s debatable?!) I’m still having some trouble ‘letting go’ of certain feelings and insecurities that I became so accustomed to while living in our old place. Always listening for particular sounds, worried about what might happen next…But for the most part I’ve moved on, and I can’t believe how much of a difference it makes living here as opposed to there. I’m kind of glad our ‘first’ downtown experience was living in the west end though. There is a ‘vibe’ there that you pick up on when you’re a part of it and it’s kind of exciting to ‘belong’ to that. But it’s also nice to know I can go back and visit any time but I don’t have to be a part of the many shenanigans that are part and parcel there…

Some of my regular sayings, that I try to fit in where I can (with certain people anyway) lately include:

“Part and parcel”

“Pleased as punch”

“Neither here nor there”

I just realized I’ve already used 2 of those sayings in this post alone! That makes me pleased as punch! Haha!

Yes, I’m c-c-c-craaaazy!

I really appreciate it when someone (aka James) does the dishes so I don’t have to since I generally have to do it all the time. But why is it that doing the dishes always sounds so much LOUDER when it’s someone else doing them?! Sometimes I prefer to just take over and do it myself because it doesn’t sound so noisy, even though I’m sure it is.

It’s funny, as I was writing that, James apologized for the noise…he knows me so well!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

March 23, 2008 2 Comments

I got up late this morning, after a late night last night. We had our brothers and their girlfriends over for an informal ‘housewarming’ party. We were happy to just have a small group over – I think 6 ppl in here at one time is the limit. We all just managed to fit in the living room, but any more bodies and we’d have been a bit cramped!

It was fun, we played games (The Newlywed Game and Outburst), had drinks, laughed, talked. Ate. All the usual party things!

This morning when I got up, I discovered James had hid 12 mini Easter eggs around the apartment. We usually do this on Easter – we take turns hiding and finding the eggs. So after I found them all, I hid them for him. It was fun! I look forward to being able to do this with our kids one day – seeing their faces light up each time they find another egg!

We’re just lazing around but soon we’re going to go out for an Easter brunch. We don’t do a formal dinner for this occasion...I’m really happy to not be in a situation where I have to be around a sacrificed turkey for this holiday. I prefer it being a more low-key long weekend. However, I’m going to do up a nice veggie medley for our supper tonight!

Too bad we don’t get tomorrow off too, but at least we’ve had a nice 3 days to relax before going back to work…which brings me to a little piece I wrote last night but didn’t post:

We have tomorrow off but one more day before heading back for a full work week never seems like enough…I wish I could afford to work just 2-3 days a week…and James too, so we could spend our time off together. Who am I kidding though, who wouldn’t want that kind of ‘work’ week?!

We should all be so lucky.

I’ve decided to turn a new leaf so to speak. Or maybe throw one away, I don’t know. Depends how you want to look at it! I’ve come to a point where I’m realizing certain things I’m comfortable with, certain things I’m not, and what I’m ok with in my life. Sometimes you want to try to force yourself to change things because you think you should, but if you really look deep and see how you’ve been your whole life, you suddenly realize why should I?! Maybe I’m not the one who needs changing. And if I do, it’s just my perspective. I am realizing I’m ok just the way I am and if people don’t like my ways, well, they don’t have to live with me, do they?

I always want everyone around me to be happy and I try to be accommodating. But some people are toxic for me and there’s only so much I can do to accommodate them.

I realize that the ways people often see me aren’t the way I see myself, and most often I should be giving myself more credit, but I don’t or can’t – or something to that effect.

I’m worried about certain things. Some are obvious, like loved ones dying and not being able to cope. Other things that are less obvious though…things like if she moves back here and how that would go…and why he is the way he is toward me, what his problem is…Why these things just never seem resolved.

I just want to be happy. I know who I am, and I know who means something to me. That’s really all that matters, right? If other people want to have ill thoughts towards me, it is going to be hurtful on some levels, yes, but I also have to put it all into perspective and not let them affect me to the enth degree. If you don’t like it, lump it, that’s the way I’m living now.

I’m just tired of being so affected when other people seem able to shake things off in an instant and not care one iota. I want to be that person now.

