Thursday, February 28, 2008

Last post from this apartment...

I’ve got permanent butterflies in my stomach now, at least until we’ve moved. I have this weird thing where when I get anxious/excited like this, my hands ache and sometimes my feet do a bit too. Not a normal ache but literally an anxious one. It’s hard to describe. Do other people get that too? I’ve asked people before but anyone I’ve asked has always said no. I guess I’m just a weird one!

Pretty much ready though, just the last minute stuff to throw into boxes. James has a few chores he’s going to take care of tonight. Hard to believe that tomorrow night a lot of this stuff is going to be unpacked! I will probably stay up super duper late unpacking because I CAN’T WAIT – literally – for our new place to be all set up =)

Let the fun begin!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Old Apartment

In some ways it’s going to be hard saying goodbye to this place. We’ve made a lot of fond memories here and when there weren’t fires, alarms, domestic disputes, strange noises, hostage takings – we really did enjoy our time here.

But for obvious reasons, it’s time to move on. I’ll always have a bit of a soft spot for this place, but I think ultimately I’ll feel safer and happier thinking of it as something from the past, rather than the present.

I’ll miss our city view, since in our new place we won’t be as high and won’t have as much to look at. I’ll miss the pool maybe once or twice in the summer, though we never really used it that much anyway. I’ll miss seeing certain familiar faces, although we’re not moving far so there’s always the chance of seeing them again.

I did enjoy this apartment. When we’d been living here about a year, I had some strange nightmares where we had moved out and I was regretting it and doing everything I could to convince the managers to let us move back in! I felt this deep attachment to the place at that time. But I don’t really have that anymore. I’ve been looking around, thinking, pretty soon I’ll never see any of this again. And it’s a weird feeling when you’re used to calling a place your home, to know you’ll never step foot inside it again. But for a while now it’s felt more like just an apartment than a home. A home is a place where I should feel safe and happy, not constantly worrying about what might happen next. I look forward to everything our new place has to offer.

In the meantime, I’m taking care of all the last minute details. Not much left now. All the major cleaning is done, just have to do a quick once over of everything tomorrow night/Friday morning. It’s going to be a busy couple of days regardless, but it’s going to be so worth it to get into our new place. I can’t wait to start nesting!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The ___ from hell

Griping about work issues. One person being told one thing, another a completely different story. Not just low morale but no morale. Incompetent managers. Low pay. Completely devalued. They just don’t seem to get why none of us are happy. And they definitely don’t care.

I’m tired of being swindled.

Asking you to do work stuff on the weekend because the boss is ‘too busy’ during the week to deal with it?! Are you kidding me?!! I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous. And the weekend right before we’re moving. How’s that for timing?

She’s so sick and yet she won’t stop working for more than 5 minutes. Admiral on some levels, on others just plain silly. And sad. I can’t watch it anymore.

So many people piss me off, annoy me, making me feel pissy and sad and confused and frustrated and a whole slew of other things all at once.

I feel like Richard Lewis, with that exasperated look on his face.

“You fuckin’ idiot.”

This is the ____ from hell.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just some pics

Maude on her first outing to the beach :) N called me up and invited me along!
I love being an aunt to this adorable gal!!
Random Vancouver pics...

Our babies!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Life in a jar

Life is so precious, so bizarre.

One moment you may think there’s nothing in the world that could stop you, then poof, in an instant, it’s over.

Remember those bugs I mentioned that we had in our kitchen? Not a lot but enough that I became concerned…Well James decided to trap one early on when we first started finding them, in case we ever felt it necessary to take it to the next level: extermination. (Always good to have a specimen ready to show the experts!)

We never did decide it was bad enough to go that route though. Instead, I added 2 more to the jar with the one James caught.

When I put the first one in, the one that had been in there on its own for almost 2 weeks (with nothing but a tiny bit of flour to munch on) immediately mounted it. I didn’t know if it was having sex with it or killing it. I thought it was dead for days afterwards but eventually I saw it moving around again. When I added the third, I presume it was the same one that mounted this one also…

I would check it from time to time and eventually, lo and behold, there were babies.

About 10 of them maybe, transparent and tiny. They writhed around like little worms, adjusting to their new life.

