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Truly a Magic Moment

I am officially a married woman!

It still feels surreal. Yesterday was the best day of my life so far. It was incredible. Everything went perfectly. After the Thursday night pre-wedding bash, I was feeling more at ease about the wedding itself. It was a great way to prepare for what was to come.

Yesterday morning James and I went and had a quick bite of breakfast (what little I could eat!) with his mom and her hubby before I headed off to the hotel to start getting ready. My mom and I were organized to have our hair and makeup done on-site at the hotel. So while we got beautified we sipped champagne and prepared ourselves internally for the big event. I got into my dress and was all ready to go by 3:00. James and our photographer(s) met up with us and we had some pictures taken outside around the vicinity of the hotel. Yes, we saw each other before the actual ceremony, but it made sense given that we wanted to take some specific pictures outside together. Besides, we're n…

Today's the day we've been waiting for

Well, this is it, today is my wedding day. I can't WAIT to say I am officially James' wife, and call him my husband!

Last night was our pre-wedding bash, thrown by my brother and his girlfriend. It was AMAZING. I am speechless. There were about 17 of us there (so half of everyone who will be there tonight) and everyone seemed to have a great time. Party started at 6 and we closed the place down at nearly 12:30am!

My brother and his girlfriend made a slideshow for us of 'then and now' - pics of James and I as kids and as adults. It was so incredible, even I had tears, which for me is fairly unusual. It was beautiful, no one has ever done anything like that for me before. The songs they chose to play along with it were perfect, in fact everything about it was perfect! They even had a picture of me on a carousel when I was little and one of me on one a few years ago - things like that, it was just really special and well thought out.

We were so spoiled and loved th…

I feel like I've lost half my life

I'm getting married tomorrow. What's one of the worst things that could happen at this time, besides my groom getting cold feet?

Well, yesterday afternoon a pretty horrific thing happened to me. My computer crashed big time, and my computer programmer husband to be let me know that the situation looked grim. He took every measure he's aware of to get to my files with no avail. I will have to wait till we return from our honeymoon to take it somewhere to see if someone can fix it. But I have to be ready for the very strong possibility that my computer is toast.

Had I done a system back up recently? Of course not! I had stupidly put 100% faith into the damn thing, believing all the while that 'it won't happen to me so there's no need.' I would say there's about 6 months to one year of journal entries, for example, that are GONE. Why I decided recently to officially delete all my previous blogs is beyond me. If they were still floating out there I&…

Just 3 more sleeps till I'm a married woman!

I don’t think I’ll be posting anything more now till after the wedding. Things are just getting too hectic, I don’t think I’ll be spending much time on my computer. My parents arrive tomorrow, James has his ‘night out with the boys’ tomorrow night, it’s also fireworks night…Thursday is girls day at the spa then the pre-wedding bash at my brother’s girlfriend’s place…then it’s the big day! Oh my god the excitement is seriously killing me!

I am so excited I could burst. It was my last day at work today and it was so sweet, my co-workers got me a cute wedding card and a whole bunch of people signed it, and they even got me gifts, all wrapped up in a pretty wedding bag! I felt so spoiled. I got $15 worth of gift certificates to Tim Horton’s (people at work love going there for coffee break!), goodies from The Body Shop in Papaya scent, so I can smell tropical on the cruise (in a make-up bag thing that will also come in handy), and a few gag gifts, which were quite hilarious to open –…

No title

Four more days, oh my god the turmoil in my stomach! Constant butterflies!

Everything seems to be coming together nicely. I keep adding new things to my ‘to do’ list but they’re all minor details that are easily taken care of over the next few days. For some reason this doesn’t calm my nerves, but I don’t imagine I’ll be able to calm them till after this is all over with!

Emma is a worry – she’s had seizures for the past 4 days and is extremely tired yet restless as a result. My parents took her to the vet early this morning (she even had a seizure in the car on the way) and they did some tests on her. I’m still waiting to hear back as to the results. She was given some valium to calm her down so hopefully that will help. I feel terrible though, there is something wrong and it could be epilepsy or it could be a brain tumor, no one knows for sure. We hope it’s epilepsy but it’s really hard to tell. For thousands of dollars we could rule out the brain tumor, but if we found the…

Send positive vibes to Emma

My parents' black and white springer spaniel, Emma, suffers from what the vet believes is epilepsy. She has done so well on the dosage of phenobarbitol prescribed to her, for months she went without any seizures, then she would have one or two here and there but nothing major.