Overall, I had a good time and I’m glad we did it. For the most part, I’d say it was a success.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday

March 22, 2008 0 Comments
After a sleep in and a somewhat lazy morning, I made James a nice breakfast consisting of fried eggs with béarnaise sauce (with some leftover asparagus) and a veggie sausage product (which he quite enjoyed) and myself a bowl of raisin bran (with a new ‘oat clusters’ twist – soooo good!) Then my brother called and asked if we wanted to join them on an outing with Maude to an off-leash dog park =)

Obviously I couldn’t pass up the chance. James went to get his hair cut while the rest of us went to the park where Maude had a great time playing with a group of new friends =) She is the cutest puppy, I will never tire of that girl!

She ran and played till her smooshed in little French Bulldog face was panting and snorting! Soon enough her bulging eyes were beginning to droop and she was ready to go home for a nap. I said my goodbyes and met up with James and we walked over to Denman Street. Looked in a few shops, dreamed of buying some nice new art (dreamed because we looked at the prices and knew everything we wanted was out of our price range!) and looked for a few new plants for our apartment but didn’t find the right ones for the spaces we (I, who am I kidding!) want them for. All the same, it was nice to be out while the sun was shining. We went to Urban Fare and got a few things we forgot to get at Safeway the other day. There’s a lot we won’t buy there since it’s so damn expensive BUT there are so many different products there that I’d love to try! Interesting things that you just can’t find anywhere else. Rather than splurging on expensive items, we got a few different brands of carbonated drinks to try. Note to self: if you want cherry cola, go for the good stuff – the ‘diet’ variety might as well not even exist. Blech! Live and learn! We usually don’t drink any sort of pop but lately I’ve been enjoying it from time to time…mostly Coke Zero tho so at least there aren’t any empty calories to worry about there ;) Still, not that I’m saying it’s good for you…But everything in moderation, right?!

We were ambitious this morning and had a bike ride planned for the afternoon, but by the time we got home from our first outing it was almost 4:00 and we were tired and hungry. We made veggie burgers and a Greek salad for our lunch (although we mostly just had salad and saved the burgers for later). Then it was time for an afternoon nap! Oh how I love lazy holidays!

When I woke up I read for a while and then we decided to watch Spiderman 3…Until it started and I remembered it was one of the movies we watched from our room while we were on our honeymoon cruise. I didn’t feel like watching it again so I read while James watched it. I finished my book, which I thoroughly enjoyed but wish hadn’t ended since I no longer have any Barbara Gowdy to enjoy =(

The book is called The Romantic and I HIGHLY recommend it, as well as all other Barbara Gowdy books. She is hands down my #1 favourite author of all time.

James looks soooo handsome with his new haircut – I love him with a fresh ‘do! And I’ve just been so attached to him lately – but in a good way! I just can’t help but absolutely adore him. With the move and arranging all our stuff, I was placing one picture of us in particular and it just got me to thinking about how much I love him (not that it takes anything for those types of thoughts to cross my mind – it happens often!) We had our picture taken atop Paradise Point in St. Thomas with some tropical birds after getting Bushwacked (loaded with tasty booze, basically) and watching a really amazing bird show…it was such a happy moment and we were both so tanned and totally on honeymoon-vacation-mode. We splurged and had our photo taken with the birds and I’m sooo happy we did. I actually cried while still on our honeymoon while looking at that photograph and they were tears of absolute joy because I was just so thrilled knowing that it was me and MY HUSBAND in the photo. It means so much to me. HE means so much to me!

Reading The Romantic made me think again how lucky I am to have such a loving, kind and wonderful husband. It was not all happy days for the woman in the book…Not that it was all happy days for me either – I had my fair share of past relationships gone wrong! But the past 10 years of my life I can’t really complain about in the love department, and I know that makes me one very lucky woman. I don’t take James for granted though, I love to whisper sweet nothings to him and always make sure he knows just how special he is!

Anyway, enough gushing. It was a great day and I’m soooo happy knowing I have another 2 to enjoy before it’s back to the grind.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


March 19, 2008 3 Comments

I really hate how it happens that someone seems to have earned your trust and you’ve let them in and you think all is well and then suddenly you remember WHY YOU NEVER LET PEOPLE IN. It’s a lot easier to just not let anyone get to the point of being ‘trusted’ when they’re just going to break it anyway.

This is so maddening!

Don’t act one way with me and then another way with everyone else!

Don’t act like you completely agree with me on all counts and then stab me in the back when I’m not looking. I can see what you’re doing. You’re just as bad as the rest of them.

I don’t have time for these childish games. I don’t have the patience either.

I wish MSN would die. I ‘have’ to be on it for work and it drives me mental.