But after another couple of weeks, I wasn’t seeing much progress in their development. I’m no bug expert – maybe it’s normal for these little guys to remain in the same stage for a really long time…but I decided to be nice to them (for some unbeknownst reason to me, given my hatred of all things buggy) and so I thought I would give them some food and water. I put 3 tiny drops of water into the jar and a teensy little piece of dry bread.

I thought I was doing them a huge favour, and even though the ultimate plan was to throw the jar away before we move, I figured they would be able to thrive in there for a really long time.

But lo and behold, tonight I decided to have a look see at my little bug farm, if you will, and it appears every last one of them is dead. Babies and all.

It seems the mixture of stale flour, water and bread caused a chain reaction of sorts. There are long strands throughout the jar, connecting from floor to ceiling in the little space…What I believe to be a form of mould. And all the bugs are just kind of there but not doing anything. And before you tell me they’re just sleeping, I’ll tell you, I don’t think they are.

I feel kind of bad about it. On the one hand, these bugs really freak me out and even though they’re pretty tiny, in large quantities they’d be enough to make me pass out from fright. I don’t much care for bugs. But I gave these particular ones this opportunity to form their own little colony in a safe jar haven…and here all I did was end up killing every last one of them with what I thought would preserve them longer. Who knew a live creature could be better off without food or water?

They’re just bugs, it’s not like I’m devastated here. Maybe in some ways I’m even a bit relieved, given that I’ve always thought the less bugs in the world, the better. Still though, I hope the mould spores took over quickly and they didn’t suffer. Those poor little baby ones didn’t even have a chance…

Then again, if you think about it, it’s not much of a life anyway, really, now is it?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Blue skies over bad lands

It’s such a beautiful day today, it feels like spring is in the air!

I discovered it is going to take me approximately 15 minutes to walk to work from our new apartment. 20 if I’m sauntering. Awesome!

Walking home today (I left early because I started work just after 5:30 this morning - yawn!) I saw N walking Maude, my cutest-ever puppy niece! It was so cute because they were waaaay up ahead from where I was walking when I spotted them…I started walking their way to catch up and get N’s attention. Maude whipped around and when she saw me, she kept staring and then refused to move, so N turned around to see what she was looking at. And it was me! It’s like she recognized me, how cute is that?! And then she came bounding toward me with her cute little French bulldog legs! She is the sweetest thing. She brings so much joy to my life that I can’t stand going a whole week without seeing her, so it was a bonus that I happened to meet up with them! Of course, it was nice to see N as well =P

We’ll be a block away from them soon so I imagine I’ll be seeing them even more, or so I hope =)

Some minor things are frustrating me at the moment but over all, I’m pretty happy. Just wish I could stack all our boxes in a way that would make our place not look so cluttered and messy and UGLY but that’s not going to happen………………..And I also wish people weren’t getting on my nerves so much, but I’m sure that will pass…

For now, more packing and cleaning and getting things sorted. Even though it’s a chore and in some ways I wish I didn’t have to do it, maybe in others I secretly enjoy it! It is my mission to make this place as spotless as possible before we move out…I think there’s still time!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I wouldn't want to look at this shower curtain every single day, but wouldn't it be the funnest thing ever to have up during a party?!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The world is a vampire

So much going on and yet nothing.

Finally! The clouds are breaking and I can see sunshine in our near future =)

James is stiiiiiill sleeping, at almost 11am…BUT he’s always complaining he’s tired so I guess he might as well get some rest. I want him to get up so we can go out though. We have some little odds and ends type chores to take care of today but I also want to make an outing of it, maybe grab a bite to eat somewhere along the way…

I wish the weekend could last forever.

There’s a shower curtain I want to buy off eBay but I never buy anything till I find out what the shipping costs are (learned this from experience). But the guy hasn’t written back yet and it’s been almost 2 days…What is up with that?! If you want to sell something, you should have better customer service skills than that. It takes 2 seconds to send an email. If I was an eBay seller I’d be really attentive!

