Mother/Daughter days

This morning after school drop off I came home for a bit and got a few chores done around the house, got a parcel sent off (Canada Post is so expensive, it’s beyond a joke) and then picked up my mom.  I had bought a few new things last month at Reitman’s because they sent me a 25% off coupon for my birthday, and at that time I got coupons for 30% off my next purchase, which would be expiring this weekend.  I know it’s all a marketing ploy since I otherwise probably wouldn’t be shopping there right now, but it worked both in their favour and in mine! I ended up getting a new raincoat, two nice tops, and a sweater for just over $100, tax included.  The jacket alone was $99 regular priced, so it was a steal of a deal! I’m pretty pleased with myself. I was just saying I wish I had a nicer jacket for Spring, because I’m always wearing a fleece one that makes me feel underdressed and just kind of blah, and it also did nothing for me on the many rainy days we have!  So I’m happy and also …

Snowmaggedon came and went!

Today at school drop off the girls’ teacher announced that there will be no more family reading in the morning moving forward.  The usual routine is that parents can stay till 9 or just after to read with their child(ren) before they get settled for the day.  In some ways I’m OK with the new rule because there are times when the girls don’t even seem all that thrilled to have me there, but on the other hand it’s the end of an era and I feel a bit sad knowing that’s it forever!  When Andrew’s family reading time finished when he was in Kindergarten, I knew I had it to look forward to a few years later with the girls.  Now it’s done forever!
I came home and got to work making a crock pot veggie lasagna that will be ready just in time for when James gets home from work.  I also decided that today was the day I would attempt to make homemade dinner rolls.  Yes, it’s true, I’m admitting it, I have never successfully made my own bread or bread-type product.  I tried to make a loaf of bread o…

Birthday Extravaganza #38

I meant to write about my birthday and somehow the days managed to fly by and it didn’t happen (story of my life, it seems).  It was such a great day, I don’t want to leave it forgotten!
At Christmas time James opted to take a few less days off so he could take my birthday and the day after off.  At the time I was happy on the one hand that he would have my birthday off, but also wished he had those extra days at Xmas.  It turned out to be a good thing in the end, though, because we were so unwell after the holidays, we wouldn’t have been able to do anything fun while he had that time off.  Miraculously all the stars aligned and everyone was relatively healthy on my birthday!  I was worried because Andrew caught a cold just a few days before it, but he wasn’t too bad off and no one else caught it.  (Margaret did, however, end up with an eye issue that may or may not have been a mild case of pink eye, but thankfully that cleared up from her getting it after my birthday to when James and…

Serena Ryder at The Vogue

Last night James and I took Andrew to see Serena Ryder at the Vogue theatre in Vancouver.  It was Andrew’s first real concert (unless you count seeing The Wiggles live, when he was about a year old!)  It was such an amazing experience, I can’t say enough good things about it.

My parents came over at dinner time to watch the girls, and James drove us downtown so we wouldn’t have as long of a commute home afterwards as we would if we took transit.  As it was, we knew Andrew was going to be getting home way past his bedtime on a school night!

About halfway there and it started to snow - right after I said we were lucky the weather was better than what the forecast had called for!  Luckily it stopped, though, and while we waited in line for 15 minutes for the doors to open, it wasn’t doing anything and didn’t even feel as cold as it had been the past few days.

Andrew was just surprised to see the hustle and bustle of the downtown nightlife...and that was on a Tuesday!  We told him it gets ev…

Winter Break Recap

Winter break is over and the kids went back to school on Monday.  The holidays are always such a whirlwind!  This past year was no exception.
The kids’ last day of school was December 22nd.  I was doing everything possible to stave off getting sick, as Margaret had a terrible cold, the same one she’d had off and on since the very beginning of December.  That morning I helped out with the pancake breakfast at the kids' school. It was also pajama day and all 3 wore their new Xmas onesie jammies which I thought was so cute - they were excited to go to school dressed as 'triplets'. We had my aunt and uncle over that day after school for our Christmas visit with them, which was nice since James was home too (he started his holidays on Thursday the 21st, and we took advantage of it by hitting up the mall and completing our Xmas shopping, and going for lunch at Red Robin).
The evening of the 22nd I went to a Ladies’ Night In at a friends’ house, but was responsible and didn’t dr…

Christmas time is almost here

Today marks 12 years since James proposed to me!  That’s crazy.  In some ways it really doesn’t feel that long ago.
Time goes by fast, like this month just whizzing by before my very eyes.  How can it already be just 9 days till Christmas?!  I don’t feel ready for it somehow, and yet I can’t help but be excited about it.
The kids have been busy with school activities centered around holiday time, which means I’ve also been busy with school activities centered around holiday time!  I recently helped the girls’ class with an art project making cute little angel ornaments.  It was fun, and I was happy to be asked to help, because it’s special to be a part of those moments, having had the same opportunity (in the same classroom, with the same teacher even!) when Andrew was in Kindergarten.  I enjoy getting to know the personalities of a lot of the kids in the class, and knowing they feel comfortable around me because they’re used to seeing me, much like the kids in Andrew’s K class got to k…

Worst management company ever

I really don’t want to be focusing on annoying, negative crap, but I feel like this needs to be written, for one so I can try to get it off my chest, and for another so I have it documented.
Our management company is pretty much the worst imaginable.  They do NOTHING.  They don’t even do the bare minimum at this point.  They either ignoring our requests altogether for maintenance, or they say they’re getting to it ‘soon’ in the hopes we’ll just forget about it and stop asking.  Or, they book times for stuff and then when I call to confirm those times, they say they've been cancelled (because they of course never had any intention of following through).
Last week we spent just under $160 to have our chimney swept, after not having it done for 4 years.  I’ve since asked twice for reimbursement but of course they’re ignoring me.  They don’t even respond AT ALL, it’s just a flat out ignore.  I’ve been asking for 3 years to have our dryer ducts cleaned, after having them done 4 years ago…