Since Friday, she has had too many to count. They're short, but they are grand mal seizures. With it being Sunday, the vet is closed but they're going to one that's open to see about getting her something to calm her down. She'll have to go for a blood test tomorrow at the regular vet's to see if she can handle a higher dosage of phenobarbitol. Which could mean a lot of lethargy and less quality of life, although lets hope she springs back (as a springer should!) the way she did when she started the first dose - she didn't change much at all, 'cept for sleeping through things a bit more than she did in the past after pill time.

Emma is a very sweet girl, with the greatest chara…

So much for being an anti-bride!

Lately, everything has been wedding, wedding, wedding.I think about the wedding when I’m eating, sleeping, and doing just about anything.It’s hard not to be one track minded when you’re planning for such a big event!However, I don’t want to put absolutely everything else in my life on the back burner.So here is a post from the anti-bride!I recently finished reading a really amazing book called Lullabies for Little Criminals. Set in Montreal, it’s a story about a girl, Baby, growing up with a young heroin addict father and no mother.As Baby enters her pre-teen years, she faces issues that no one should ever have to face, most especially a child.She enters the sex trade when things get bad with her father, and the story goes in-depth into what life is like for young girls on the street.It was a difficult read, not one for the faint of heart, but very interesting from a sociological/criminological/psychological point of view.I give the book 2 thumbs up and recommend checking it out.It’…

It's Bride's Prerogative

I should be exhausted, in some ways I am.It’s after 1am and I have to be up by 6:20.I should be catching up on sleep as much as possible but I know that this is one of those rare moments right now where I actually have the time to sit down and write just because.What I should be doing is writing the letters to close family members that I give them the night before the wedding.I’m pretty well 100% sure no one in my family knows about my blog, so I can safely say that I’m loving the idea I came up with for the letters!Since our wedding has a beach/nautical theme, I’m putting the letters into these glass bottles with cork tops – so basically they will be like a message in a bottle.I have to find some coloured sand or some kind of shells to put into the bottom of the bottles for effect.I’m quite thrilled about this keepsake idea.Things are really coming together.I just wish I’d written more throughout this time to document everything we’ve been going through in the lead up to the wedding.…

A Token of Love

I wish I had the energy to properly document this exciting time in James and my life together.Getting married might seem like a simple task to some, but it takes a lot out of a person when it actually comes time to sorting it all out!It’s such a happy, emotional time, so much to think about, prepare for, and get done in a short amount of time.I’m finding I’m getting so weepy lately too – if I hear a love song, my eyes well up with tears, which is soooo not like me.I’m not usually this emotional!I don’t usually take so much to heart.Well I do, but not to the point of having to fight back tears of joy!But I’m all about the love and tenderness these days.And the romance!We got some engraved gifts for people for wedding gifts (it’s not just the bride and groom who are pampered – we’ve got gifts for quite a few people in our families as thanks for all they’ve done to help us make our wedding a reality!) and when we were at the engraving store, James bought me this little love token that I …


If anyone has any suggestions for songs at our reception, I'm listening!

We've got tons of great songs and probably more than enough as it is, but if there are any 'must have's' we're missing, I want to get them on our list before our DJ finalizes the music!

Love is in the air!

I can’t believe how long I’ve neglected writing.It’s not that I don’t have anything to say or write about, but I’ve been busy, so the blog has taken a back seat.James and I are getting married in LESS THAN A MONTH, in fact it’s almost 3 weeks to the day!We are so excited that it’s nearly killing us, the suspense.Yesterday I was checking the calendar at work for something and it just hit me – 3 MORE WEEKS and I swear, I nearly had a heart attack from anxiety!I’m so happy and excited – this is a big time for us.But I keep getting these butterflies when I wonder how it’s all going to turn out.I want everything to be ‘just so’ – mainly, I just want for everyone there to have a good time.And I want to get through my vows without stuttering like an idiot because there are 33 pairs of eyes on me!I wrote this on June 28th:My mind races, and even though I know sleep is the best thing for me, my brain just doesn’t want to rest.One of my favourite sayings is, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”Anyway, e…