It also bugs me that it was my 1 yr anniversary of working at my company but my manager didn’t even acknowledge it. A monthly ‘newsletter’ is emailed out that lists anniversaries and birthdays and new hires…I was on there so my manager definitely would have seen it. If I was a manager I would do my best to ‘celebrate’ those sorts of things, even if just by saying to the employee, ‘Happy Anniversary’ or ‘Keep up the good work’ or SOMETHING just to boost the morale a bit. I hate it when I see these simple tiny little things people in that position could do but don’t. It’s not like it’s that big a deal, I don’t even give two hoots about the company I work for, really. But maybe I would if they did something to make me feel like I should, you know?!

So many people on this earth are so freaking aggravating and it bugs me sooooooo much.

I’ve been feeling slightly pissy the past few days and I’m not sure why. Probably just have a lot of stuff racing through my head so little things seem harder to deal with. I’m not that far gone but I just feel a little….grrrrrrrrrrrrr…

Glad it’s the weekend though. I guess we should do more packing…The issue is just finding a place to stack all the boxes! In a small place it just ends up feeling more cluttered. And I HATE clutter.

I love the sunshine though, and I’m glad it decided to poke its way through for the weekend for a change!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some things are too good to be true.

This morning I had a woman over to groom our kitty cats. 2 lion’s cuts and a nail clipping.

I knew pretty much as soon as she walked in the door that it probably wasn’t going to be a good experience, just by the way she talked to me and what she had with her to ‘set up.’ Imagine an old, ratty anti-slip bath mat from your grandparents’ tub. She had that with her and her clippers, and a plastic Safeway bag for collecting the hair in. (Although not a lot of the hair made it into the bag...I had to get the vacuum out after she left to clean all the fur off the floor).

She got ‘set up’ and asked me to come and hold Fiona while she clipped her. Which is fine when it comes to Fifi, since she’s so easy going, but I knew there was no way I could do this with Moorka. She’d tear me to shreds! As it was, Fifi was squirming midway through the haircut and it was all I could do to force her back onto the counter every time she hatched a new escape plan.

The woman would sigh deeply as if annoyed each time Fifi squirmed while having her bum area shaved. Well excuse me, but I’m pretty sure you’d have the same reaction (actually, probably far worse) if someone started shaving your ass without your consent!!!!!

When she turned off the clippers and asked for the next cat, I was astounded, because it looked to me like Fifi was only about ¾ of the way done, if that. It wasn’t even and parts of her arms and legs hadn’t been trimmed at all. But I just wanted her out of the house so I didn’t complain. She seemed to think she’d done a superb job………..

I told her Moorka is really high strung so based on how much Fifi was squirming, I didn’t feel comfortable trying to hold her. She attempted to clip Moorka’s nails but received so much hissing and then Moorka flew out of her arms and I said we should give up.

The saddest part was just trying to FIND Moorka to get her nails done…

I searched the whole apartment, which is pretty small so it should have been relatively easy to find her…But she was nowhere to be found!

Till I went into the bedroom and noticed a lump in the middle of the blankets on the bed. It was freshly made but with a big lump in the middle. Poor Moogs had wormed her way under the blankets and lay there in the middle of the bed, in what she saw as the perfect hideaway. She almost got away with it!

After getting her claws slipped from one paw and taking off again, she resumed her position under the covers and wouldn’t come out till I let her know it was safe, once crazy groomer lady had left.

It only cost me $25 so whatever…But I feel bad for the state she left Fifi in…The two kitties now have proper appointments at a vet clinic in just over a week, so she won’t have to put up with her crazy ‘do for toooo long. Should have just booked a reputable groomer in the first place…

Live and learn.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I am soooo tired. In large part because I took some cold/flu meds that knocked me out. I slept part of it off but not enough.

I’m also tired because I barely slept last night due to a party that went on till after 2:30 in the morning in a suite near ours. I don’t know if they were singing karaoke or playing one of those guitar games (sorry, I’m not up on them) but it was DAMN ANNOYING. I tried really hard not to get frustrated by it because I thought about the post Trista wrote recently re: trying to have a bit of fun without the neighbours freaking out. But it was hard, let me tell you! The thing is, I completely appreciate people wanting to have their fun and there’s nothing wrong with that, but when you’re screaming out song lyrics and people a few suites over AND on a different floor can hear every word clear as a bell and it’s after midnight, it’s a bit much. A little common courtesy goes a long way! It’s one thing to tolerate it TILL midnight, which is already getting late, but after 2am?! That’s out of control. We were really tired from working on packing and move stuff and we would have liked to have gone to bed earlier but it was impossible what with all the constant noise.