Stop messaging me with your bullshit opinions if you’re just going to turn around and latch on to everyone else too, despite all you’ve said to me about them…

I hate it when people think they need every single person in the world to like them so they become a chameleon and make it seem like they’re everyone’s best friend. People like that are just transparent, with no real opinions of their own.

Sad, sad cases.

I don’t trust anyone at my workplace.

200th Post

March 19, 2008 6 Comments

For my 200th post, I thought I would do a picture post of our new apartment!

Honestly, I really don’t feel the pictures do our place justice. I think it’s way nicer in person. It’s fairly small so it’s difficult to capture a good image…

Also I have done a bit more organizing since I took the pics so some things are a bit different, but at least this will give you an idea =)

Starting off, here is our front hall, taken from the living room area. Hall closet to the left, our "laundry room" to the right (I was doing laundry when I took the pic so the doors are open and clothes are hanging!), the doorway with the hanging bamboo thingme is to our office, and the open door there to the right is the bathroom...
Oh laundry room, how I love thee! For almost 10 years we have had to cart all our laundry downstairs and therefore saw it as a huge chore to do a few loads at a time...I always wished we could have in suite laundry and now we finally do! I am STILL excited by this, I don't think the feeling will ever wear off =)
Another angle of the hall, to show our Chagall prints...(next time I get to IKEA I'm getting black frames for them to give them an updated look...)
The bathroom, which is small but waaaaay better laid out than at our last place. This is the IKEA shower curtain I ordered online to replace our old one that was exactly the same - Love. It.!! Got the first one in Coquitlam...this one came all the way from Chicago!The office...I didn't take a picture of it but we also have a bookshelf in there (to the left, when you first walk into the room).

The living room (with the blinds closed so you don't know exactly where I'm located!) I would love to post pics of our view but...not gonna happen. Can you spot Moorka in this pic? :) Yup, she's relaxing on Gram's chair in the corner ;)
Leading from the living room to the kitchen...Fifi 's in this one ;)
A better kitchen pic...I absolutely LOVE our that we bought a pantry for the solarium, we have enough cupboard space. And I LOVE our print there on the wall in the kitchen...We had it on the peek-a-boo wall in our old place. It makes me happy for some reason. I FINALLY found out who did it - check out his website: Dominique Appia The solarium...I didn't take a picture of the whole thing since I had the blinds open, and again, not wanting to share my exact location I couldn't do a full-solarium pic. But you can see our dining table fits...and there's our new pantry cupboard. What you can't see is the cat's dishes, which are to the left in the room. So we can all eat together as a family ;)
The bedroom, which is to the left of the living room, basically on the other side from where the couch is. It needs work. Some of it I have already changed but...I want to paint James' night table an off-white colour (to sort of match with the headboard my dad made us) and I need to get myself a night table which I want in the same colour...I'm thinking it'd make more sense to get 2 of the same night tables and then still paint the one James has here but use it in a different place. He's had it since he was a kid so it's a piece he doesn't want to part with, but it needs updating. And it would make sense for our bedroom to look more put together. It's getting there though...What you can't see is the closet (to the left) and to the right we have the bureau we used to have in our living room in our old place, and my wicker chair is in the bottom right corner. It's a bit of a tight fit but it all works.
And that, in a nutshell, is our home!

We absolutely love it. I can't get over how much better it is from where we were. I love the newness of it all. I love the feeling I get from being in a new place. It usually lasts for quite some time for me. I know we can't live here for a long time given that we want to start a family and obviously can't fit a baby in here, or at least not easily...but for the time being I love this place and enjoy calling it home =)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Work woes...

March 18, 2008 2 Comments

Work issues are nagging at me. I don’t know if it will help to write it down and ‘let it out’ but it’s worth a shot, because I honestly can’t stand the way it’s all making me feel.

For the most part I try not to let these ‘issues’ take me over, because my job honestly isn’t worth getting that stressed out over. As in, I do not get paid enough to truly care. But sometimes it’s impossible not to be affected, even when you know it’s not worth it.

Back in October of last year, my then-manager quit. She made it sound like K was going to take over the position…which pissed me off since she’d only been with the company about 4 months, whereas I had been there for almost 10. I wasn’t saying I necessarily wanted the position myself, it’s just that I didn’t see how someone who’d barely been there could be qualified enough to become the manager. The next day I spoke with K directly about it to get her take on the whole thing and discovered she didn’t want to take over the position at all. Without getting into all the details of it, it turns out some higher ups in the company were playing us off each other hoping we’d turn on each other and one or the other would take the position.