We’re so happy to be leaving this place soon. We just hope the people in our new neighbourhood are a bit more calm and quiet, or at the very least that the double-paned windows will help drown out what we’d rather not hear…

We’re getting there with the packing – still LOTS to do but we’re getting there, and we still have lots of time, really. Our place looks like a total dump now though, with boxes and STUFF strewn everywhere. It will be so nice to be in our new place, everything set up where it should be, no more clutter.

The poor kitty cats are so upset by the boxes, they’ve taken to sleeping side by side on the bed during the day, which NEVER happens. Not them sleeping on the bed, but so close to each other!

It’s sunny and I wish I could have gone out to P&H&L’s with James but I didn’t feel up to it with the sore throat and tiredness I’ve been battling. Plus we just found out that H is preggers again and I wouldn’t want to risk giving her whatever I might have, if it actually is anything. I think it’s just the dust and lack of sleep that’s hitting me but it’s best to be cautious. That and I’d rather rest and prevent from getting worse…

Time to put my feet up and watch a movie…Ooh how I love lazy Sundays!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Gawd I can't wait to get out of this hell hole...

I am sooooooooooo relieved that we found a place and will be out of this apartment in just a few more weeks. Our angry alcoholic neighbour was quiet for a short time after getting 5 complaints in one night and being threatened to get kicked out…but he’s since reverted back to his old self. I knew he’d show his true colours again eventually, it was only a matter of time. If I had a penny for each time I’ve heard him say the F word in just the past 2 days, I’d be rich.

It angers me when I keep hearing aggressive talk over and over. I’m feeling fine, happy, going about my business but subliminally I’m being told I should feel anger and hatred for the world. When it’s all you hear, you start taking it on yourself. And I don’t want to be doing that.

I am so sick and tired of him. I’m putting in another complaint about him, so chances are he’ll be kicked out. I’m just going to explain that while it’s fine for us since we’re leaving soon (and mentioning that he’s one of the main reasons I wanted to get out of here asap), what about the next tenants who take over our suite? I would feel terrible for them moving in here all excited about their new place only to discover they live next door to that insanity. It’s not fair.

This guy stands to lose a lot if he moves out, from what I’ve been told by the managers. But they also told me if he acts up again to let them know, so I’m going to. I don’t like being a snitch but I also don’t like people like him thinking he can get a free ride and just do as he pleases without any consequence.

I can tolerate people being noisy now and again, it’s more the level of madness in his tone that I constantly hear that gets me down. And we can’t even go ask him politely to quiet down, since he raged at us so badly the last (and only) time we did that!


Anyway, I’m just happy we’re leaving, every time I hear him yell I remind myself, just3 more weeks and we are OUT OF HERE!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

B-day Recap

I had a great birthday.

My mom came over and we went to Subeez for brunch, after having a few mimosas at the hotel. Then we had another mimosa before heading to the Spa at the Century, where I had a pedicure with paraffin. It was soooo relaxing!

After the spa treatment, my mom and I headed to the lounge at the Bayshore, where we were able to get a corner couch area. We had drinks and snacks and eventually James, M & N joined us. We ate and drank and chatted the night away.

I had quite a few drinks – a Metropolitan, 2 Emerald City’s, a spicy Bloody Mary, and a B-52 shooter. We tried to order Bicardi 151 but they were out…

We were there so long that eventually the waiter came with a full plate of different desserts – on the house, as a birthday gift! There was coffee crème brulee, chocolate fudge cake and a strawberry cheesecake. It was soooo good and so nice of them to do that!

For my b-day I got: money, a new purse, flowers, socks, pj's, 2 necklaces, an outfit, a gift certificate to Cloud 9 and a few other little things - whoa am I ever spoiled!!

We finished off the night with a short visit at M & N’s to see the puppy =)

Yesterday we went to IKEA and I got a few odds and ends that we need for our move. I’ve started packing but will do more this weekend. I need to find more boxes.