Why would they have to go to such lengths to ‘try’ to get someone to take on more responsibility, you might ask?

Because whoever was to take on the role wasn’t going to get a single cent raise. So who was going to be the sucker was the biggest question…

Our then-manager who was putting in her last 2 weeks gave some insight into the matter…She was still ‘playing’ us in some ways (she was the queen of gossip and not the sharpest tool in the shed, you could say) but she was also somewhat honest and gave us some history of how other employees had been treated in that position – herself included. Which pretty much amounted to being treated like dirt or scum. Or maybe a mixture of the two…

We even had a meeting with the CEO of the company who kept referring to us as ‘girls’ – which totally got up my nose because it was as if he looked at us like we were lowly teenagers when, excuse me, this is NOT my first job and even if it was, I’m a woman not a girl and I’m NOT stupid. We saw right through the guy, he’s completely transparent.

But he seemed shocked than none of us were willing to ‘step up to the plate’…Apparently I have ‘no aspirations’ (according to him) because I didn’t want to gain valuable management experience. First off, I knew it wouldn’t be valuable because, let’s face it, I saw what A went through doing the job and there was nothing good about it on any level. And secondly, I’m not willing to do something for nothing. Again, this is not my first job, I have previous office experience, not to mention a goddamn degree! And I’m not willing to put up with total shit day in and day out if there is no monetary incentive. Why would I? And for that matter, WHO WOULD?? We found it appalling that they would even SUGGEST we take on a shitload of work for nothing, especially when we’re already getting paid a ridiculously low wage.

So that was that. We had long talks separately with our new acting-manager (who has been our manager since then as no one took on the role…and they were too cheap to hire someone new and heaven forbid QUALIFIED so they just got a manager from another department to take us on)…I mentioned how I felt about the whole thing and suggested someone with managerial skills/previous experience be hired on specifically to be the research lead, because if someone from our department did it there would just be resentment from everyone else. Etc and so on, these discussions have been going on from time to time over the past several months.

So 3 months and one day ago, they hired a new guy. But just to do the same job as us; still they were not on the lookout for a new lead. Or so they led us to believe…

Is it a coincidence that yesterday, on his ‘3 month anniversary’ with the company, he gets ‘promoted’ to team lead?? I think not.

I was livid to find this out ONLY because I remember him saying he would ONLY be willing to take on extra responsibility for a MINIMUM of a $4-$5 an hour wage increase. Otherwise, no way would he ever consider it.

So why is it that when it was women they were trying to get to take on the role, there was no chance of a raise, but when a man ‘steps up to the plate’ he gets a fat one? Or at least a raise, I mean I don’t know exactly how much it is but it’s sure to be more than the nothing we were offered…

I definitely believe that it’s sexism rearing its ugly head in the workforce once again. Am I surprised? Not entirely. But morale was low before – you better believe it has pretty much hit rock bottom now.

I don’t ‘hate’ the guy who took the role because he doesn’t even know the half of all we went through before he was hired on. But I resent him in that I don’t see the fairness in him suddenly being ‘worth’ more than the rest of us when he doesn’t have any more qualifications than any of the rest of us. And given the fact I had my ‘one year anniversary’ with the company over a month ago but there’s been no mention of me getting a raise for that, well you can imagine why I’m bloody pissed off.

And now suddenly R is going to be dealing with us as our ‘boss’ – I mean WTF WTF?????????? Not only has he only been with the company 3 months, he’s also about 5 years younger than me! And I’m to be taking orders from him now? I don’t think so.

I’m sorry but I won’t. If he wants to be the one to send me the files I have to take care of and I send them back to him to be processed into our database, fine. I could care less. But he is NOT ordering me around beyond sending me my work.

Our acting-manager started mentioning in our meeting this afternoon how I work from home and want to continue along with that, making it sound as if R could call the shots and tell me I can’t! But I think he is aware that if he tries to pull that sort of bullshit with me, he’s going to be up for a very big fight. I got the job with the promise of working from home if I wanted to, and honestly it is the ONLY reason I’ve kept this job as long as I have. I work fine from home and it’s the only thing that keeps me from wanting to jump out the window. Honestly, it has got to be one of the shittiest jobs out there. OK I’m sure far worse jobs exist (in fact I know they do) but as much as I do appreciate that I have a job at all, there is nothing to brag about with regards to what I do, except to say I get the flexibility of working from home and setting my own hours in a lot of cases. That IS a perk and it’s all I’ve got to hold onto at this point.

It just pisses me off because the acting-manager talked to me about this already and we established I’d be able to continue as I am working from home 3 days a week…to then go over my head and make it appear as though R now calls those shots is fucking ridiculous.

There seems to be not only a lot of secrecy but also outright lies as well as going behind people’s backs. I am so SICK of it. And I feel like R is already getting a big ego over his new position, a cockiness that is not becoming. He seems like a really nice guy on some levels but I’m starting to wonder about his motives. I guess money talks and if he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make more money, then he’s going to be more than willing to step over all of our toes to get it.

I am so mad right now because it would be so easy to have some open communication and make this right for everyone. But it just isn’t happening. Thank gawd I work from home the rest of the week – I do much better when I’m not right there having all the politics of the place shoved down my throat all day long. But still, I can’t hide my anger. I swear you could have cut the tension with a knife in that room today…and on many days for that matter.

I’m hoping to keep this job for just a little longer, as I need the flexibility of working from home due to a family commitment that’s coming up. But after that, I swear I am going to do everything in my power to find something new – and better – ASAP. I honestly don’t know how much more I can take…

Do I feel better having written this? Not really, but I guess it didn’t hurt to vent.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patty's!

March 17, 2008 2 Comments

I hope everyone remembers to wear green today, or you might get pinched! That's how it worked when I was in elementary school...if you forgot to wear green on St. Patrick's Day, other kids would come up to you and pinch you and you couldn't do anything about it. I only made that mistake once!

Good times, good times.

Spent the weekend (well, since Thursday) in Nanaimo, since my dad's b-day was on Friday. We got him a gift certificate to Home Depot, a book on the history of Vancouver, and some yummy pastry things we got him for Xmas that he loved. Oh and I made him 2 batches of his favourite, Welsh Currant Cakes, while I was over ;)

I got a few new clothing items on the weekend. Comfort clothes that can also be 'dressed up.' One thing I love about my job is that I can wear the most comfortable clothes to work if I don't feel like dressing up ;) I don't really see the point in getting dressed to the nines if I'm just going to be sitting at a desk all day long, might as well be comfortable, right?

I'm on the lookout for some new canvas shoes...

But mostly in the mood for buying housewares. I need a new night table. Was thinking I should get it at IKEA next time I'm there, probably the cheapest route. We still have all these gift certificates to The Bay, so it's Murphy's Law that I haven't found anything to buy from there since we got them for our wedding! I know we'll use them eventually though. It's kind of nice knowing we can get something of our choosing whenever the right thing pops out at us...

Waiting for the resident managers to do some paint touch ups before I head to the office...I like being able to work from home when need be! As much as I hate my job, it's going to be hard giving up the perks of it when I find something else...

Back to it for now. I think once again I will not be indulging in a green beer for St. Patty's, despite that I think it'd be kind of cool to try one. St. Patty's Day is all about wearing green for me, but lately I've kind of been off beer. All the same, enjoy some celebrating, any excuse right?!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A hair raising experience

March 13, 2008 4 Comments

I got my hair cut and coloured yesterday.

I went to a new person at a place really close to where we live. I thought I’d try it and see because if it worked out, it’d be so convenient for going back.


I liked what the girl did with my hair, but the experience left something to be desired. In fact, I’ve firmly decided I’ll never step foot inside that establishment again.

Call me old, but I found the place loud and extremely obnoxious. All of the staff looked like they were trying very hard to be ‘edgy’ and ‘different’ yet because they were all after the same thing, they all looked like a different form of the same thing. That’s going a bit far though – my problem with the place really had nothing to do with the way the people dressed and styled their hair. I could really care less about that over all…

My problem with it was…well, lets put it this way: what wasn’t my problem with it?

The girl who did my hair seemed nice enough...I don’t wish her any ill will. But she was smacking gum like there was no tomorrow when I first arrived, which totally annoyed me because, come on, if you HAVE to chew gum while you work, you should at least be somewhat discreet about it.

Then she was talking to her neighbour stylist but had to yell to ‘talk’ over the music so it’s like she’s yelling straight into my ear but not actually talking to me.