We finally managed to get our move time figured out, so the movers have been booked and all should go smoothly, I hope…I can’t wait to get out of here and be in our new place, setting up house! I’m so excited that I’m pretty much not going to be able to calm down till it’s over and done with…

Tonight LOST is on – it doesn’t get much better than that =P

Monday, February 04, 2008

It was meant to be

For once I don’t have the Sunday night blues – because it doesn’t feel like Sunday to me. I’m taking Mon-Wed off this week and I am sooooo happy for the break.

On Friday night I got back from spending a few days in Nanaimo, and James got back from his trip to San Jose. We were so happy to finally be together again…and what a bonus that we had LOST to watch =) It was amazing as always. We can’t wait till the next episode, which we get to watch on a big screen tv thanks to the invite we got to watch it with some friends!

We had inquired about suites at an apartment building in Coal Harbour a few weeks ago but figured it was completely out of our league. Two bedroom suites were going at a minimum of $2500 per month, obviously waaaaaay beyond our means! But we left our contact info and said we’d be willing to pay in a particular range (much, much lower than a 2 bedroom suite). We pretty much forgot about it after we left, figuring nothing would ever come up in our price range.

But while we were away we got a message that 2 suites were available for a decent price and we decided to go have a look. Because you just never know right?

Both were 1 bedroom suites, which is a whole room smaller than what we were hoping for. The one we liked best is only 30 square feet bigger than our current place, which is 565 sq ft…So not exactly ‘stepping up’ in terms of our space concerns. But we applied anyway just to see if we’d qualify and sure enough we got the call today that the suite was ours if we wanted it.

Everything happened so fast – while I’ve been scoping out places for a good month and a half, I didn’t expect something to work out so fast. But we kind of threw our criteria out the window and decided to go for it. The building is only a few years old, so the insulation is much better and you pretty much never hear your neighbours. We’re facing a somewhat busy street but we spent a good bit of time in the suite and I felt it was something I could live with, since we’re used to street noise where we are now. It’s not usually so much the traffic that gets to me but the yelling and screaming of people on the street. The area we’re moving to is much quieter and I think we’ll notice a huge difference in what we’re listening to (or NOT listening to, I hope!)

We’ll be on the 9th floor instead of the 17th, so it’s lower but still high enough that we won’t feel like we’re right on the ground. We’ll have in suite laundry and a dishwasher and in the summer, air conditioning! It’s a really sweet apartment, very cozy and I can already see us set up in there. We are SO excited!!

We signed the lease today so we’re officially moving at the end of this month. Unfortunately we didn’t get our notice in to our current managers on time so there’s a strong possibility we’ll have to pay rent here next month as well…Which will hurt us financially but if it has to be that way, the bright side is we don’t have to rush to move all our stuff. We’ll see how it goes…We only put in our notice today but I have to wait till tomorrow to talk to the managers about it.

It’s pretty exciting knowing we’ll be out of here in a few short weeks!! So much to do in the meantime, getting our address changed everywhere and packing and getting everything sorted. It’s going to be a lot of work, but fun all the same. I can’t WAIT to get into the new place and get our new home all set up.

Even though it’s still a smaller place, it’s waaay nicer than the place we’re in now, just by the nature of how new it is. It’s a gorgeous building, with a full gym (yay, no need to get a pass!) and just a few short blocks from my brother’s place, which means very easy access to their PUPPY!! LOL We’re right near the water and it’s just going to be perfect in every way. We will both walk to work, so no need for bus passes, which pretty much saves us $200 right there.

Needless to say, I’ve been on Cloud 9 since we decided this morning to take the place.

It’s not going to be long term – once we have a baby we’ll have to re-evaluate a lot of things. Possibly move back to the island to be closer to our families. But we didn’t want to give up the convenience yet of living downtown and being close to everything. So this will probably only be for a few years, but I’m happy with that.

And my bro and N’s housewarming party last night was pretty fun. At one point there were close to 30 people there, so it was quite a turnout! We mingled some, and hogged the puppy…But we’re the aunt and uncle so we have rights ;)

Good times all around!!

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