Then the ‘boss’ goes and puts Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ on the tv SUPER LOUD. I don’t despize Pink Floyd, nor The Wall, but was that necessary? Not really. I found it obnoxious. My stylist yells out, ‘My boss is frickin’ AWESOME!’

I felt ragey.

I just wanted to go and relax while getting my hair done, is that so much to ask?

Once my foils were out, the girl decided to dry my hair before cutting. Which I’ve come to find is fairly normal procedure, depending who’s cutting my hair. But what didn’t seem normal was her asking for ‘help’ in getting my ‘thick mane,’ as she put it, dried. Instead of one person drying my hair, I had 2 people reefing on my hair in opposite directions. I felt like I was bouncing around in a dryer uncontrollably. It was ridiculous!

And they were having a conversation WHILE drying my hair…About things that I thought were inappropriate to talk about when they don’t even know their client yet.

Things like how they hate children and don’t think they should be allowed in the establishment…and how they hate each other (just kidding, tee hee, ha ha – this is how they were talking)…It’s hard to explain but what they were saying sounded childish and annoying and all the while I was thinking, I should have gone back to _____, she’s a waaaay better hairdresser than this!)

I felt tense and frustrated pretty much the entire time I was there. Like I said, at least I like what she did with my hair…it could have been a lot worse (I’ve been there, too!)

When it came time to pay, it was the blowdryer #2 girl who was taking payment. The girl who did my hair had said her goodbyes. I handed her my VISA and she asked if I wanted to add anything for a tip. I said no. She shot me a god-awful look like I’d just done something totally despicable…so I said, ‘I already gave her some money’ – which was a total lie, but just to get her off my back. I paid and got the hell out of there.

The thing is, I don’t think I should be made to feel bad for not tipping the girl. As far as I’m concerned, you get tipped because you deserve it. Not because it’s mandatory. I should have said as much, but I didn’t want the confrontation. As far as I’m concerned, the lack of tip will tell the girl all she needs to know. Or maybe it won’t – I don’t even know if she’d pick up on it, other than to maybe pass it off that I’m some kind of cheapskate. But come on, the cut and colour cost more than I’ve ever paid to get my hair done, so it was basically a rip off given it looks no better than when I’ve gone elsewhere. So I’m obviously not cheap if I could handle paying the exorbitant amount they charge. Why should I then lay down a tip? The girl washed my hair in 2 seconds, and rather than a scalp massage, I had a container of shampoo fall onto my head…I was also poked in the eye, the ear and had her slapping the foils on my forehead when she was doing the front of my hair. You could call it the haircut from hell, although again, I have had worse. I just didn’t feel a tip was warranted here and so I didn’t give one. I’ve regretted tips I’ve given in the past when I knew the person didn’t deserve it, so I wasn’t going to compromise my bank account to seem ‘nice’ this time round.

Anyway, what’s done is done. Learn from experience, right?

Needless to say, I got in touch with ____ when I got home - the hairdresser I used to go to and should have gone to this time. I'll be seeing her in a few months, when it's time to touch up my roots :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thank goodness for paid sick days!

March 11, 2008 0 Comments
So I took a sick day today. The first day I’ve taken off sick in the year and a month I’ve been at this job, which I’d say is pretty darn good! I wasn’t that sick…But I do feel taking the day off was warranted. I had a bit of a headache this morning and am also dealing with ‘women’s issues’ and so in general just felt I needed a day to lounge about and not deal with office politics and the like.

Call it a personal health day, if you will.

I didn’t do much for most of the morning, just dealing with our crazy kitties mostly, who since the move have taken to the nasty habit of what we call ‘burrowing.’ Basically they burrow themselves underneath the covers in our bed and lay there for hours on end, sometimes all day. We wouldn’t know they even existed when they’re in there, save for the 2 little lumps they make under the covers.

At first it was cute and funny and silly and we were okay with it. But when they’re traipsing litter into the bed or beating at the door at night because they think they have the right to be in there all the time, it’s no longer as cutesy wutesy. The past few days, I’ve just found it downright annoying.

So I decided to nip it in the bud. I went to great lengths to ensure they would not want to burrow but they kept insisting on it anyway. After numerous one-sided arguments, they seem to be getting the point. I even created a little space for them in the closet, on top of my cedar chest, complete not only with blankets but 2 little cat beds (which they already had) to make it ‘theirs.’ They’ve both been made aware of the space but have chosen for the time being to ignore it. I don’t care where they lay as long as they’re not burrowed in our bed. I have to draw the line somewhere, and that’s where it’s being drawn. It’s also a safety issue because there’s been numerous times that I was about to sit down and JUST realized at the last second one of them was there…Wouldn’t be very good for them if I suddenly plunked my rear end on their neck or something. So, yeah, it’s our bed not theirs, end of.

I went out this afternoon to get a few errands run and got a whole bunch of great veggies from the green grocer in our old neighbourhood. Here we’ve got Urban Fare which is a beautiful store with many great items – but at a much higher price than we’re accustomed to. There are certain things I’d be willing to buy there but most things, well, we just can’t justify it. Especially given our rent is nearly $400 a month more than what it was in our old place (!!!!!) I got these DELICIOUS granola bars there the other day though, ones I haven’t seen anywhere else. They’re called ‘Fibre One’ and they are SO GOOD. It would appear they’re healthful given they are full of fibre (which honestly is why I bought them – for the fibre…did you know the majority of us aren’t getting enough fibre in our diets, yet the health benefits of it are amazing? But that’s for another day…) And the fibre content in them is good…but looking at the ingredients, they’re not SUPER healthy…Given that glucose-fructose AKA SUGAR is the FIRST ingredient, I mean, yeah that just says it right there. But I don’t care because they’re damn good bars! I got the peanut butter ones and I’m not kidding, my eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets from the flavour explosion upon the first bite! So yummerific. Such a nice change from the run-of-the-mill Quaker Oats generic kind. Which are good in their own way, I do enjoy them but…it’s nice to get something different and something filled with FIBRE!!

Back to the point I was trying to make though…While there are some great new products I’m willing to try from our high-end grocery store here in Coal Harbour, it’s kind of scary when you get to thinking how CHEAP it is to shop instead at Safeway! People usually gripe about their prices, but I’m telling you, they’re so friggin’ cheap compared to richer neighbourhood stores, holy moly. Yes we decided to take a step up in our accommodations but that doesn’t mean we have tons of money to splurge on groceries!! I mean COME ON, a 2 litre jug of organic milk cost me almost $6.50 at Urban Fare and I used to think it was expensive at Safeway for just over $5! Over a dollar’s difference is a bit much, don’t you think?

Luckily we’re still not that far from other stores though, and we still have areas to explore around here so we might come across a gem of a store, you never know.

I’m loving it here so much though. I walked past our old building today and I felt not a single twinge of remorse for having left. Our new place is so much better so why look back?

I am happy to report we are all settled in now. James took the last bit of recycle (BOXES) down tonight and the place looks glorious. I will take some pictures of it tomorrow and post them. I’m still doing some organizing in the closets and trying to sort through everything so it’s ‘just so,’ because there’s no point moving into a new place if you’re not going to get things organized and as fresh as possible! But beyond that, we’ve turned this place into a home in a little over a week. It’s such a relief to be in a place where I can honestly say I feel safe and happy and clear from all the ridiculousness that used to be our lives.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring Forward

March 09, 2008 3 Comments

I really have lost the blogging ‘bug’ lately. I just don’t feel like doing it these days. Most likely that’s because I’m more focused on having just moved and getting settled – I mean, it’s only been a week that we’ve been here! But still…Usually I love to write but lately, not so much.

I’m thinking of starting writing my novel…I vowed as one of my ‘new years’ resolutions’ to have a minimum of 30 solid pages written by the end of this year. It’s already March and have I written one page? Not exactly. I have ideas in my head, it’s not that I haven’t given it any thought. But ideas in my head are pretty much useless if I never get around to writing them down…

So I’ve got to get on that. Which might mean blogging less and writing privately more for a while, but we’ll see if I can’t somehow continue with both…

I would also like to go back to food blogging like Trista has but we’ll see about that also. Am I being super lazy? Pretty much, yes. I think it would be good for me to get back into the habit of doing that though. Not so much just to force myself not to eat things because it would look ‘bad’ on my food blog for all eyes to see…but because I still suffer quite a bit from this damn acid reflux and it might help to have everything I consume written out so I can maybe pinpoint what it is that’s hurting me so much. Mind you, exercise in the stomach area would also help with that…I’ve heard toning that area helps because the stomach etc is all linked to the esophagus. So I’ve got a bit of work to do…

But yeah, the damn acid reflux. It hurts and can be fairly debilitating at times. Sometimes it aches right into my chest bones, when it gets really bad. But I won’t burden you with any more details.

I stopped taking my medication for it (slowly, over time). Took the last one over a month ago now I think. I wanted to get it right out of my system for at least a few months before getting pregnant, since I read that it’s not known what the likelihood is, but there is a chance of hurting the fetus if taking those pills. I didn’t want to risk it.

We’re thinking about starting a family soon…I keep waivering. I was totally gung-ho when I went off the pill and thought yes, lets do it, lets have a baby! But now…one day I’ll think I’m more ready than ever and the next I’ll think, well, maybe we could wait a little longer. It’s ridiculous. I guess ‘whatever happens, happens’ is a good approach, because I know if we do get pregnant we’ll be on cloud 9, but if we don’t for a while, that’s ok too. I know in most respects I’ve been ready for a while, but this other part of me is content to continue on as we are just us and our kitties for a time longer. I like the freedom and the fact that I don’t have to worry about every single little thing I’m doing day in and day out because of how it might affect my body and therefore that of the little one. I feel like I’m going to be so high strung but I want to be able to just relax into pregnancy…I know I know, if all my habits were perfect to begin with, I wouldn’t have anything to worry about. But hey, nobody’s perfect! I also know that women get pregnant all the time who probably take far LESS care of themselves than I do and they seem to have healthy babies so there’s no reason why mine won’t be. I just worry is all, can’t help it, its in my genes…which means it’ll probably be in my baby’s as well…Thank gawd James is totally easy going, that should help balance everything out ;)

In the meantime, I’m going back to organizing the new apartment and sitting back and looking at how beautiful it is. I have to learn to just live in ‘the now’.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Best Move

March 06, 2008 1 Comments

I haven’t felt like writing lately…I’m all about nesting and settling into our new place!

We love it here so much already, it really feels like home. It’s soooo much quieter than our last place, thank GOD!! I’m pleased as punch with it all.

Our move went well…My worst nightmare came true the night before the move. One of the elevators broke down! Meaning we could no longer have the other one booked since there’s only 2 elevators in the building. BUT luckily our managers were on it and had it fixed in the nick of time before our move. Phew!! I was a bit panicky the night before but everything worked out just fine.

The movers were really nice – waaaay better than the movers we went with last time. So anyone in Vancouver looking for movers, I would give their name and number to you. They only do relatively small moves though…There’s just the 2 guys and they have a smaller van – 14 ft long 1 tonne. I knew we had a lot of stuff but…it ended up we had too much to fit their truck!! Not by much but by enough that my uncle had to take 3 loads of stuff over in his car! It all worked out just fine though, it was an insanely crazy day, stressful and just NUTS but in the end we got moved in with minimal damage and all was well.

I haven’t slept properly since moving in – not because it’s noisy and I’m unable to drift off, but because I keep thinking of different things I need to organize and get and do for the new place! I’m obsessed but I can’t help it =)

The kitties are adjusting…we’re technically not supposed to have them here so we’re a bit paranoid about the managers finding out. We did tell the first woman who showed us the place that we have 2 cats. She asked if we could find them a new home and I said NO WAY, the cats go where we go, they’re my babies! She said as long as we don’t know about them (wink wink), there’s nothing we can do once you’ve moved in. The manager we signed the lease with said they generally turn a blind eye with cats but no other animals…though we didn’t tell her we have two. So it’s a bit of a sticky situation but it should be ok. I read in the rules and regulations document that they can immediately terminate our rental agreement if they found out we have any animals whatsoever…Hence the paranoia…but I’m sure it will be fine ;) I vow to keep this place in tip top shape, keep the cats groomed, get their nails clipped and so forth, so I’m sure they’re not going to have a problem with us.

Ooooh I love that we’re almost all settled in here! It’s glorious. I will do a picture post of the new place once we’ve got our pictures hung and all of that.

It’s just so NEW and I mean brand spanking new (5 yrs old but seems even newer) and fresh and NICE not tacky like the other places we’ve lived. Not that those places weren’t great in their own way too but I just love how everything in this place MAKES SENSE.

So at the moment I’m pretty darn happy. My parents are coming over for the weekend to help out with some stuff around here…and we’re having a soiree at M&N’s on Saturday which means plenty of visit time with my favouritest ever niece, the cutest puppy dog in the entire universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It amazes me how quiet this place is. Lets hope it stays that way………………………….